Two hundred and forty-nine meng, Mei Chaofeng's war letter

——  When the bony girl heard this, she was frozen, and after half a second, she suddenly looked up to the sky and cried, "Ooo …… wow …… bully …… thin women really Is no one likes ah …… ooo …… wow …… I'm so thin really sorry." Said hands covering his face, turned around and ran away in tears.

  Li Yan wiped a handful of sweat: "This guy is actually here to do? Funny to come?" At this time, the snake lost manipulation, scattered towards the mountains and fields, Li Yan put Mei Chaofeng down, walked to Mu Nianci side, unlocked her acupuncture points, will help her up.

  Mu Nianci's small mouth was beamed high, a grumbling look, but she was very polite, Li Yan after all saved her, although she was grumbling, she still honestly said to Li Yan: "Thank you for saving me, Li Yan."

  Li Yan said, "Come on, go back to the lake, don't let everyone worry."

  Mu Nianci gave a sound, thinking: Although he is philandering, but still care about me, alas.

  Li Yan said to Mei Chaofeng: "Mei sister, what are you doing at Taihu Lake?"

  Mei Chaofeng sighed and said, "I'm here to settle old scores with Lu Chengfeng."

  Li Yan had read "The Legend of the Shooting Hero" and knew that there were some old grudges between Mei Chaofeng and Lu Chengfeng, but not necessarily in this realm, so it was better to ask for clarification so that there would not be any misunderstanding, so he said, "What old debts?"

  Mei Chaofeng said: "Back then, I and Chen Xuanfeng sister together, stole the master's "Nine Yin Sutra", the master, in anger, relocated to the other disciples, Lu Chengfeng broke both legs, expelled from the Peach Blossom Island. Lu Chengfeng was very unconvinced, so he arranged a large number of martial arts experts to besiege me and Chen Xuanfeng, forcing us to run to Mongolia because we could not gain a foothold in the Central Plains. Unexpectedly in Mongolia and ran into enemies Jiangnan seven monsters, after a big fight, Chen Xuanfeng sister was Jiangnan seven monsters killed …… I became a lonely person."

  Li Yan silently listened to the end, secretly thought: except Chen Xuanfeng became a woman, the other is the same as "The Legend of the Shooting Hero".

  Mei Chaofeng said: "Anyway, the death of Chen Xuanfeng was caused by Lu Chengfeng forcing us to Mongolia, I want to settle this old debt with Lu Chengfeng. Li Yan brother, sister I can not see, to find Lu Chengfeng is also quite troublesome, so please take me to the Taihu Lake on the return of the cloud Zhuang, you are willing to help sister this favor?"

  Li Yan heard, immediately sweat, thinking: now can not go ah, the lake is fighting, which happens to have Jiangnan seven monsters, if you let Mei Chaofeng bump into them, will not immediately trigger a revenge war, kill you to death?

  But, what reason to stop Mei Chaofeng it?

  Li Yan simply can not think of a reason to stop Mei Chaofeng!

  He had an idea in a hurry and thought: Right, the word "dragging", let Mei Chaofeng go to Guiyunzhuang one day later, that the battle on the lake has ended, the students of Blackwood Cliff went back to school, the seven monsters of Jiangnan naturally also went back to Blackwood Cliff, so they could not meet with Mei Chaofeng.

  So Li Yan hurriedly said: "Mei sister, you and Lu Chengfeng is after all, brother and sister, if so directly kill the door, may not be good."

  Mei Chaofeng thought about it and said, "Yes, after all, they were once siblings, it seems too ruthless to kill them directly, what do you think?"

  Li Yan said: "I think well, since they are acquaintances, we should first place a war letter, send a war post or something, to make it clear when I come, come to do what, and then kill the door openly, so as to appear high-end atmosphere upscale, cold and noble grounded, do you think?"

  Mei Chaofeng was moved by his words, nodded and said, "Reasonable."

  Li Yan said, "Mei sister why not write a war letter to me, my brother help you bring to the return of the cloud, agreed to tomorrow at noon to determine a victory or something, so how good."

  Mei Chaofeng didn't think much about it, so she grabbed a skull from the ground and handed it to Li Yan: "Take it, take it as my token, and tell Lu Chengfeng that tomorrow at noon, I will go to him to settle the score, so he can wash his neck and wait for me."

  Li Yan breathed a sigh of relief: finally she was stabilized, the battle on the lake today should be able to end, as long as the people of the Blackwood Cliff went back, then everything k.

  Li Yan said to Mei Chaofeng: "That Mei sister first rest in this vicinity, tomorrow noon to return to the cloud Zhuang, my brother first step to send war letters to." Said hurry to take Mu Nianci flash.

  Not long after, Li Yan with Mu Nianci back to Taihu Lake, only to see the battle on the lake has entered the end, the Jin flagship has been broken, there are students of the Blackwood Cliff to participate in the battle, Sha Tongtian, Peng Lianhu and others can no longer arrogant, by Qiu Douji, Wang Douyi, Jiangnan seven strange people to hold back, and then the water bandits swarmed, and soon killed the ship's Jin soldiers clean.

  The four princes of the gold kingdom, Wan Yan Hongxi was captured alive, to Sha Tongtian, Peng Lianhu, Ling Zhi Shangren, Liang Zi Weng and other people martial arts is really good, in this case, these people actually grabbed a small boat, killed out of the siege to go. Blackwood Cliff students mostly do not know the water, in the Taihu Lake really take the Ghost Gate Dragon King no way.