Thirty-nine hundred and fifty meng, open stele hand

——  Li Yan laughed and clapped his hands, "Wow, it really is two incisors, not more, not less, just two, not one more also, this gentleman, your martial arts is really great."

  Wei Bi covered his mouth, the corner of the mouth blood flowing long, looking at the ground two incisors, he could not believe his eyes, clearly my fist hit this country boy, how became my lost incisors? This Nima understanding can not ah.

  Li Yan this clean punch, but also led to a cry of surprise. Sick sister was the first to shout: "A Niu brother, you …… how do you know martial arts?"

  Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying were also full of amazement.

  Li Yan laughed: "Ah Niu didn't say he didn't know martial arts."

  Wei Bi also reacted at this time: "Good boy, you obviously know martial arts, but pretend you don't, pretending to be a pig eating a tiger, right?" He lost his incisors and spoke with a windy voice, which sounded very comical. Although Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingzhuo were lying on the ground with injuries, they could not help but laugh.

  Wei Bi is a person who wants to save face, this time suddenly felt no face, said angrily: "Good you brat, you know martial arts is not important? My martial arts skills are equivalent to those of a junior high school student at Blackwood Cliff, you dare to provoke me, see if I don't peel your skin."

  He was so angry that he lost the ability to think, and did not think carefully how easy Li Yan used that punch when he just knocked him over, and thought that Li Yan hurt him only when he was unprepared.

  Li Yan shook his head and swung his fist to meet the blow back.

  Wei Bi only saw a fist as big as a mantle fly out and collide with his own fist. He was like a kite being blown by the gale, he drifted backwards and flew far away, fell to the ground with a poof, and the bones of his right arm were broken inch by inch. Fractured, instantly became a cripple.

  It turns out that Li Yan was annoyed at his poor character, the strike is not at all merciful, this punch is containing almost all the internal force to hit, the purpose is to shatter his arm, to give this scum a little lesson.

  Wei Bi rolled several times on the ground and screamed: "Ah, my hand …… my hand ah ah ah ah ……"

  Li Yan was not at all moved by his miserable screams, coldly said: "I told you to steal cats and dogs, what I hate most in my life is you such villains who do not know how to respect animals, do you know how miserable a cat and dog will be when they leave their owners? Have you read the stories of "Guide Dog Little Q" and "Faithful Dog"? Do you know how sensitive dogs and cats are animals? I'm going to smack the hell out of you today."

  Sick girl listened to his words, suddenly full of sweat said, "Brother Aniu, the focus of your punishment for him seems to be a bit wrong ah, should first denounce him for betraying two girls who trusted him a lot, he injured sister Zhu and sister Wu, and also threatened to annihilate first and kill later, robbed their family property, this is the most important thing to criticize, right?"

  Her words just fell, Li Yan did not have time to interface, next to Zhu Jiuzhen immediately said, "No, I think A Niu is right! He should be denounced for abducting cats and dogs first, as for what he did to us, that's just a piece of cake, not worth mentioning ah." After saying this, she spat out another mouthful of blood, apparently injured badly.

  Wu Qing Ying also said: "Yes, yes, it does not matter what bad things you do to people, but I will never allow him to do evil things to cats and dogs, A Niu said it too well, we have to represent the cats and dogs and punish him …… cough …… "She looked down and coughed out another mouthful of blood, looking like her internal injuries hadn't been fully suppressed.

  "What?" The sick girl was shocked: "A yo hey, it's just that he couldn't catch the point, how come you two victims couldn't catch the point either. You both got beaten up and vomited blood ah!"

  Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying said together, "What does it matter if we vomit some blood? As a woman, which month does not bleed a little, flowing ah flow on the habit? But if the cats and dogs are trafficked, how miserable they will be for the rest of their lives. Thinking of them losing our careful care, being abused, wandering around, having no food to eat, being soiled by the rain, our hearts hurt as if they were being cut by knives."

  The sick sister was speechless.

  At this time, Li Yan had already approached Wei Bi, who had been knocked away, and without hesitation, he lifted his foot and stepped on him, only to hear a "click", and Wei Bi's left arm was crushed by Li Yan.

  The sound of Wei Bi's scream was so miserable that it was like killing a pig.

  Li Yan didn't pity this kind of scum and lifted his foot, intending to break his leg again. Wei Bi suddenly screamed: "Brother Hu, help …… please save me!"