The three hundred and eighteenth meng, should cry is me

——  A few breaths later, Li Yan succeeded, the little elephant's bashfulness was subdued, softly drooping his head, he was secretly pleased with himself, closed his eyes and laughed: "I won, this moment, I'm not fighting alone, I fought side by side with my knucklehead, together we spent the darkest period of our lives…… ……but the ending was a victory for me and my knucklehead. Ai goggle-eyed. Aunt Yue, your martial arts skills are no longer high, no longer can restrain me from moving, but my knucklehead is eternal …… you can't destroy me by force, hahahahaha."

  Before Li Yan's laughter fell, the upright imperial sister let go of the hand that was pressing his wrist and groped toward his little elephant. Li Yan coldly snorted, "Want to stimulate me with your hand? No way!" He swung up a fist and punched the chest of the upright lady.

  The hand of the upright royal sister had to give up attacking Li Yan's little elephant and blocked forward, grabbing Li Yan's wrist again.

  Li Yan said in a deep voice: "Do you think it is so easy to destroy by force? As long as the female …… cough, said the wrong, as long as the male side hard resistance, forced annihilation offenders are usually very difficult to succeed, and not the Japanese AV forced annihilation film, the bad guys a hug up, the female actress took the initiative to give up, not real at all."

  The righteous imperial sister muffled voice, do not speak, her hands are used to control Li Yan's hands, not free, but also want to stimulate Li Yan's desire to make his little elephant rise, had to twist the waist, with the small belly grinding Li Yan's abdomen and thighs. Two people's skin close together, Li Yan's thighs can feel the silky smooth as jade, fragrant, soft skin, rubbing against his own body, that wonderful incomparable touch, a burst after a burst of his nerves.

  I have to say, this move is very powerful, Li Yan although closed eyes, no visual stimulation, but this kind of body collision brought wonderful feeling, still let him get a great psychological stimulation, the little elephant indisputably raised half of the head.

  Damn! Li Yan cursed in his heart, and then hurriedly said in his heart silently: the one rubbing on me is Ruhua! It's Sister Feng! It is sister Furong!

  He hurriedly used all his imagination to recall the faces of Ruhua, Phoenix, and Sister Furong, and then replaced the face of the upright young lady on his body with the faces of these three people, and so on, almost vomited, and the bashful desire was once again overpowered by him.

  The ploy of the upright royal sister failed once again, but she obviously did not intend to give up, her body suddenly lunged towards Li Yan, a pair of warm and soft lips, printed on Li Yan's lips. Li Yan was taken aback and wanted to open his mouth to bite her, but the upright imperial sister obviously guarded him against this move and opened her cherry mouth first, gently biting Li Yan's upper and lower lips. Being bitten in this way, Li Yan's mouth could not be opened, unless he spelled his lips were torn by the other party's teeth ……

  Li Yan is not willing to break his lips, in case broken like a rabbit into three lips, then to find who to cry? He had to let the upright imperial sister bite his mouth, suddenly, a silky tongue reached over and gently licked his lips twice.

  The nose smelled the fragrant aroma, the beautiful tongue was licking his lips, Li Yan even if he had an incomparable imagination, he could not imagine her as Ruhua, Phoenix, Furong, the pure and dignified, beautiful and generous face of the upright young lady came to his mind.

  Li Yan's f*ck finally lost, the small elephant "tiger" a pop up.

  Li Yan in a hurry, shouted: "Do not continue, if you really and I that what, I will definitely use the most ruthless means I can think of to retaliate against you, you listen to me clearly ……"

  Hear clearly the word Chu has not yet exported, Li Yan felt a hot lower body, the small elephant did not enter a narrow, tight, warm, and warm place, in all directions, to the middle of the contraction of the feeling, at once engulfed him. There was a slight blockage in front, but the upright imperial sister did not even hesitate for a breath, her waist sank fiercely, and she took the initiative to crash that blockage through on Li Yan's little elephant.

  Li Yan froze, there was only one voice left in his heart: I was actually really forcibly annihilated by a woman ……

  The body of the imperial sister began to slowly squirm, Li Yan's whole person a numb, comfortable? No! If he didn't have something like self-esteem, he would probably be very cool right now. But he was very clean, at this moment, he did not even have a half-pleasant mood, although the physical pleasure came in waves, that is the human instinct, he could not resist, but the heart was incomparably frustrated.

  I've actually been fucking forcibly annihilated!

  Li Yan's heart just repeatedly thought of these words, if he was not a man, but a woman, he should probably cry now, but he is a man, he can not cry, even if his heart is very depressed, very sad, he can not drop a tear. He opened his eyes indignantly and thought: I want to remember the face of the upright lady well, today's humiliation, I want to pay back a hundred times later.

  While opening his eyes, he felt a cold drop of water dripping down his face, splashing …… in front of his eyes appeared a pretty face full of tears.

  The upright royal sister is crying! She actually cried! And cried a lot, tears in the face hung up two long tear marks, teardrops flowed to her

  chin and then dripped down on Li Yan's face.

  "You're crying." Li Yan said angrily, "It's me who should cry."

  The upright imperial sister twisted her waist while whimpering, "I …… am really not a woman who doesn't know shame …… I am really not a woman whose water name is Yang Hua…… ……"

  Li Yan said in a deep voice: "A woman who forcibly annihilates a man is not qualified to say such words."

  The upright imperial sister cried, "Do you think I want this? My ice-clean body has never been shown to a man, never touched by a man …… I am a hypocrite, I am a bad person, but I have always been clean and never pretended to any man …… Now…… ……but I have to ride on a man who doesn't love me like a shameful remembering woman, actively twisting her waist ……"

  Li Yan froze.

  The upright imperial sister continued to cry: "But what method do I have? Only this …… has to be the way …… I can practice the Sword Technique of warding off evil …… I am a man how good it should be, only need to click and cut the damn thing, I can practice the Sword Technique of warding off evil I'm a man, I just need to click a knife, cut the damn thing, I can practice the sword technique ……

  Li Yan was tempted to say something, but could not find the right words for a while, so he sighed deeply.

  The upright imperial sister also stopped talking, and she was silently shedding tears while twisting her waist vigorously. Her movements were very green, and Li Yan had just felt the obstruction of that membrane, thus it was clear that it was indeed her first time. So clumsy, but she had no intention of backing down at all, using all her strength to claim on Li Yan's body.

  She needs to vent her desire cleanly, and only by venting it all cleanly, she can take another step forward in her quest for martial arts supremacy, and for this ambition, she is willing to throw away everything, even her self-respect and self-love as a woman, also thrown away to the clouds.