Three hundred and forty-six meng, I'll persuade him

——  The inviting moon seriously said: "I even myself can lay the knife, to kill you naturally can also be ruthless heart. The first option is to say that you love me and marry me immediately, and let's pretend that nothing has happened before. The second choice is to say that you don't love me, and I will kill you and your daughter immediately."

  She looked very serious, without a hint of joking, and in fact it was impossible for an iceberg beauty like her to tell jokes. Li Yan knew that if he said the words "I don't love you", he would be killed.

  But Li Yan is not intimidated, he is a good young man with a temperament **, can not be because of a strong enemy's threat to be a cow and a horse? Li Yan put his head up and coldly snorted, "Of course I don't love you, if you want to kill just come and kill."

  Once these words came out, Inviting Moon's face instantly turned pale, and Renxing was so shocked that she let go of Li Yan's calf.

  The atmosphere in the field became odd, the aura of slaughter pervaded.

  At this moment, the upright imperial sister suddenly shouted, "Hold on!"

  "Huh?" Li Yan, Inviting Moon and Rising Star turned their heads over together to look at her.

  The upright imperial sister said with a serious face: "Inviting Moon, Renxing, two principal adults, I am the ideological moral teacher of Blackwood Rock, this is my teacher's certificate, please look over ……" After waiting for the two Inviting Moon and Renxing to make sure her teacher's certificate was correct, the upright imperial sister seriously said. "Actually, the question of love and non-love is a question of ideology and morality, and I feel that I, as a teacher, have the obligation to give some guidance to Li Yan's …… cough, Jiang Feng's classmate. I believe that after my guidance, he will realize that true love is priceless, and to consider accepting the love of others properly."

  Invitation to the moon was considering whether to kill, in fact, she said in her mouth to kill Li Yan, the heart is really reluctant to let a woman to kill her favorite man with her own hands, how easy it is? Hearing these words of the upright royal sister, her mind turned and thought: right, the issue of love is indeed a question of ideological character, let her persuade Jiang Feng or better than I kill him.

  Seeing her silently nodding, the upright imperial sister hurriedly pulled Li Yan to the side and bit his ear, "Brother Li Yan, the situation is stronger than people …… you just pretend to promise her."

  Li Yan shook his head and said, "How can this be promised? Let me say love to someone I don't love, it's better to kill me. Besides, I am not Jiang Feng at all, explain it properly ……"

  The upright imperial sister said, "But you can see, they simply do not listen to the explanation, if you insist on saying that you are not Jiang Feng, and say that you do not love her, it is possible to immediately die …… although you are not afraid of death, but needlessly die is not good, ah? Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood, you first pretend to say that you love her, promise to marry her, and then find a way to escape, better than here to fight a fish dead."

  Li Yan frowned and considered.

  The righteous imperial sister softly said: "Do not think about it, the most important thing is to save your life first, unnecessary festival ** just throw away first, even if you do not think for yourself, but also for the people who love you ah, if you die, what about me? And your friends how to do? Also, once you die, these two lollies will also be killed, don't you pity them?"

  Li Yan's frown deepened, the upright imperial sister was right, he was not living alone in this world, behind him, there were many people who supported him and missed him, such as the ponytail girl, Fang Yi, and a large group of friends, if he died here recklessly, how sad the girls should be? Pretend to promise to marry her, and then in the process of preparing for the marriage, find an opportunity to slip away, it is better than to die here now in a fight.

  Li Yan thought hard for half a second and finally sighed, "Okay, I'll listen to you ……"

  The righteous imperial sister saw persuaded him, then breathed a sigh of relief: "That's right, people should learn to adapt, look at me, the most know how to adapt. Usually meet people with the appearance of a gentleman's sword, their own those preferences are hidden in the cellar, others like me."

  The corner of Li Yan's eyes twitched and despised her, "That's not adaptability, it's hypocrisy."

  He was not a mother-in-law either, and since he had decided that a good man would not eat his words, he immediately started to put them into practice.

  Li Yan walked up to Inviting Moon and said loudly, "After her persuasion, I have a new awakening."

  Inviting Moon said coldly, "Awakened to what? Still don't love me and then want me to kill you, right?"

  Li Yan shook his head and said, "She gave me an analysis of the feelings are difficult and valuable, I thought carefully, you have been liking me for so many years, pursuing me, and still have not changed their hearts by now, still thinking about marrying me, this friendship …… I also feel a little touched. "

  Inviting the moon's body trembled: "You …… you said you were moved?" Her voice actually trembled, where there is still the taste of iceberg beauty.

  Li Yan nodded and said, "I was touched, I found …… I have fallen in love with you …… well, I marry you." Li Yan said these two lines, he himself felt badly acted, this transformation is also too fast, no way, he is neither an actor, nor a student of the opera school in the latter days, never learned to act, like this kind of drama involving feelings is the most difficult to play, even those big stars in the latter days, to play emotional scenes, say the lines well, is also a very difficult thing, it is possible to shoot a shot repeatedly dozens of times, the To master the subtle changes in expression.