354 Moe, the time to leave

——  Under Li Yan's persuasion, the Kazakh people eventually burned the treasure map of the Gaochang Labyrinth. Although a small group of people with stronger greed were not too willing to burn the treasure map, no one dared to disobey Allah's will under the pressure of the tribal elders in the end.

  After all, even if ordinary people have a strong greed, they are not as reckless as those who know martial arts to snatch it, because ordinary people have limited ability, they must consider the law, morality, social pressure, and do not dare to do bad things as they wish.

  There is a saying that "chivalry violates the prohibition with martial arts", chivalry is because they know martial arts, they will ignore the constraints of the court and the law. The stronger a person is, the easier it is to break away from the restraints of law and morality and become an evil villain.

  Li Yan, after some pretending to be a god, also used the power of the old people, destroyed the Gaochang Maze map, but it was a wish. In the books of Jin Yong novels, there are two treasure maps, one is the Gaochang Maze map, and the other is the Liancheng trick, both of which are not good things, they only bring two tragedies to the martial arts world, other than that, they bring nothing.

  It is better to burn things like this.

  In the following days, Li Yan stayed in this Kazakh tribe. Since he didn't know Kazakh, the tribesmen let Li Wenxiu take charge of entertaining him and let him stay in the house of Li Wenxiu and Ji Laozhang. Su Pu met Li Yan every day, hoping that Li Yan would teach him a trick or two.

  Li Yan also liked this simple Kazakh man, so he found a set of knife techniques suitable for him to practice from his own ponderous treasury of martial arts, and instructed him to practice his knife every day. He wanted to communicate with Su Pu, he had to bring Li Wenxiu to do translation. Therefore, every time Su Pu came over to practice saber, Li Wenxiu would be next to him. This quiet sister could finally talk to Su Pu in a proper way, but unfortunately, every time Su Pu came over to learn saber technique, Aman would follow him. Looking at Su Pu and Aman making out, Li Wenxiu was happy and sad, and her heart was full of bitterness.

  Li Yan took this time in his eyes, but there was nothing he could do. He can quite understand Li Wenxiu's mood, in fact, in the latter days of high school, he also once secretly liked a female classmate, but as a full male, he was the whole school girls as nerds to despise, the feelings simply do not dare to declare it. Later that female classmate had a boyfriend, Li Yan watched her and her boyfriend kissing together every day to school, a big blow. The first love left him with sadness, and it still hurts.

  Seeing Li Wenxiu's appearance, Li Yan really wanted to grab Su Pu and throw him into Li Wenxiu's bed, but he knew that if he did so, Aman would be equally sad. For Aman and Li Wenxiu, there is no two-way love, unless, Su Pu is the male protagonist of the starting point novel, with a harem and stud aura on, it is never possible to marry both girls at the same time.

  This day at noon, the warm sun hanging in the blue sky, the harmonious spring breeze blowing across the grassland, spring has arrived.

  Li Yan sat on a small hill, beside stood the translator Li Wenxiu and Aman, while Su Pu practiced his swordsmanship on the grass in front of the three of them, after more than two months of hard practice, Su Pu's swordsmanship has been a small achievement, he is a natural swordsman, only two months of practice, this way of swordsmanship has been practiced in a decent way, quite extraordinary. Because he was originally the first warrior among the young generation of the tribe, relying only on a brute force and slashing, he was able to fight evenly with the minions under Lv Liang Three Jie, and now that he has learned the orthodox swordsmanship, his combat power has soared extremely fast. If he is now thrown into the Blackwood Cliff, at least he can directly enter the third grade.

  Seeing that Su Pu was sweating, Aman ran up and wiped his sweat, smiling and saying, "Su Pu, take a rest when you are tired of practicing, you are already very powerful, not to mention the younger generation, even in the whole tribe, no one is your opponent."

  Su Pu coyly smiled, "I am still far from it, Master's martial art is really strong, I don't know when I will be able to practice like him."

  Li Yan thought to himself, "Although you are a fast learner, you are still far worse than me.

  It turned out that in these two months in the Kazakh tribe, Li Yan had nothing else to practice, but still intensified his practice of internal martial arts, his Quanzhen internal martial arts had reached the peak of the sixth level, only one step short of breaking through to the seventh level.

  But such a degree obviously can not make Li Yan satisfied, Quanzhen internal martial arts has a total of 12 realms to be considered complete, he only to the peak of the sixth, still far from it. And …… Quanzhen internal martial arts is the more to the back of the slower progress, the next six will be more and more difficult, to the last, the difficulty of its cultivation is as much as the previous eleven combined.

  And even if the twelve all practiced, it is still impossible to be the opponent of the girl in the East and the girl in the moon, that he still can not return to the Central Plains.

  He couldn't help but be a little frustrated, thinking: If I keep practicing this not-so-good internal martial arts method outside the Seaside, I'm afraid I won't be able to go back for the rest of my life, although it's very safe outside the Seaside, but there is a lack of something called "chance", and I can't get divine weapons, nor can I get the secret manuals of divine martial arts, and it's impossible to get medicines that can make my martial arts power improve greatly. It is not possible to practice here. I still have to risk being caught and return to the Central Plains, it seems that a new human skin mask will have to be used.