Three hundred and forty-eight meng, Li Wenxiu

——  Just when Li Yan chased into the tribe, he was planning to teach these Han Chinese bandits a lesson.

  In the depths of the tribe, the Han girl who had just ridden away was hiding behind a tent, her innocent face full of fear. She was a Jiangnan woman who came to the West with her parents ten years ago, named Li Wenxiu, her father was called "White Horse" Li San, and her mother was called "Gold and Silver Little Sword Three Maidens" Shangguan Hong. At that time she was only eight years old and did not understand anything, only knew that her parents were chased by a group of fierce bandits, and then her parents died one after another, only she escaped and was taken in by the old Han Chinese man in the Kazakh tribe, the old man Kei, and raised.

  To this day, she does not know why these bandits wanted to chase her parents, these ten years, she lived peacefully and steadily, has been from the year the eight-year-old loli, into an 18-year-old girl, that hatred is good in the heart fade, today she rode out on a white horse to take a break, a group of Han bandits saw her riding a white horse, together screamed: "It's her, it's that white horse. " Then they chased her all the way down.

  She then realized that the group of Han Chinese bandits who killed her parents back then had actually been looking for her in the West for ten years, for what exactly? They actually had to chase after a girl like herself, who knew nothing, for a whole decade, which was really baffling to her.

  Li Wenxiu hid behind the tent and did not dare to move, only to see a Han Chinese bandit into a nearby tent, the tent came from a young woman's cries, and soon, the bandit carried a young girl of the Kazakh tribe out. The young girl was extremely beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the tribe, named Aman. She and Supu, the bravest young man in the tribe, were a couple ……

  The Han Chinese bandits carried Aman and dragged her outward. He laughed and said, "We have caught a beautiful girl. Haha. I'm lucky, I'll have fun for the rest of the day."

  Li Wenxiu was shocked and thought: Aman is going to be taken away by the bad guys, if Su Pu knew about it, he would be very sad, he likes Aman so much.

  In fact, Li Wenxiu was also secretly in love with Su Pu, if she was an evil bad girl, seeing Su Pu's beloved girl being taken away by the bad guys. Surely she will be secretly happy that if Aman disappears, she and Supu will have the possibility to be together. But she is an extremely kind girl, never had such a nasty thought in her heart, just thought: no good, Supu will definitely be very sad, I have to go help Aman.

  Li Wenxiu didn't know where she got the courage to jump out of her hiding place and shouted at the Han Chinese bandit in Chinese, "Stop, you bad man. Don't take the Omani girl away."

  When the Chinese bandit heard the Chinese language, he was astonished. When he looked back, he saw Li Wenxiu and said with great joy, "So you are hiding here." He let go of Aman in his hand and reached out to grab Li Wenxiu: "Hand over the map."

  When Li Wenxiu was young, he had followed his father, Li San, the white horse, to learn some rough kung fu, but unfortunately, after his parents died ten years ago, the kung fu did not go deeper into practice, and his combat power was only a little stronger than an ordinary young girl. The good thing is that the bandit's martial arts skills are not very good, that is, the strength of an ordinary dart master, this grab is not very fast, the move is not subtle, Li Wenxiu took two steps backward, hit a roll, hiding back behind the tent.

  Seeing that she knew some kung fu, the Han Chinese bandit knew she had found the right person and shouted, "Chief, come quickly, the girl we want to catch is over here."

  At this time Aman escaped from the bandit's hand and also opened his voice and shouted, "Supu, come and save us ……"

  At this time, the tribe was in chaos, and there were Asaks and Han Chinese bandits fighting everywhere, so Aman's voice did not know how far it could reach, but Li Wenxiu knew that no matter how far it was, as long as Aman needed Su Pu, Su Pu would definitely appear.

  She mourned in her heart: If only Sop could do the same for me.

  The Chinese bandit grabbed another claw, and Li Wenxiu saw that she could not dodge, but a thunderous roar sounded next to her, and a Kazakh youth jumped out, he was tiger-backed, tall and handsome, and seemed to be the bravest of the tribe's young generation, Su Pu. He was fighting with a Han Chinese bandit in the distance, and when he heard Aman's call, he rushed over regardless, just in time to see the Han Chinese bandit reach out to grab Li Wenxiu.

  Although he did not know Li Wenxiu, he could not sit idly by and waved a Kazakh machete and slashed at the bandit.

  The bandit hurriedly drew his sword and turned to meet the knife, and with a local sound, he actually had an equal fight.

  The bandit was astonished and thought, "I've learned martial arts, but this kid is just a Kazakh, how can he fight with me?

  He launched the Chinese martial arts and attacked Supu with his sword. Su Pu, on the other hand, wielded his sword with all his courage to meet the battle, even though he did not know martial arts and had no skills, but the Kazakhs' natural martial arts courage made his sword powerful and heavy, even if the bandit knew martial arts, he would not be able to fight him for a while.