The two hundred and eighteenth Moe, your little daughter-in-law who is really?

——  Ponytail girl handed over a note and sighed: "Li Yan students, look at this …… Li Mochou left a note saying that your little daughter-in-law was captured and asked you to use the "Xishan Journey" to change back, we …… are meeting , to study who your little daughter-in-law really is, before it is convenient to carry out the rescue……"

  Li Yan was stunned: "What? Li Mochou captured my little daughter-in-law?" Hearing these words, no one was more shocked than Li Yan himself, where did he get the little daughter-in-law? To say that he has a daughter-in-law, it must be the ponytail girl in front of him, but the ponytail girl is sitting here for a good reason, not taken away ah.

  If there is another woman who can be considered his daughter-in-law, it is only Fang Yi, but Fang Yi is far away in the capital, it is impossible to appear on the Blackwood Cliff, thinking of this, Li Yan suddenly a little ashamed, he obviously has a ponytail girl, and the result and Fang Yi stirred together, really shameless to see the Jiangdong father and mother.

  Li Yan took the note and studied it carefully, only to see that it read: Li Yan, your little daughter-in-law is in my hands, if you want her to return safe and sound, tomorrow evening, bring the "Xishan Journey" to me, remember, do not tell the teachers at school, otherwise you can wait for the ticket to be torn. Signed: Red Refining Fairy.

  Behind him, Shuang'er exclaimed, "What? Someone has taken the young grandmother? No, let's hurry to the rescue."

  "Young grandmother?" This address made the room full of sisters flinch, and the group all looked at Shuang'er with odd eyes.

  Shuang'er was startled and hurriedly shrunk to Li Yan's back, carefully peeking out half her head: "I …… I am brother Li Yan's little maid, of course I should address his little daughter-in-law as young grandmother, what's wrong with that?"

  The crowd sweat, changing teeth loli Guo Jing and little loli Yang over to see the double child is well behaved and cute, the two together pat up laughing. False sister but grunted: "Li Gongzi, you took a long vacation, is to buy a beautiful maid back?"

  Li Yan sweated profusely and hurriedly said, "Shuang'er don't be ridiculous, how many times have I told you, you are my friend, not a maid. I do not have time to explain her origins now, in short, she is our new friend, I want to bring her to school in Blackwood Cliff, by the way, next to this is Li Yuanzhi Li girl, the daughter of the Manchu land and water governor Li Kexiu, although she is a Manchu official lady, but is a Han Chinese, chivalrous, is now an external disciple of the Wudang School, also came to study in Blackwood Cliff."

  The sisters hurriedly greeted Shuang'er and Li Yuanzhi, and made some self-introduction, the scene was lively for a while, and after a while, the group came back to the main topic, the ponytailed girl asked, "Li Yan students, Li Mochou captured that person, that is, your little daughter-in-law who exactly is ah?" She asked this question, there is obviously a subtext inside, "Your daughter-in-law is not me? Is there someone else?"

  Li Yan sweated and hurriedly said, "Ponytail girl, don't misunderstand, I really don't have a daughter-in-law, it must be Li Mochou's mistake."

  The ponytail girl came up to Li Yan's ear and said in a mosquito-like voice: "Don't worry about me being jealous, it's normal for a man as good as you to have hundreds of daughters-in-law, I'm not blaming you, I just want to ask for clarification to solve the problem."

  Li Yan sweat again: "No, really no!"

  When he said no, the ponytailed girl believed it and obediently walked to the side and sat down and stopped talking.

  The hypocritical girl is not so easy to believe people, see his denial, flattened the small mouth, humming: "do not believe that you do not have it, you must be hidden in the gold house, otherwise Li Mochou captured who is?"

  Li Yan sweat: "I also want to know who Li Mochou took away, who will tell me?"

  The false sister turned her head to the other girls and said, "It's okay if he doesn't admit it, let's guess ourselves. First consider the sisters who are closer to us …… Could it be Ren Yingying?" Since Ren Ying Ying was not present, that's why she had this guess.

  Ponytail girl immediately said: "No, Ren Ying Ying is still in the dormitory, just now I also went to inform her to come to the meeting, she answered in the house, saying that there is an important matter is being dealt with, can not come, so I did not call her to come." It turned out that Ren Ying Ying was also in a meeting with Blue Phoenix and others and was not present.

  False sister nodded: "I also think it can't be her, she is so bellicose woman, looks cloudy and clear, not like she has moved on to a certain man."

  Sick girl Zhang Wuji suddenly said, "Could it be Mu Nianci of the fourth class?"

  Hypocritical sister said, "Uh …… she sang a song "willing to bear love" at the singing competition, now the whole school knows that she was started and abandoned by Li Gongzi, not really a little daughter-in-law, right?"

  Li Yan sweated: "What's the situation? When have I ever abandoned her?"

  The hypocritical girl said: "After the singing competition, the school has been rumors, said you in the Golden Palace once confessed to Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci thought that you do not care about their own safety, to save her from the royal palace, and shyly agreed to be your girlfriend, the result you pushed people down, immediately abandoned her, and now she spent her days in tears, very miserable said. "

  Li Yan was stunned, three souls went to the seven spirits, he carefully recalled, in the Golden Palace, Mu Nianci did say a headless "I promise you", he did not figure out what that means, now understand, Mu Nianci is promised to be his girlfriend? What is the situation? I obviously did not confess ah.