Two hundred and forty-six meng, castrate you to be good

——  Blackwood Cliff reinforcements arrived in force, this time came not only the seven monsters of Jiangnan, but also many students of various grades and classes, even high school students Qiu Douji, Wang Duyi and others also arrived, but the two of them for people low-key, did not walk in the front of the team, but quietly mixed at the end.

  Li Yan and them one by one to meet and greet.

  After all of them finished greeting, the students of Blackwood Cliff were not good at battle formations, so they gave the commanding task to Lu Guanying, who was also kind enough to start arranging the plan of attacking the flagship of the Golden Kingdom again. She has led the Taihu Lake bandits for a long time, can be said to be experienced in fighting water battles, soon the students of Blackwood Cliff spread out to the boats of each water fortress, assigned who attacked the front, who attacked the back, who met Sha Tongtian, who met Peng Lianhu, who on the Lingzhi Shang, on the Liang Ziyong, really is well organized, no half a mistake.

  But this big scene Li Yan but inconvenient to mix, while the interval of Lu Guanying arrangement, Li Yan made a gesture to her, signaling her to borrow a step to talk. It turns out that Li Yan does not want to get involved in such a big battle, he needs to keep a low profile in front of the students of Blackwood Cliff, do not want to let those students who do not have a deep relationship know that he will martial arts, so as not to be caught to cut the little elephant to practice the Sunflower Code.

  Therefore, I want to call Lu Guanying to a place where no one is, quietly talk to her, so that she does not arrange their participation in the battle.

  Lu Guanying saw his greeting, know that he must have something to say, they followed Li Yan towards the bottom cabin no one, next to Huang Rong see two people to get along alone, nervous, also hurried to follow.

  Li Yan saw Huang Rong follow, but also not afraid of her hear, so do not mind, the three walked to the dark bottom cabin, left near no one, to make sure no one eavesdropping, Li Yan then came up to Lu Guanying in front of a very close place, lowered his voice and said: "Lu girl. I hope that when you arrange to fight, do not include me."

  Lu Guanying wondered, "Why? Sir Li does not want to kill a few more golden dogs?"

  Li Yan gave a bitter smile and explained, "I don't want my schoolmates to know that I can do martial arts."

  Lu Guanying was even more puzzled: "Why is that?"

  Li Yan did not explain in detail, frowned and thought: How do I say this clearly? Forget it, let's just tell the truth. He had to speak: "Actually, it's because …… the Oriental girl wanted to castrate me so that I could learn her Sunflower Canon."

  When he was just saying this, Huang Rong next to him started to turn up bad thoughts. She thought to herself: Brother Yan invited Lu girl to come to this dark place to talk, Lu girl actually really came, to know the lonely men and women, brother Yan and under the martial arts high, this woman actually came so, she is not afraid of being forced that what? Is this woman too dull. Or she deliberately? No, too dangerous, I must do something to make her more annoying brother rock, after she will not get along with brother rock alone.

  Thinking of this, Huang Rong quietly reached out her small hand and went around from behind Li Yan. Then she touched a hand on Lu Guanying's waist.

  Lu Guanying was listening to Li Yan's reason, suddenly felt a slip on the waist, was gently touched, she blushed slightly, secretly thought: here are three people, Li Gongzi, Huang sister, and me. Sister Huang is a girl. Of course it is impossible to eat my bean curd, then the one who touched me must be Li Gongzi, damn …… this guy invited me to the bottom cabin, actually came to eat my bean curd.

  Lu Guanying couldn't help but coldly snort: "Li Gongzi, you said you don't want to participate in the war, but also called me here to say a whisper, the result is to do this?"

  Li Yan did not know that Huang Rong had made a mistake. Still talking about his own problems, said: "Yes, just want to talk to you about this matter, I do not want to be castrated by the Oriental girl. So please do not arrange for me to fight."

  Lu Guanying was annoyed in her heart: Humph, you damned pervert, actually looking at the gloom here, you took the opportunity to touch me, you such a bad guy, you should let Miss Dongfang castrate you.

  She said angrily: "Li Gongzi, you are not castrated for the time being, but also please behave in your hands."

  Li Yan was surprised: "Where are my hands unruly?"

  Lu Guanying secretly thought: pretend, you can give me hard to pretend. She was angry and wanted to go back to the boat, but unexpectedly the naughty Huang Rong suddenly reached out, gently point, right in her acupuncture point, because the three stood very close, the cabin and dark, Huang Rong this finger silent, Li Yan and Lu Guanying did not see at all.

  Lu Guanying's body stiffened and she couldn't move at once. She was astonished, thinking: Oh no, Mr. Li actually point my acupuncture points? This is going to use force on me?

  Just thought of here, Huang Rong's evil hand has been placed on her buttocks above, in her elastic buttocks pinch a hand.

  Lu Guanying heart miserable: finished, he actually want to use the strong molest me, this is simply the level of the flower picking pervert ah.

  The good thing is that her dumb points were not pointed, and she hurriedly said, "Li Yan, please stop, don't continue, if you stop now, I can pretend that nothing has happened, but if you continue, between us will not be finished."

  Li Yan was surprised: "What about me? I haven't finished yet, in order not to be castrated by the Oriental girl, I would like to ask a favor from the girl ……" He wanted to follow up by saying: I would like to ask the girl never to arrange for me to fight.