396 Moe, cover up that thing ah

——  Li Yan secretly laughs: you are not afraid to talk about the wind flashing tongue, the little master I just casually out of a palm, just to feel your strength, not yet used on the eighteen palms of the descending dragon. From the palm just now can be seen, purely than the internal power pure I am indeed inferior to you, but if I transport the special way to transport energy on the eighteen palms, to blow you down nothing difficult, and I still have the ward off evil sword method.

  Li Yan smiled in his heart and silently transported the Dragon Slamming Palm, intending to let Hu Bao know that the pot is cast in iron. However, he just brought up the internal energy, before the palm, suddenly heard two cries of alarm from behind.

  Looking back, Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying struggled to get up from the ground and stumbled towards the east, shouting with their mouths, "It's not good, the sound of your palm pairing just now was so loud that it scared the Persian cat and Xue Nari, and they ran away."

  Li Yan fixed his eyes and saw that the Persian cat and Xue Nari were spreading their four legs and running away to the east as if they were flying.

  Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying anxiously, if it is usual, the two sisters to make light, to catch up with the cats and dogs absolutely no problem, but they are now seriously injured, up and running is very difficult, where to catch up with the agile small cats and dogs, sick sister also followed two steps, but she also does not know light, running very slowly, in the blink of an eye, the cats and dogs pulled away a long distance.

  Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying cried out in anxiety: "Help, who will chase them back, it's dangerous to run around in the Kunlun Mountains …… What if they run into some vicious beast that wants to eat them?"

  Li Yan sweated. To Hu Bao said, "Brother Hu, right? I'm going to help the sister chase the pet. Come back and fight again." After the words, he turned around to run.

  Hu Pao thought he was going to run away. Where are you willing to let go, shouted: "Kid, do not want to escape on the pretext, come to die." He slapped his palm at Li Yan's undershirt again.

  Li Yan didn't have time to pay attention to him, his body gently shifted, let go of this palm, and continued to leap forward. Hu Pao was not willing to give up and chased after him. He sent two palms in a row. Li Yan made the cloud vertical, and then easily exchanged these two palms, and laughed: "Brother Hu, don't be so eager to find death, I will give you a painful one when I chase back the cat and dog." He said his body flashed twice and threw Hu Pao far away.

  Hu Bao was furious, thinking: this kid's lightness seems to be higher than mine, to slap him to death is not easy, but the kid is obviously not familiar with the nearby terrain. There is a cliff not far in front of this, you flee in this direction. Immediately will be blocked by the cliff, can not escape, chase you to the front of the cliff, and then shoot you and these women, control the Wei Bi, Zhu family property is all mine.

  Thinking of this, Hu Pao's spirits, the strength to catch up.

  The group of people all ran away in a flurry, leaving only Wei Bi lying alone on the ground, hands and left leg fractures, only the right leg can be used, he wailed: "Do not leave me, who will save me …… help me to treat ah, do not give up treatment …… ……"

  After a few screams, he suddenly felt a little wrong quiet, the woods seemed to appear a pair of green eyes, staring at him grimly, Wei Bi heart a hair, shouted urgently, "Come on, someone, there are monsters, there are monsters ……"

  He roared less than three times, a big wild wolf came out of the woods, this wild wolf is a lone wolf, just now it was waiting here, but there are too many people outside, the lone wolf did not dare to come out, now only Wei Bi a cripple lying on the ground, the lone wolf is really happy, it drooled to Wei Bi side, stretched out the fishy tongue in Wei Bi's face licked, after confirming that it is a delicious thing. "Ow" a bite on the neck of Wei Bik, sharp teeth bite off Wei Bik's throat and blood vessels, making his screams stopped ……

  The villain who tried to abduct and sell animals finally died in the mouth of animals, which shows the cycle of heavenly justice and retribution.

  The lone wolf dragged Wei Bi's corpse and burrowed into the woods. Soon after, the eerie sound of tearing flesh and blood and grinding teeth on bones came from the woods——

  Li Yan made light, chase to the two running cats and dogs, with his light to catch up originally not difficult, but Hu Bao in the back while chasing palm, distracted him a lot, as a result, his speed than Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying also slow head. Although these two sisters were seriously injured, but in order to catch up with the cats and dogs, is simply playing with life to promote light, regardless of serious injuries vomiting blood, is simply a miracle of life in the run, Li Yan admire to the bottom of his heart.

  After a while, Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying slowly to catch up with the dog and cat, Li Yan is still tangled with Hu Bao, you a palm to me a palm, while running and fighting. At this time, running in the front of the Persian cat and Chenery suddenly at the same time a strange cry, the small body suddenly disappeared.

  Hu Bao saw the situation, could not help but laugh loudly: "the cliff to, the cat and dog can not brake, fell down, hahaha ……"

  Li Yan heard a secret alarm, and hurriedly gaze forward to see, indeed, the front has no road, is a bottomless cliff, because the sky is not yet light, dark, so we did not notice that there is a cliff, if not the cat and dog fell first, it is possible that we all have to rush down one by one, that can be the end of the game.

  Li Yan hurriedly shouted: "The girls stop!"

  However, he also too underestimated Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying's love for cats and dogs, the two sisters obviously saw the cliff, but did not have the slightest intention to stop, the two called out in unison: "Cat Cat, don't be afraid, sister is coming to save you."

  Two sisters actually jumped toward the cliff at the same time, but also in mid-air to reach out, trying to grab the dog and cat in the fall.

  Li Yan was amazed, this time he did not have to think, the body fiercely leaped outward, followed by jumping off the cliff.

  The sound of whistling wind came to his ears, and his rapidly falling body felt the mountain wind cutting his face mercilessly. Li Yan in mid-air to make a thousand jin drop kung fu, rapidly descending, not a moment, fell to Zhu Jiuzhen, Wu Qingying, Persian cat, Xue Nari's side, only to see two women, a cat and a dog, are falling downward in the form of free fall, the picture is actually quite beautiful!

  He was about to reach out to grab the two sisters' undershirts. Suddenly a movement in his heart. Thought: if I reach out to grab the two girls. The cat and dog must fall to the bottom of the cliff to die, what to do to save the cat and dog together?

  He is a smart and wise person, a moment to have a plan, hands not to grab Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying, but to grab the cat and dog, the two legs to the two sisters.

  It turns out that his mind calculations, the cat and dog IQ is not enough, he should use his hands to save. As for the two sisters, they are human, IQ is higher, stretch two legs to let them hold, it is enough to rescue them.

  Li Yan's idea is really right, his legs stretched to the two sisters, the two women in the middle of the fall did not think too much, and hurriedly reached out to hug, one left and one right, one person hugged one of Li Yan's thighs. And Li Yan's hands are one left and one right. The Persian cat and Chenery at the same time grabbed in the hands.