Two hundred and fifty meng, iron palm floating on water

——  Lu Chengfeng and thirty-two eunuchs simultaneously startled, thinking: really is a foreigner, can top such a huge tank treading water, this martial arts is too terrifying, at least must also be the black wood cliff college students can barely do it. It is said that there are very few college students in Blackwood Cliff, and college students generally do not participate in school assignments, free to do social internships everywhere, but do not know if she is one of them.

  Just see that imperial sister big sleeves fluttering to the crowd, with a very condescending eyes swept the crowd, full of senior high look.

  Lu Chengfeng is the owner of this room, naturally have to greet, so in the soft palanquin clasped a fist and said: "This senior, the head of the giant cylinder stepping on the water, martial arts really good, I am the owner of this room Lu Chengfeng, also invite seniors to the village for a while."

  Thirty-two eunuchs as the director of education, often deal with martial arts schools, martial artists are naturally very important, see someone can float on the water with a giant tank, the heart is also secretly surprised, hurriedly followed Lu Chengfeng salute: "Our name is thirty-two eunuchs, is the director of the Great Song Education Bureau, to see the young lady's martial arts, admire very much. " He is high status, refused to call people seniors, so he called Miss.

  The imperial lady laughed loudly and gently raised her hand, making a show that they did not need to be polite.

  Lu Chengfeng said, "Dare to ask your senior's name."

  The imperial sister laughed loudly and said, "My surname is Qiu, my name is Qian Ren."

  Lu Chengfeng and the thirty-two eunuchs were astonished and asked together, "The famous expert of the third year of Blackwood Cliff University, Qiu Qianren of the Iron Palm Water Drift?"

  The imperial sister laughed, "I didn't expect you guys to have heard of my name even though I rarely walk in the jianghu."

  This statement is a confirmation of her identity, this time Lu Chengfeng and thirty-two eunuchs are really stunned, the visitor is actually really a college student of Blackwood Cliff, this is not impressive ah. This small task. How can a college student come to mix?

  To know the blackwood cliff college students, its martial arts are extraordinary, even many teachers of blackwood rock, martial arts may not be able to have college students high, such as ideological teacher Yue Buqun, its strength is at best only between senior to freshman level, there are many college students than Yue Buqun martial arts is also a chip higher.

  As for the third year of college students. Its martial arts may even be higher than the mighty god devil Fan Song, flying god devil Zhao He and other monsters, college students enrolled in the Blackwood Cliff's purpose is not to learn anything from the teachers, simply to contribute to the country, or to share the secret book of martial arts in the collection of scriptures, with the stone of other mountains. To further improve their own martial arts, in fact, they simply do not need teachers to teach, and even in turn can teach teachers martial arts.

  Lu Chengfeng could not help but respect, even the thirty-two eunuchs also put their arrogant attitude a little. Although he is the director of the Education Bureau, but this identity is better for teachers than for students, teachers often have to sell a few face to the court, but many students do not care if you court. They only act according to their own nature. Offend the students with high martial arts skills, than offend the teacher of serious consequences. Especially those students who do not know the sky is high, the possibility of beating up the Director of Education violently is completely present.

  A few years ago, thirty-two eunuchs to the Palace of the integrated martial arts school to go to work, and a few students clashed, the result was that a few students about to come to beat up, afterwards thirty-two eunuchs want revenge, inquired about the identity of those students. As a result, I heard that they are called "the top ten villains of the Flower Shifting Palace", one of them is called Li Dazui actually want to eat people, one is called the blood hand Du kill completely unblinking, the thirty-two eunuchs scared half to death, even to find them the courage to retaliate are scared away.

  At this time touched the blackwood cliff college students, thirty-two eunuchs also dare not make a move, at least on the surface dare not provoke her. On the contrary, but also put on an amiable smile: "So it is the Blackwood Cliff students, that is the family, please come in, we are about to feast today at noon group of heroes. Celebrate the great victory of the Taihu Lake water battle."

  Qiu Qianren laughed and said, "In that case, I'll have a couple of drinks." After saying that, she lifted the huge vat on her head to the side and put it down, flung her hands, and walked towards the Guiyun Zhuang. After she removed the vat from her head, her walking posture was not as stagnant as it was just now, but lightly floating, a little enchanting, a little feminine, a step a twist of the waist, looking charming and charming.

  Lu Chengfeng and thirty-two eunuchs like the stars will hold the moon will hold her into the village to go.

  Li Yan, who had been watching coldly, was not as shocked as Lu Chengfeng and the thirty-two eunuchs, but he glanced at Qiu Qianren's step-by-step, charming walk, and thought to himself: "Is this really Qiu Qianren with the Iron Palm? In the "Legend of the Shooting Diao heroes", there is a Qiu Qianzhu often abandon Qiu Qianren, in case this is a fake before it?

  If you have seen the "Legend of the Shooting Hero" friends will know that the original, iron palm water drift Qiu Qian Ren is indeed very powerful, but he also has a twin brother named Qiu Qianzhu, this person's low martial arts skills, compared to his brother to hundreds of times worse. But he relies on his appearance and the same as his brother, deceitful, everywhere pretending to be a former senior.

  Li Yan thought of the original, can't help but wander, next to suddenly reached over two small hands to cover his eyes, and then Huang Rong's voice came to his ears: "Brother Yan, you are looking at the mature and plump big beautiful ah …… a pair of bad eyes, all look at people's breasts and ass, not allowed to look ……"

  Li Yan sweat: "I did not look at her."

  Huang Rong said: "No, I clearly saw your eyes on her breasts."

  Li Yan said: "Really no, I was looking at her with my eyes indifferent, in fact, my heart was thinking about other things." Li Yan didn't say panic at all, although his gaze was placed on Qiu big imperial sister's body, in fact, his eyes were not focused at all, but he was walking away thinking about something about the fake Qiu Qianren and didn't look at anything.

  This is a realm, the latter-day students will basically this move, the class, eyes seem to be looking at the blackboard, in fact, not at all gathered, but in distracted thinking about something else. People who can't even do this trick don't even dare to say they went to school.

  Unfortunately, although Li Yan said so, Huang Rong but where willing to believe, two small hands covered his eyes, said nothing to let go.

  The crowd together into the return of the cloud Zhuang, only to see the Zhuang is bustling with activity, although only early in the morning, but many Zhuang Ding has begun to prepare for the noon banquet. The people of the village are very busy, although it is only early in the morning, but many people have already started to prepare for the banquet at noon, killing pigs and goats, killing chickens and fish, all kinds of preparations have to be done first, and many people have collected fresh vegetables from the fields in the fields.

  Blackwood Cliff students have been many up, heard that there are college students from the University came, many people also flocked out to watch the college students.