Fourth zero one meng, indirect kiss, I do not want

——  When Li Yan saw this scene, he was overjoyed: "Here it is! Brother White Ape, you are finally here. Sure enough, as long as Zhang Wuji steps in, the opportunity will appear immediately."

  What happened next was almost exactly the same as in "The Chronicles of the Dragonslayer". The sick girl examined the white ape and found a large swollen bag on its stomach, and after cutting the swollen bag open, she actually found a tarpaulin wrap inside. The sick girl was so anxious to heal the wound that she didn't bother with the package and tossed it directly to Li Yan to hold while she concentrated on treating the white ape's wound.

  Li Yan couldn't wait to open the tarpaulin package, only to see that there were four thin scriptures in the package, and there were many small curved words on the writing, none of which he knew. Li Yan knew that this was the Rangasutra written in Sanskrit, and among these scriptures, there were many small letters interspersed with flies, and that was the Nine Suns Divine Power.

  He fixed his mind and looked at these small letters carefully, one of them was: "Breathe nine yang, report one containing yuan, this book can be named nine yang true sutra", which was sure that it was nine yang divine power. He then briefly swept a glance at the gong methods recorded in it, and found that it was a very profound qi training know-how, with Li Yan's horrible learning comprehension, when looking at these luck methods, all felt quite difficult, not the kind that could be learned by just looking at it twice. He thought about it, in the original story, Zhang Wuji practiced for five years in the center of Cui Gu without any side effects, before he completed this divine skill, and Zhang Wuji's qualification is considered first-class among the protagonists of all Jin Yong novels, it took him five years, Li Yan even if he is more genius than him, he can't know it after two glances.

  Therefore, he is not in a hurry to understand the contents of these words, first a drum brain to memorize it by heart. The good thing is that although the Nine Yang Nerves are incredibly powerful, they are not long. With Li Yan's terrifying memory. But only a few dozen minutes. The first thing you need to do is to memorize it and recite it backwards.

  After memorizing it, I found that the sick girl had already finished the surgery for the white ape, its abdominal wound has been sewn up, is lying on the ground panting, it seems that just now the pain is not light. Sick girl also sweated, doing surgery is very physical.

  Li Yan did not care how tired she was, a handful of her carried to the front. He handed her the Nine Yang Divine Kung Fu and said seriously, "Sick sister, practice this kung fu, hurry up!"

  Sick sister said curiously, "What is this thing?"

  Li Yan explained, "This is the Nine Yang Divine Kung Fu, a kind of martial art that is the most rigid and the most yang. If you practice this, the cold poison in your body will be dispersed, and you will never suffer from the cold poison attack again."

  The sick sister was overjoyed: "Where did you get this good thing?"

  Li Yan pointed to the white ape and said, "It's the one you just took out from its stomach."

  The sick girl turned her head to look at the white ape, and then turned her head to look at Li Yan, although she was an abusive person. But is not stupid, in fact, his intelligence in the great novels of Jin Yong. Absolutely considered a first-class level, compared to Guo Jing, Shi Broken Sky, Di Yun class of guys do not know how many times stronger. Within a few moments, she suddenly realized: "I finally understand, so …… you used all kinds of messy ways to chase me running east and west, and also want me to go around the valley, is to let me find the Nine Suns divine Power here to cure my cold poison."

  Once she had this thought, all the previous details all resurfaced to her mind, such as Li Yan pretending to be an ugly man and forcing her out of the hot spring in Kunlun Mountain, then prophesied that she would run into a dozen dogs, then when she arrived at Zhu's house, she pretended to be Ah Niu to lead her to run to this cliff, and then told her to go round in the valley after entering Cuigu, all the signs that Li Yan had been for such a long time In order to her cold poison and running around, trying to find every way to her to find this divine skill.

  The depth of the painstaking efforts, the amount of thought spent, is really unimaginable.

  The sick girl immediately burst into tears, crying: "Li Yan students, you are so good to me …… ooo …… I am so touched …… "

  Li Yan sweat: "Well, don't cry, I'm not just for you, in fact, I'm also very interested in this divine skill, want to learn it, that's why I'm working hard to help you find it, let's practice hard together."

  "Yes!" The sick girl nodded with tears in her eyes, "I will definitely practice well and dissolve the cold poison, so that I can live up to your hard work in helping me find it."

  Li Yan called Li Wenxiu, Zhu Jiuzhen, and Wu Qingying over as well, and smiled, "Those who see have a share, let's all practice the Nine Suns Divine Skill together."

  Li Wenxiu shook his head, "I don't want to practice, I don't want to be a martial arts master."

  Li Yan sweated.

  Zhu Jiuzhen said, "I don't have time to practice, I have to play with my dog, I don't even have time to practice Yi Yang Finger."

  Li Yan sweat again: "You don't want to practice Yi Yang Finger, teach me, I don't mind."

  Zhu Jiuzhen said, "If you marry me, I will teach you the Yi Yang Finger."

  Li Yan sweated again: "This …… will be discussed later."

  Wu Qingying also said, "Practiced this, can understand cat speech?"