Three-four-seventh Moe, the girl on the run

——  The first time he was being watched by an Oriental girl, and now he was being forced by a girl who was almost finished.

  First, he was stared at by the Oriental girl, and now he was forced by the Moon girl and almost finished. How can I go back to the Central Plains in the future? Can only keep fleeing to the west life, so unbearable.

  This day, four people out of the grass wish, but see a Gobi ahead, yellow sand, smoke and dust rolling, the sun is dim. A camel caravan passed by the roadside, and the merchants inside sang unintelligible songs in a loud voice.

  Li Yan saw the two lollies looking tired, suddenly his heart could not bear it, sighed and said, "This can not go on, if I go further west, I will go to inexplicable and weird places, I can die in the sky, but these two lollies can not follow me to live like this, it is too bad for their growth."

  Hua Wuyou didn't interface.

  But Jiang Xiaoyu said: "What's so bad about it? We've been following our dad around since we were little, we've gotten used to it long ago."

  Li Yan shook his head and said, "This kind of habit is not a good thing, if a person has gotten used to sleeping in the garbage, there is no need to pursue a better life?"

  Jiang Xiaoyu spat out her tongue.

  Li Yan suddenly said to the upright imperial sister, "Auntie Yue, I don't want to drag you westward with me anymore either. Anyway, your injury has long since healed, so why don't you help me take care of these two lollies and take them back to the Central Plains first, Blackwood Cliff and Flower Shifting Palace are looking for me and won't take a shot at you or these two lollies. You take them to Yan Nantian, entrust the two loli to her."

  The upright imperial sister heard this, the tip of the heart trembled, hurriedly said: "You want me to go ah? Then …… you don't practice the ward off evil sword technique anymore?"

  Li Yan shook his head and said, "These two loli follow us, at night we have to take care of loli sleep, where there is still time …… cough …… to practice that sword technique?" In fact, since taking in the two loli, Li Yan and the upright imperial sister has not practiced for many days, after all, before practicing that gong must be snapped, and they are now living in the wilderness outside the pass, there is no room, no ** whatsoever, in front of the loli can not do that thing.

  The upright imperial sister was so disappointed, sighed: "to help you do things, I am no problem la, but …… but …… but …… "She but half a day, but after but can not follow what justified words to, she and Li Yan one no name, two no commitment, really not very good to say anything. After holding it for a long time, she suddenly ** said: "You let me go, not afraid that I additionally catch a man back to practice the ward off evil sword technique?"

  Li Yan's face sank and said angrily, "You dare!"

  The upright imperial sister saw him angry, suddenly happy, thinking: really, you still jealous.

  She did not know that what Li Yan was thinking was: If you dare to catch another man to bully, I will fight for my male compatriots and defend the devil.

  He said viciously to the upright imperial sister: "No more grabbing other men to practice, you hear? Otherwise …… hum …… when I return to the Middle Kingdom, I will take your life."

  The upright imperial sister's pretty face reddened, thinking: If I go behind your back to practice with other men, it is a red apricot out of the wall, stealing a man, you as my husband, take my life is the natural justice, it seems that you have admitted my identity, just too arrogant to say, well, I do not force you, and when you return to the Middle Kingdom, I will double practice with you.

  She took the two loli's hands and said softly, "Okay, then I will help you with the children."

  Li Yan asked to the two lollies, "You are so old, you should know a lot, right? Uncle is also on the run and may have dragged you guys along, so I still want to put you in a safer environment, you follow this aunt back to the Central Plains to find Yan Nantian and stay with him for the time being, and when uncle returns to the Central Plains, he will come and find you, okay?"

  Hua Wuyou nodded wordlessly, it seemed that she was indeed a good child who understood things very well.

  Jiang Xiaoyu, however, said, "No!"

  Li Yan coaxed, "Be good, be obedient."

  Jiang Xiaoyu grunted, "I don't don't want you to go, but I can't let you go so cheaply, give me 10,000 taels of silver pocket money and I'll let you go."

  Li Yan: "……"

  The upright imperial sister: "……"

  Half an hour later, the four of them took care of everything, and the upright royal sister led the two lollies and turned back to the east. Li Yan, on the other hand, masked his head and face, walked in towards the Gobi beach, following the footsteps of the camel caravan, dawn and night, practicing Quanzhen internal energy, kept walking westward ah walk, the desert gradually turned from light yellow to deep yellow, and then from deep yellow gradually turned gray and black.

  Here the Gobi is not the kind of desert to eat people, but more rocks and dead trees, grass, or many creatures, Li Yan can occasionally hit the yellow sheep to eat, and occasionally can and passing caravans to buy something, walking through the desert, and bumped into a wilderness, there are many stars on the minority tribes. Among them were Hui tribes and Kazakhs. Some of these tribes were closer to the Han and received Li Yan warmly, while others hated the Han and drove him out as soon as they saw him.