Two hundred and forty-five meng, the black wood cliff sent reinforcements

——  Huang Rong and Lu Guanying together into the cabin, this big boat by Lu Guanying arranged very comfortable, under the boat there is a special cabin for washing, which put a huge bathing bucket, next to the rack of hanging clothes, the water bandits fished up the water in Taihu Lake, boiling hot into the big bucket, Lu Guanying took Huang Rong's hand, to go into the bucket with her to bathe.

  The two women in the bucket side undress, Huang Rong peeked at Lu Guanying's body, only to see her ** slender, buttocks tight, waist slender, but the chest is upright and high, the whole person shows a good-looking s-shaped. But she looked at herself, sixteen-year-old body is still in the developmental stage, small breasts and small hips, that is, a straight shape above the two small bumps in front and behind, completely unable to reach the degree of s-shaped.

  Not than do not know, a comparison of a shock, Huang Rong heart despondent to die, can not wait to take some soft surface to re-give their own pinch a body. She beamed, quickly jumped into the bucket, only to reveal a head in the water outside, not dare to show their youthful body in front of Lu Guanying.

  Lu Guanying which knows what she was thinking, and stood in front of her with great openness.

  Huang Rong heart can't help but secretly think: you deliberately so generously stand in front of me, let me see your body, is to demonstrate to me? What an evil woman. I couldn't help but ask: "Miss Lu, are you brother Yan's wife? I heard your men call it that."

  Lu Guanying's brain hurts, hurriedly denied: "Absolutely nothing, I do not know what the men are crazy, have to hurry up and ask." Said to the outside greeted two, a scout outside the small maid came in.

  Lu Guanying asked with a cold face: "What were you all up in arms about? Why did you say that I am the wife of Prince Li?"

  The little maid then told in detail about Li Yan scurrying out of her cabin and everyone thinking that Li Yan was the man Lu Guanying had hidden in the cabin.

  Huang Rong after listening to dumbfounded laugh said: "So it is so …… in fact is my brother Yan and I touched the boat, the opposite gold soldiers shot arrows over, we had to hide in the cabin, which is what gold house hidden man, your men are also too able to brainstorm." Cleared up the misunderstanding, she knew that Lu Guanying is not Li Yan's wife, the mood was suddenly good.

  Lu Guanying face black, the little maid scolded a head, told her to hurry out to explain, then jumped into the bath, said to Huang Rong: "really let sister look at the joke, my men are all some dumb melon."

  After Huang Rong feeling better, look at her not so disagreeable, but suddenly thought: although she is not yet brother Yan's wife, but does not mean that later will not be, is a serious threat after all, I have to set her words.

  Huang Rong said: "Miss Lu, you think brother Yan's character martial arts how ah?"

  Lu Guanying while using the soap horn coated body, generally frowned and said: "martial arts is very powerful, palm force is majestic, the moves are also very clever, as for the character well …… character is also too bad, actually take advantage of the crisis, eat my tofu."

  Huang Rong heart a tight, anxiously asked: "He ate your tofu? How did you eat?"

  Lu Guanying said: "He did not pull me from the enemy boat jumped into the water? In the water, he actually put his right hand from the hole in my clothes into, in my waist hard touched a few times, so nasty …… this kind of lustful man I hate most."

  Huang Rong listened to the great joy: you hate rock brother would be the best, must be very, very nasty to him, so will not marry him. By the way, in order to make sure that nothing is wrong, I should make her hate Brother Yan even more, hate to the extreme, nothing will happen between them, since she hates Brother Yan eat her tofu, I should let him eat her tofu a few more times, so she will never marry Brother Yan possibility.

  In fact, if it were an ordinary woman, she would never have such an idea, but Huang Rong has a weird spirit and is the daughter of the East Evil, so she naturally acts with an evil aura, and her thoughts and ways of doing things are completely different from those of ordinary women, which is why she has such a very strange idea.

  At that time Huang Rong and Lu Guanying chatted haphazardly for a while, its content, mostly what to eat to make the breasts develop a little faster a class, Lu Guanying on these odd questions at a loss, had to answer haphazardly.

  The two women washed, dressed back to the board up, only to see Li Yan also washed up, put on a new change of chivalrous clothing, his complexion is much whiter than the ancient people, wearing chivalrous clothing after a new spirit, facial features, looks really a good hero chivalrous young. Lu Guanying can't help but think: this man if not so lustful, but actually quite good, but unfortunately not clean hands and feet, this is not pleasing.

  She came up to Li Yan salute, is chatting a few words, but see the lake came another building boat, the prow of the flag of the Song government, the original is she sent to the government to send a message to the head of the water fortress, just in the Taihu Lake bumped into the official boat, will invite it over.

  The two boats together, the opposite boat jumped over a middle-aged eunuch, white face, not male and female, it is the Education Bureau long thirty-two public, Li Yan heart secretly surprised, how to run into him here?