Thirty-five five meng, I was stopping him from peeking at your bath

——  A fast horse, through the Gobi, came head-on toward the two of them, and a young man on the horse, looking about twenty years old, wearing a scribe's uniform, with clear eyebrows, looked like a good young man with knowledge and culture.

  This good young man clasped his fist towards Li Yan and said loudly, "My name is Chen Jia Luo, I would like to ask a way to brother, I wonder if it is possible?"

  When Li Yan heard this, he almost fell off his horse, and screamed in his heart: I am dizzy, Chen Jia Luo, how come this guy is a man?

  In theory, Li Yan should not be surprised at all to see Chen Jialuo as a man. However, Li Yan has been in this f***less realm for a long time, and has long been used to seeing the protagonists of the original in the form of women, now suddenly seeing the male version of Chen Jia Luo, a breath almost did not catch.

  This story tells us that a person who is originally temperate ***, imbibed by the general environment of no temperate *** for too long, will also become temperate ***, so the parents of the latter do not want their children to play with bad children with bad grades.

  Li Yan couldn't help but sweat profusely, "You …… you are actually Chen Jia Luo."

  The big handsome Chen Jialuo was also taken aback and said curiously, "Huh? Look at you, you seem to be familiar with my name, but I haven't seen you before."

  Li Yan coughed dryly, "Well, I have heard about the Saffron Society, that's why I know your name." He played a sloppy game to muddle through, and secretly spat in his heart: nasty Chen Jia Luo, it's good that you didn't turn into a girl, so it's convenient for me to despise you.

  In his previous life, when Li Yan was reading martial arts novels, the most annoying male protagonist was Chen Jia Luo, who was a foolish person with no responsibility. He persuaded Princess Xiang Xiang, who loved him, to follow Qian Long, which directly led to her tragic death, causing Li Yan to be sad for many days when he saw the episode where Princess Xiang Xiang died. The readers of "The Book and Sword Book of Enemies", ten ** are not a fan of this product, and there are even many geeks who can't wait to unload Chen Jia Luo in order to eliminate their anger.

  Li Yan couldn't help but mentally put up his middle finger at Chen Jialuo and cursed: Go to hell, you nasty guy, even the realm spits on you, not turning you into a girl is a sign of spitting on you.

  Chen Jialuo which knows Li Yan heart has cut him into 17 or 18, revealing a graceful, courteous look said: "Brother actually heard of the Red Flower Association and my name, it seems that brother to the territory of the Manchu Qing traveled, this is really good, in the Huijiang unfamiliar, I can run into a friend familiar with the Manchu Qing, really a great heart. "

  Li Yan cursed: smooth your head, I see you seriously unhappy, should we kill you, so that you do not go to harm Princess Xiang Xiang?

  Li Yan glared at him wistfully a few times, but finally gave up the idea of killing him, after all, the realm is different, Li Yan can't kill without feeling out the situation, that's not something a good young man with modesty ** does. So he cupped his fist and said: "Brother Chen, I don't know what you want to do in Huijiang? Just now asked me for directions, is this where you are going?"

  Chen Jia Luo said, "I came to Huijiang because I want to find a Hui tribe, the patriarch is called Mu Zhuo Lun, if you two know where this tribe is, you may enlighten me, I will have heavy thanks."

  Li Yan heard these words, his heart clicked, secretly screamed: finished, this is not the "Book of Swords and Enemies", Chen Jia Luo into the Huijiang plot? He came to Huijiang to inform the Ministry of Hui, to inform the three devils in the east to deal with "Cui Yu Huang Bin" Huo Qingtong, so that Huo Qingtong be careful not to fall into the bad guys' secret plan. It is because this time into the Huijiang, Chen Jia Luo met the beautiful Princess Xiang Xiang halfway, somehow after doing something, let Princess Xiang Xiang Xiang fell in love with him …… This is the Princess Xiang Xiang into the tragic destiny of the trigger.

  Li Yan immediately anxious: I wipe, or a knife to kill him forget, or this goods into the back of the border, Princess Xiang Xiang's destiny ……

  Li Yan couldn't help but put his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist, thinking about whether to draw a full score sword out to finish off Chen Jia Luo.

  At this time next to Li Wenxiu but suddenly interjected: "This big brother, you said that Hui tribe, I know where …… their tribe and my Kazakh tribe from time to time will have exchanges, and occasionally hunting together."

  Listen to her opening, Li Yan chestnut shock: No, I can not kill this goods, for one thing, this goods are ultimately decent people, kill him indiscriminately rather should not, he is about to do bad things I try to remedy can, do not have to use such extreme means to kill him to solve. Secondly, in front of the kind Li Wenxiu pulling out the sword to kill indiscriminately is not good, she saw me kill bad people is fine, if you see me pull out the sword to kill "passerby", will treat me as a bandit.

  Chen Jia Luo heard that Li Wen Xiu know where the back to the Ministry, immediately overjoyed: "So the girl knows where the old hero Mu Zhuo Lun's tribe, this is really good, but also ask the girl to point out how to go."

  Li Wenxiu smilingly asked, "May I ask what you are looking for them?"

  Chen Jia Luo said seriously, "The old hero Mu Zhuo Lun once went to the Central Plains to retrieve the sacred Koran Sutra, and had a conflict with a dart board while doing so. Several dart masters from that dart board now want to come to seek revenge on Cuifu Huang, and I am here to report the news so that they can be alerted."