Thirty-five six meng, see who pick flowers powerful

——  Li Yan gave a bitter laugh and responded loudly, "Girl, I'm not here to peek at your bath, I'm stopping this guy from peeking at you ……"

  Only to hear a laugh in the grove hip, and then behind the flowering trees by the lake came out a young girl dressed in white like snow, long hair down to the shoulders, is holding a comb slowly combing. ////. She was barefoot, her face hair were water droplets. Shu Ya freely sat under the flower tree, bright and holy, grooming is incomparable, white clothes reflecting the water, falling flowers one petal after another fell on her head, clothes, shadow. Li Yan could not help but think: "Although I have been used to seeing beautiful women, but this girl still makes me feel stunning, Princess Xiangxiang really lives up to her name."

  Li Wenxiu saw clearly the appearance of the young girl, can not help but also look dumbfounded, even the beautiful and stunning Li Wenxiu, in front of this young girl is also quite inferior. Only Chen Jia Luo is still confused, because his eyes are still blindfolded by Li Yan.

  The young girl smiled sweetly and said: "Brother, you do not blindfold him, now I have put on clothes, still blindfolded for what? He can't see anything."

  Li Yan sweat, then let go of his hands.

  Chen Jia Luo opened his eyes and saw Princess Xiang Xiang sitting in front of him, and at first sight, his face changed greatly and his whole body froze.

  Li Yan knew that this guy must be charmed by the beauty of Princess Xiangxiang, in the original story, is so a glance, Chen Jia Luo fell in love with Princess Xiangxiang, and later he used every means to trick Princess Xiangxiang also fell in love with him, but finally took Princess Xiangxiang to Qianlong, simply a shameless fool.

  Upset, Li Yan reached out and poked Chen Jialuo on the back and whispered, "Don't be rude!"

  Chen Jialuo received a little, and only then snapped out of his infatuation.

  Princess Xiangxiang smilingly did not think, her short life of a dozen years, she had seen countless people see her dazed, demented, dumb, long used to it, Chen Jialuo is not the first, nor will it be the last, where she cared over? So she smiled gently and sang.

  Where are the big brothers and sisters passing through?

  How many deserts and mountains have you crossed?

  Are you herding cattle and sheep on the steppe?

  Or did you drive camels and horses to do business?

  Chen Jia Luo was about to open his mouth when Li Yan suddenly pushed him to the side and spoke first: "We are monks who came from the Eastern Song Dynasty and went to the Western Heaven to worship Buddha and seek scriptures, and do not get close to women.

  Princess Xiang Xiang laughed and said, "Nonsense, you are not wearing monk's clothes, cheat me little girl do not understand? As for not being close to women what is more nonsense, you are not followed by a beautiful young girl?" She reached out and pointed at Li Wenxiu, ** the small hand trembling, so that people can not help but want to hold her hand.

  Li Yan heart called: oops my mom, this is simply a female goblin, if the Tang Sanzang encountered Princess Xiang Xiang on the way to get the scriptures, it is estimated to be trapped, good thing I already have a ponytail girl, the rest of the women have become red skeletons, skeletons, skeletons, skeletons …… this skeleton is really beautiful.

  Only Li Wenxiu of the three is a girl, she is not polite, reached out and grabbed the small hand of Princess Xiangxiang, two beautiful young girl's small hands held together, adding to the beauty. Li Wenxiu laughed: "You are simply the pearl of the grassland …… just now Brother Li was indeed joking, they are not any monks, is to report to the old hero Mu Zhuo Lun's Hui tribe."

  When it comes to the real thing, Li Yan did not dare to be slack, and hurriedly pushed Chen Jialuo, so that he could say.

  Chen Jia Luo at the first sight of Princess Xiang Xiang dumbfounded a hand, but back to consciousness did not lose their composure, after all, is the head of the Red Flower Society, determination is still some, then the three demons to kill Huo Qingtong in the East briefly said.

  Princess Xiang Xiang listened to, is not too worried, just smiled and said: "the original enemy only three, then it may not matter, Tsui Yu yellow shirt now with the Hui tribe's army, because the Manchu army suddenly for no reason to fight us, now the Hui tribe gathered the army, led by Mu Zhuo Lun and Tsui Yu yellow shirt, is moving west to escape the Qing army. That what the three devils of the Kanto are no longer powerful, but also impossible to kill under the protection of the Hui army."

  Chen Jialuo was relieved to hear that.

  Li Yan thought to himself, "This is in line with the original story, but the Hui tribe was still severely oppressed, and this fool Chen Jialuo persuaded Princess Xiangxiang to follow Qianlong, trying to save the Han family's mountains and rivers by using a curve to save the country.

  Princess Xiangxiang said, "Since you are here to report, I will take you to see Mu Zhuo Lun." She took out a bull horn, blew a few times, and in the distance passed another group of maidens, leading horses, with dry food and **. When these maidens saw Li Yan and others, they couldn't help but gawk curiously.