Four hundred and three meng, such a dart goods

——  Li Yan certainly can understand, then said: "I will accompany you back together, if Wei Bi and the one called Hu Bao still dare to come nagging, then let them know that the pot is cast in iron."

  Li Yan wanted to go, the sick sister and Li Wenxiu naturally also want to follow, the group together towards the Zhu family, halfway, Li Yan found the place where he buried the parcel, will dig out the parcel, which has many silver tickets, martial arts secrets or something, can not be lost.

  A group of people back to the Zhu House, was a little worried about Wei Bi is not already occupying the home, but did not expect the Zhu House calm, the lower people as usual management of the residence, they for the first lady Zhu Jiuzhen at home does not seem to care too much, anyway, Zhu Jiuzhen even at home, is always teasing the dog play, can not do anything serious, so there is no master a kind, the lower people live their own lives, but is harmonious It is very.

  As soon as Zhu Jiuzhen entered the house, she kept yelling the names of the puppies, and in a short while, a large group of puppies gathered around her, barking. Wu Qingying was not willing to be outdone, calling her cats and kittens, so the crowd was surrounded by a group of dogs and cats, which was very lively.

  Seeing that Zhu Jiuzhen was basically unable to manage things, Li Yan asked a servant instead of her, "Has Wei Bi, the young master of your family's cousin, ever come back?"

  The servant was surprised to see a stranger asking about his young master, but since he was walking with Zhu Jiuzhen, he didn't dare not answer, so he respectfully said, "A few days ago, a man named Hu Bao came back with the young master's corpse, saying that the young master had been eaten by wolves in the mountains, he helped to collect the corpse and left after asking the housekeeper for 1,000 taels to collect the corpse fee. "

  Li Yan listened, then understood, the original Wei Bi died, that Hu Bao hands without a flag that can be used, would not dare to seek to seize the Zhu family's property, after all, this House has Dali Duan as the background, openly messy is not scientific.

  This person is also aware of the interest, Li Yan decided to spare his life, no longer go to his trouble in the future.

  When everyone entered the hall and sat down, the sick girl said: "I stayed here some days ago because my cold poison reached the point of triggering a violent death at any time, so I gave up on myself and did not want to go back to school. But I have a solution to my cold poison, and I have a hope to live again, so I want to go back to Blackwood Cliff to study again. Li Yan, do you want to go back with me?"

  Li Yan shook his head: "I really can't go back now, I have to go back to be …… cough, in any case, I can't talk about it for the time being, I will explain later."

  Sick girl said: "Then what are you going to do? Always wandering in the jianghu?"

  Zhu Zhenjiu laughed: "Of course no need to wander, Aniu brother to stay here, marry me, and then raise dogs with me."

  Wu Qingying also said, "Nonsense, Brother Aniu is going to marry me and raise cats with me."

  Li Yan sweated, when he was on the cliff, he didn't dare to reject the two sisters explicitly for fear that they couldn't think of jumping off the cliff, but now he wasn't afraid, so he said seriously, "Sorry, two girls, I can't marry either of you …… because…… ……ahem …… in short, I can't."

  The two sisters said, "Can't marry either one? That means you have to marry both together? Really greedy man ah."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Li Wenxiu: "……"

  Sick girl: "……"

  Li Yan was simply frantic and was in the middle of wording, when suddenly a servant ran in outside and reported, "Miss, there is a dart head visiting outside, saying he wants to see you."

  Zhu Jiuzhen said, "A dart master? What's the origin of ……" she just asked, immediately dawned on her and said, "Oh, I see, so it's the goods I asked someone to deliver, quickly invite him in."

  Li Yan said curiously, "What delivery?"

  Zhu Jiuzhen smiled and explained, "More than a month ago, I mail-ordered a Chinese field dog, the original owner of this dog hired a dart master to deliver it from Bianjing, it looks like the dog has arrived."

  Li Yan sweat: What? Mail order? This world actually has such business, then the dart board has become an express company?

  He felt a rush of blood in his chest and almost vomited.

  I heard a servant's voice from outside the hall: "Li, please come this way, the lady has been waiting for you for a long time. ……" Then the hall door shifted and a beautiful young girl walked in under the guidance of the servant. Just see her graceful body, quite moving.

  The group towards a face, Li Yan immediately exclaimed: "Li …… Li Yuanzhi!"

  The young girl was none other than Li Yuanzhi, and when she saw Li Yan, she was also taken aback and exclaimed, "Li …… Li Fragrance Master! Brother Li!"

  Li Yan was surprised and said, "Why have you become a dart master?"

  Li Yuanzhi sweat: "Our flying snow shooting white deer, laughing book of the gods leaning on the blue yuans gang to carry out the dart business, by Lin Pingzhi as the chief business manager, I work in this department, you as the gang leader, actually came to ask me why bodyguard? That said, you have been missing for months, everyone is looking for you, how come you ran here?"