Four hundred and zero meng, looking for the nine suns divine power

——  Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying said: "Cats and dogs recognize people not by their faces, but by their bodies, smells and other things to recognize people, they are not afraid of this stranger at all, but also so close to him, this person is of course A Niu brother, hahaha, great, we were not molested …… Wuji sister The first thing you need to do is to stop us, it doesn't matter if you're looking at it twice."

  The people together sweat: "Hey, you actually believe in cats and dogs to what extent ah? Any human how to explain do not listen, the result of cats and dogs out of a circle, you directly believe, this makes people embarrassed."

  "Do not care about the details, care about the details are stupid." Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying calmly said, walked to the place where they put their clothes, draped the clothes very casually on their bodies, although they still want to further seduce Brother Aniu, but see the sick girl and Li Wenxiu present, finally not too good to continue. The first time, they put their clothes on, thinking: next time we will compete.

  Li Wenxiu said: "Brother Li, let's go back here, with a hot air balloon, you can carry three people down at a time. You really have foresight, as if you knew you would be trapped on the cliff, you actually asked me to prepare the hot air balloon in advance, can't you tell fortunes?"

  Li Yan gave a dry laugh and said, "We can't leave now, I want to find something here."

  The sisters said curiously, "What kind of thing?"

  Li Yan glanced at the sick sister and said seriously, "A thing that can cure the cold poison in your body, it should be in this valley, but I haven't found it yet. You guys are here just in time to help find it together. Especially the sick sister. You just have to go and look for it. You can definitely find it."

  These words of his were really mysterious. Sister Sickness shook her head and said, "The cold poison in my body must rely on the most rigid and yang internal energy to disperse.

  Li Yan said, "Trust me, there might be something."

  The sick girl still shook her head and said, "Don't look for something impossible to find here, Li Yan, you'd better hurry back to Blackwood Cliff, the sisters are looking forward to your early return, but you have the leisure to toss my business. I only have half a year to live anyway. No need to waste time on me."

  Li Yan shook his head: "I can't go back to Blackwood Cliff for the time being, unless I can defeat the Oriental girl."

  The sick girl opened her mouth wide with an expression of disbelief, "You have to be able to defeat the Dongfang girl before you go back? Then …… won't you never be able to go back."

  Li Yan sweat: am I so bad? Do not say as if I have no achievements in my life.

  "Anyway ……" Li Yan gave the order: "Sick girl, you go to the valley now and slip around and step on every inch of the valley, you must! Otherwise …… I'll …… I'll ……" He wanted to threaten Sick Sister a few words, but on second thought, he found he had no words he could use to threaten her The words that he can threaten the sister to behave, there are only those few moves. But the sick sister simply does not eat those moves.

  The sick girl softly said: "You will do what? Do you want to disguise as a lecher again? How did this weird hobby of yours come about? Let's have a good talk and cure your disease first."

  Li Yan almost gave her a knee. Sweating profusely, he said, "I'm begging you, all right? Go to the valley and turn around twice."

  The sick girl insisted, "No! It's more important to cure your mental illness."

  Li Yan saw her hard and soft, really a bit sweaty, a bright idea, said: "Well, let's go to the valley to skate two laps, while skating I will tell you how my mental illness came about."

  The sick sister then said, "That's right, let's go for a spin."

  Li Yan asked the other three sisters to stay at the water pool to catch fish and cook, while he led the sick girl with a bitter face deeper into the valley, while walking, desperately searching around with his eyes for traces of the white ape, only to hear the sick girl say, "Li Yan, can we talk now? What kind of blow did you suffer when you were a child? Why do you like to disguise as a lecher and force a girl who is bathing to escape?"

  Li Yan sweated profusely, casually made up a story and said perfunctorily, "When I was young, I liked the big sister next door, who was gentle and pretty and looked like you. I wanted to get closer to that big sister, once I went to her house to play, I didn't expect that she was taking a bath, and when she saw me walk in, she ran away shyly, in fact, I didn't want to do anything to her at all, but she was so wary of me, which caused me to leave a psychological shadow."

  "No? So simple?" With a doctor's intuition, the sick girl found that Li Yan was lying: "If it's so simple, you surely won't be psychologically twisted, right? Quickly say the real reason, to cure the psychological disease, you must tell your real encounter honestly, trust your doctor and communicate properly, if you have reservations, there is no way to cure."

  Li Yan sweated: "Can I give up the treatment for me?"