Fourth zero two meng, refused to indirectly I will come directly

——  Sick girl said: "just now I thought you were sick well, now already know that you are not sick, of course, you can no longer do these things, indirect kissing is very intimate between men and women can do things, we …… relationship is not yet la, I do not want."

  Li Yan sweat: "dead and nothing ah, do not care about the details, care about the details are stupid."

  Sick girl said: "Stupid also, fool also, anyway, do not."

  Li Yan had a bright idea, covered his chest with both hands and screamed miserably: "Oh no, I can't, I have a 'you'll die if you don't eat this peach' disease, you quickly eat the peach as a cure for me ah …… ah ah …… dying ……"

  "Hey, can you act a little more fake?" The sick girl softly said: "I know that adolescents in the pondering period, have a lot of yearning for the opposite sex, and will look forward to some ambiguous little contact with girls. For example, this indirect kiss, boys will get great psychological satisfaction from it, but …… this kind of thing is unhealthy, please do not dwell on the district above the intention of the yin, should be down to earth, down to earth to pursue girls …… really get the love of girls only right! ."

  She finished a whole lot of words and concluded, "Anyway, I will not kiss you indirectly."

  Li Yan tilted his face forty-five degrees to the sky, tears flowing. This is the peach that increases internal strength, I want to eat it so much, but I'm giving it to you, not only do you not thank me, but you even preach to me, what springtime? It's not the peachy period! This world is no longer love!

  Li Yan stretched out his hand, Pu Di a finger, pointing the sick girl's soft numb points, grunting: "You do not eat, I will force-feed." Put the peach towards her mouth.

  Unexpectedly, the sick girl is very tough, although the point of soft numbness, but also not afraid, will be clenched teeth, from the teeth forced out a sentence: "Hmph, I clenched teeth, you can not feed in."

  "No way? Do so desperately? Quickly loosen the teeth." Li Yan sweated profusely.

  "No loose no loose no loose." The sick girl was so stubborn that she couldn't be pulled back by ten cows.

  Li Yan helplessly said, "You are forcing me to do a desperate move!"

  The sick girl squeezed out a sentence from her teeth and said, "It's useless for you to have any tricks, I will never kiss you indirectly."

  Li Yan grunted: "I will give you a direct kiss, then you are still afraid of indirect kiss with me? I'll count to three, if you don't eat the peach again, I'll give you a kiss up."

  The sick girl said, "It's useless for you to scare me, last time you pretended to be a Yin thief, you didn't touch a finger of mine, thus it is clear that you just scare me, you won't really do anything to me."

  Li Yan seriously said: "Although the point of your soft numb points to kiss you, very uncouth, simply and forced j no difference, but if this can save your life, the lesser of two evils, I am really do it, you do not force me! This time is definitely not to scare you, if you do not want to be kissed directly by me, give me obediently accept indirect kissing it."

  The sick girl sweated: "What kind of ferocity is this!"

  Li Yan couldn't help but scream out, "The ferocious one is you, okay? This is a life-saving thing, you actually refuse to eat it for a mere indirect kiss, how cruel and unable to grasp the point do you have to be to do such a thing ah, I simply want to cry."

  Unfortunately, Li Yan has said this, the sick girl still gritted her teeth: "Just do not eat the peach, I do not believe you will really kiss up."

  Li Yan saw that things are no longer possible, there is nothing to say, it seems that only do not want to temperament once, as he just said, although the point of the girl's soft numb points and then kissed, it seems a little immoral, but for the sake of the life of friends, a little temperament, to what use? This kind of time, should not dwell on such small details. His body leaned down and came up to a very close distance in front of the sick girl's face.

  The nostrils of both people blew into each other's faces, warm and hot, tantalizing the mind, causing both hearts to be a bit numb and ticklish. Although the sick girl just put on a doctor's look to talk about the springtime or something, but also taught Li Yan a lesson, but in fact, her own age is not too old, also belongs to the range of the springtime, a man who does not hate to come so close to the distance, she did not have a trace of fluctuations in her heart. The heart is even thinking: if he really kissed up, would it be comfortable?

  Li Yan hesitated for zero point zero one second, then viciously kissed up. Soft lips touched, electricity diffused from the lips letter, instantly flowed through the whole body of the two.

  "Mmm!" Sick girl did not expect Li Yan really dare to kiss, the whole person instantly petrified.

  Li Yan, however, did not care so much, in order to make her completely forget the indirect kissing thing, Li Yan this kiss can be said to use all his strength, not only fiercely against her lips, but also put his tongue out, against her teeth. The sick girl felt Li Yan's tongue against her teeth, only felt a dazzling, confused, teeth can't help but loosen, Li Yan's tongue broke the barrier and entered, on her sweet fragrant tongue a light stir.

  "Ah ……" the sick girl changed from a petrified state to a softened state, in fact, she was nudged with a soft numb point and was originally soft. But her tongue can still move, meet Li Yan's tongue, a light circle, on the above like a dragonfly touched the water, then retracted.

  Li Yan felt that his "rude" actions had been enough, so he took his tongue back, released her lips, sat up straight again and said with a heated smile, "Now you know how powerful it is, right?"

  "Well ……" the sick girl blankly responded, lips apart, she had a little bit of disappointed taste in her heart, it seems a little bit not enough, but she immediately woke up to what just happened, this is not a question of enough, shame on people ah.

  Li Yan handed the peach to her once again: "Give it to me to eat!"

  "Mmm!" The sick girl really did not object this time, obediently answered, opened her small mouth and took a bite on the peach. What indirect kiss, drink a mouthful of messy words, she did not even dare to mention it again. What a joke, just now has been like that, still care about a what?

  Li Yan breathed a sigh of relief: great, this guy finally obedient, dealing with this unreliable girl, men sometimes have to be tough, the so-called rice cooked rice, there is really some truth to it. It seems that my emotional intelligence has improved slightly, whahahahahaha!

  Li Yan reached out and unlocked the acupuncture points of the sick girl, she did not make a fuss, took a bite of the peach and ate it, as for the place where Li Yan had nibbled, she also ate down her stomach.

  When a harmonious time, the tree and jumped over a group of small monkeys, this group of small monkeys also seems to be the great white ape's men, they are resting after surgery around the great white ape squeaked twice, and then leapt into the woods, not long, and returned, only to see them holding out a large peach, respectfully handed to the sick sister.