Three-seventy-five meng, I am Tian Bo Guang

——  Mu Lang cheeky laugh: "We Tianshan seven swords, never ask the name of the passer-by!"

  Li Yan speechless, it is said that the more dish people, the more they like to pretend, it seems that the seven swords of Tianshan is this kind of goods, like this kind of people, not to teach a lesson is not possible, must be hard to whip them, in order to let them know that the pot is cast in iron.

  Li Yan took off the full score sword from his waist and smiled bitterly, "Come on, let this passerby see the Tianshan sword technique."

  Mu Lang grunted: "I have excellent martial arts skills, ranked the eighth in Tianshan, and also the eighth in the world, and a passerby A, really have ** share, how about this, I let you one right hand, only use the left hand to use the sword, so as not to bully you too badly."

  Li Yan drew a breath of cold air: No way? Tianshan School arrogant and arrogant to this extent? There is no mistake ah, although you are far away from the Central Plains, the news is a bit closed, but also can not be stupid to this point ah, martial arts may not see how, but this stupidity, absolutely the world ranked first ah.

  Mu Lang sword to the left hand, said: "You strike first! I such a senior, how can not first hand, that is also too embarrassing." In fact, she really looks quite beautiful and lovely, the clothes are also very good, it is simply the shape of the seven fairies, but unfortunately with this silly strength, beauty is greatly reduced, so that people can not bear to see.

  Li Yan bitter smile: "Yes, yes! This wayfarer to learn the senior high." After saying that, he was not polite, and made the first practice of the Huashan sword technique, a move "Cang Pine to welcome guests", and stabbed at Mu Lang. Li Yan knew that Liang Yusheng's novel belonged to the world of low martial arts, and the martial arts of the characters in it were not much higher than Zhang Zhaozhong and Chen Jialuo, and even to the extreme, they were only similar to Chen Jinan, so Li Yan did not dare to hit too hard, and only used the triple internal energy of Quanzhen as a test.

  Mu Lang lightly shouted: "Good timing! Look at my Tianshan School Wind Chasing Sword Technique!" After saying that, he made a sword with his left hand and stabbed at Li Yan with a whirring sword.

  Li Yan's move "Cang Pine Welcome Guest" focused on the word "welcome", Mu Lang's sword arrived in front of him, Li Yan crossed his sword to "welcome", the two swords clashed together, only to hear "The two swords clashed together and a light sound was heard. Li Yan's triple Quanzhen internal energy was naturally transferred to Mu Lang's sword through the sword body. At the same time, Mu Lang's internal energy also came along the sword body, and Li Yan's Jianzhen internal energy collided with it, and was immediately dispersed.

  Mu Lang only felt her wrist tremble, and a "flood" of internal force came from Li Yan's sword, which made her wrist sore and numb, and her long sword flew out of her hand "whoosh" to a distance of one zhang and stuck on the ground.

  "Wow!" The other six swords were shocked: "How can a passerby be so powerful? One sword has shaken away the long sword in the hand of the old seven?"

  Mu Lang's face was blue, red and white for a while before he said, "It doesn't count, I used my sword with my left hand, but I didn't expect that Roadrunner would make a surprise move, and my left hand was not very flexible, so my sword flew out of my hand.

  The other six swords said together: "Yes, seventh sister just left-handed sword, completely does not count! This passerby is so well hidden, looking at the power of his sword, he should at least be ranked in the top 50 in the world.

  Li Yan felt a rush of blood in his throat almost to spit out, listening to these seven sisters talking there is a feeling to die of anger.

  At this time, Mu Lang had already handed over her sword to her right hand, shouted, and held her sword up again, stabbing Li Yan's shoulder. This time she no longer dared to keep her hand, not only with her right hand to make the sword, but also her poor Tianshan internal energy all run to the limit.

  Li Yan sighed lightly and chose a move from the Hengshan Sword Technique, and casually set up a sword, with another "ding" sound, the two swords met, and Mu Lang's poor internal energy was once again shaken by Li Yan's Quanzhen internal energy, followed by a numb wrist, the long sword flew out of her hand and stuck backwards on the ground.

  "Wow! Seventh sister, what are you up to?" The other six swords shouted together: "How come the sword was shaken away twice?"

  Mu Lang wiped a handful of sweat and said, "Well …… cough …… mainly because he is too handsome, I was so focused on looking at the handsome man, I forgot the kung fu in my hands, that's why I was given the opportunity to take advantage of him and lost a move. Next time I will meet the enemy seriously and not get confused again."

  The Seven Swords' leader, Fu Qingcheng, said, "So that's how it is. Alas, it's no wonder that the Seven Sisters, the seven of us have been practicing martial arts on Tianshan Mountain for several years, not to mention men, have not even seen a cute boy. Good, take this passerby A to use as a practice pair, we have to overcome the handsome man's face attack, save the celestial life!"

  Li Yan: "……"

  Li Wenxiu whispered in the back, "Brother Li, are these seven swords a bit abnormal in the head? Is it really okay for them to go to the Great Song with this kind of intelligence? The Great Song is full of masters, like the three jie of Lu Liang, in the Great Song is not even enough to be a minion."

  Li Yan laughed bitterly, "I also think that the seven fairies are in a bad luck to go to the Great Song, so I will do a good deed and send them back to Tianshan here, so that they won't be caught by the evil experts to pose as eighteen."