The fourth three two meng, pretending to be innocent is the most innocent

——  The two of them said a few words of intimacy, and forgot about the upright imperial sister who was kneeling on the ground and holding the thighs of the ponytail girl, and only after a while did the ponytail girl remember that there was such a thing, and whispered: "My husband, I think …… you should spare her, for one thing, she is telling the truth, I The first is that she is telling the truth, I am indeed a Khitan, originally not worthy to be your wife. Secondly, she did not know about our relationship before she opened her mouth to scold me, and when she found out, didn't she immediately admit her mistake?"

  "Yes, yes!" The upright imperial sister hurriedly interfaced, "Sister is extremely right, I already know that I am wrong, please feel free to chastise me, but don't repudiate me." After saying that, he squeezed out a few tears, looking very pitiful.

  The ponytail girl said, "Li Yan, please spare her, look how pitiful she is, she is crying."

  Li Yan sweat: "Don't be fooled by her, this woman's other kung fu is average, acting work all martial arts first."

  Ponytail girl clapped her hands and said, "First, that's awesome! You've got a first-class wife, isn't it very profitable?"

  Li Yan sweat again: "Do not feel good about anything first, some first do not want to stop."

  The upright imperial sister hugged the ponytail girl's leg and said in a thin voice: "Sister you look so beautiful oh, simply the first beauty of the martial arts ah, this skin how fine ah, this body is really no words. Genetic genes are really great ah, I envy your parents for giving you such a good body, ah, make me want to be a Qidan."

  The ponytailed girl was delighted: "You think the Khitan are good?"

  The upright imperial sister said righteously, "Yes, for women, good looks. You are so beautiful and your body is so perfect, it is absolutely inherited, only Khitan people can look so beautiful, of course I envy Khitan people. In the next life I will be a Khitan too, so I can have half of your beauty."

  The ponytail girl listened to her left sentence Qidan people, good right sentence Qidan people good. And also said that in the next life to become a Khitan, this time really happy, overjoyed: "Li Yan students, you see how good she is ah, such a good girl, you actually want to rest her, not quite reasonable, right?"

  Li Yan: "……" pitiful. As expected of the super hypocritical gentleman's sword, too good at catching people's pain, this only a few words less than, the ponytail girl bought, I am considered to be convinced.

  The upright imperial sister hugged the upright imperial sister's leg and continued: "Sister, you let your husband spare me well, if he repudiated me. You will have one less sister who admires your Khitan bloodline. …… This is a big loss for you."

  The ponytail girl thought deeply and said to Li Yan: "Li Yan, I have never begged you for anything, this time even if I beg you, forgive her once, okay?"

  Li Yan was sweating, he wanted to tell her, "Auntie Yue is cheating you, but when he thought about it, the ponytailed girl was so inferior to her Khitan identity, someone suddenly said she admired her Khitan blood. She must be overjoyed, right? If I lift through her at this time, won't it make her mood worse again? Why be so cruel! There are some things that it might be better not to pierce.

  "Forget it, I'll forgive her." Li Yan turned his head to the upright royal sister and said, "If you dare to say bad things about her again in the future, you will be dead."

  The upright royal sister was overjoyed and her cicada head nodded desperately like a chicken pecking rice, "I won't dare to do it again. I will treat her like my own sister."

  This is considered to be a matter of business, Li Yan sighed, and the upright imperial sister no longer kneeling, hurriedly jumped up. Like a small bird clinging to the side of the ponytail sister, she is very smart, this kind of time never to cling to Li Yan, is to prevent the ponytail sister jealous. The first thing you need to do is to look at her heart and soul, Li Yan is really crying and laughing.

  The ponytail girl said: "Now how to deal with these two Hengshan School girls? I would be wrong to point them down just now, I should hurry to unpoint them and apologize."

  Li Yan Khan said, "They probably came to catch crickets and play hide-and-seek with me. Why don't you two go back, I'll unlock their acupuncture points and apologize to them on your behalf."

  The upright imperial sister covered her mouth and ate and laughed: "Sangha, I think they are not here to find you to play hide-and-seek, but to do some more fun games."

  Li Yan said curiously, "What kind of game?"

  The upright imperial sister laughed: "Sanggong is really annoying, knowingly, it is the kind of …… kind of game that men and women play."

  Li Yan was shocked: "No way? They are two innocent little girls, how would they take the initiative to come to me to do this kind of thing? Besides, I'm not very familiar with them yet."

  The righteous imperial sister smiled cheekily: "It is because not familiar, it is easy to that what it is, the male you emotional intelligence is too low, I tell you oh, the less familiar men and women, the more likely to have super friendship relationship, rather than years of old friends of men and women, not easy to become that ……"

  Li Yan was shocked: "There is such a thing? No wonder a man chased a woman for several years to catch up, and then a woman just a few days to get good with another man, so there is this truth ah? This is why?"

  The righteous imperial sister said: "The more unfamiliar people, the more they do not see each other's shortcomings, familiar with the other side of the body found a lot of small details they hate well. People are impulsive animals, not yet familiar with the person, can not see the shortcomings, they feel that the other side everything is good, and then a hot head, on the roll of the sheets."

  Li Yan sweating profusely: "I see, well, and learned a trick." Emotional intelligence went from negative ninety-nine, to negative ninety-eight, and Li Yan gained a new leap.

  Ponytail girl's pretty face slightly red: "Since these two girls are here to find Li Yan classmate that …… what …… I should not bother him here, I continue to go back to the mountain to lurk."

  Li Yan sweat: "Since you are here, still go lurking what? You stay in the Hengshan School and start moving with us tomorrow."

  The ponytail girl shook her head: "In case someone recognizes me as Qiao Feng the Khitan, it will bring you trouble, and the human skin mask is not safe, too easy to be recognized. It's safer for me to go back to the mountain and squat."

  Li Yan is helpless, in this regard, the ponytail girl always insists on already opinion, Li Yan knows it is useless to persuade her. The only way will be Zuo Leng Chan's plot to tell once, so that she has a caution, then let her scurry out of the window, eliminated in the woods outside.

  Next on the righteous imperial sister, she ate and laughed: "These two ninnies here, I'm not convenient and you make out, be they see me into big trouble, the gentleman sword in the middle of the night in the man's room that thing but once the word gets out. Reputation is not guaranteed, I flashed first."

  Li Yan rolled his eyes: "You just know to focus on some useless false name."

  "Then how is it useless?" The upright imperial sister laughed cheekily: "The false name can be useful, I have a good false name, it is also good for your husband, no more, flash first." Said also leaped out of the window, back to their own rooms.