Three-seventy-six meng, so thick nerve

——  Li Yan shook his head and said, "My martial arts skills, ranked two thousand four hundred and seventy-five in the Central Plains Martial Arts Forest, are not even in the top!"

  "What?" Master Fu Qing was shocked: "This …… is absolutely impossible!"

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "Frogs also do not believe that the sky is very big, but also to the sky is only as big as a piece of the well mouth."

  Hearing this, Lord Fu Qing was furious: "Are you comparing me to sitting in a well and watching the sky? Don't think that beating the sixth and seventh sisters is great, they both have not practiced their martial arts at all."

  Li Yan thought to himself: Chu Zhaonan and Mu Lang really belong to the new Tianshan Seven Swordsmen active characters, in the old Seven Swordsmen is not a very powerful role, these two martial arts than the previous five may be much worse, but not much worse, according to Mr. Liang Yusheng's original story, the old Seven Swordsmen several people joined the Heaven and Earth Association, and became the backbone of the Heaven and Earth Association, that is, the strength of these seven swords are worse than the head of the Heaven and Earth Association Chen Jinan to be worse, there is really nothing to fear.

  Li Yan hooked his finger and said, "I'm too lazy to send them off one by one, so the remaining five of you will go together."

  Lord Fu Qing said angrily, "Don't underestimate people."

  Li Yan laughed: "I'm not underestimating you guys, I'm evil devil and crooked oh, flower picking Yin thief oh, you guys have to keep the rules of the jianghu, one by one to deal with me, if seven all misses to be caught by me, to be staged 8p magnificent drama, I suggest you safety first, or good together."

  Fu Qing master drew a breath of cold air, this called Tian Bo Guang has already caught the sixth and seventh sister, his martial arts skills are indeed very high, if one by one on, Fu Qing master really not sure, if really as he said, the seven sisters are captured by him, then really finished great luck, seven sisters are insulted by him, this is never acceptable.

  She thought for a while, finally a little afraid, and said to the next few swords: "We …… better go together."

  The other four swords also nodded and said, "Big sister, we also think that together on the insurance point."

  The remaining five swords made a wink to each other, suddenly at the same time a clear whistle, spread out in five directions, while drawing swords. Li Yan saw that they want to move the real thing, but also do not dare to slow down, hurriedly Chu Zhaonan and Mu Lang put down, pinch a sword trick, concentrating on waiting. Although these five people's martial arts are not high, but five together, Li Yan also dare not take it lightly.

  The other four swords also responded at the same time, four long swords stabbed Li Yan's left and right sides, the back of the undershirt. The seven sisters have been practicing swordsmanship on Tianshan Mountain for several years, and although the swordsmanship they learned is not too advanced, they have been living together for many years, so they share the same heart and mind, and they cooperate very well. Five swords like a person stabbed out, almost no sequential difference.

  Li Yan no matter which direction to the left, right, front and back to dodge, are inevitably hit by the sword, he had to lightly shout, use the ladder cloud vertical light, body up to pull up.

  Master Fu Qing lightly shouted: "Above!" The five swords were raised together at the same time and pointed diagonally at Li Yan's floating body. It seems that they also guessed that Li Yan could only leap upwards against this kind of sword attack from all sides, and had prepared this backhand long ago. This is to be replaced in the "Street Fighter", is to use the Hado Fist to force the enemy to jump up, and then use the Rising Dragon Fist to chase the air.

  But they can't imagine that there is still such a magical light skill as ladder cloud vertical, only to see Li Yan in mid-air right foot lightly step on the left foot step, the body actually pulled up again out of thin air.

  The five swords were astonished, they clearly saw Li Yan was falling, how did he rise again? The sword move was already old, and it was impossible to change the move again.

  Li Yan laughed and waved his sword downward, it was a move of Quanzhen Sword Technique "Moon Full of Western Tower", which is a special sword move for attacking low place from high place, with the momentum of falling, it is very powerful.

  Only to see Li Yan lightly stood down to the ground, five swords but wretchedly rolled out in five directions, as if a flower with five petals, very beautiful.

  Just this move, Li Yan will be five swords scared pale face, ** violent ups and downs, can not stop gasping for breath.

  Lord Fu Qing said: "This …… is what kind of lightning skill? How can anyone pull up again while falling? You are simply an evil method!"

  Li Yan sweated: "Hey, this is authentic Wudang lightness, you say it is an evil method? Zhang Sanfeng will be angry and cry."

  Master Fu Qing had also heard of Wudang, his face suddenly changed miserably and said, "So, this is the Wudang School's Light Technique …… have always heard that the Wudang School is the titan of the martial arts, and indeed its name is true, my Tianshan School has lost a chip in light technique."

  Li Yan he laughed: "Know afraid, right? Don't hit the Central Plains again, good boy! Go back to Tianshan quickly and don't come out again."

  Fu Qing master face card white said, "We have not lost yet, but just lagging behind in light kung fu, we still have other kung fu. To run a school is to be comprehensive level, not just rely on light kung fu can be mixed. Hmph, sisters, add more fuel, we must go to the Great Song and get a license to run a school."