The fourth 41 meng, how about another day to compete?

——  The upright imperial sister "brush" from the waist pulled out the long sword, smiled: "District is not talented, want to teach Feng master a few strokes of the sword, we who have a high sword who will be the master …… this is what you just said, you will not backtrack, right? As for outsiders …… can not come to help oh, because outsiders help does not count." She said the word "outsider" while showing Zuo Leng Chan with the eyes, the meaning is clearly that: Songshan faction support does not count, you do not come to help Feng Bu Ping.

  The blonde imperial sister heard this, know to bad, Yue Buqun this guy so powerful, actually with a few words to Feng Bu Ping into the pit. You should know that although Feng Bu Ping's position as the head of the sect is unclear and not in the right name, but at least it is already in place and recognized by the people in the jianghu.

  Yue Buqun want to easily snatch back the position of the master is impossible, because Feng Bu Ping has her Zuo Leng Chan as a backer, who dares to grab the position of the master?

  However, Yue Buqun use "outsiders" can not help this rhetoric, it is logical to let Feng Bu Ping himself will cut off his own help, this is really too powerful.

  Even Li Yan in the side can not help but wipe a sweat, Yue Buqun do things, it is equivalent to the dynasty to the Fusang war, but the Fusang stand behind the rice father, the dynasty does not want to fight with the rice hard for the time being, so they found a bunch of reasons, the Fusang angered roar: "We do not want the rice father can also defeat you." And then the bullet country of Fusang and I am rich in material resources, the consequences are naturally self-explanatory, the rice dad can only look at the other side of the ocean and sigh.

  The blonde imperial sister was anxiously jumping next to her, but Feng Bu Ping also knew that he had said the words badly, and now could not be retracted. There is nothing else to do. Had to find a small reason to say: "Yue Buqun. Although your mouth is powerful, but have you thought about it, now Mount Hua is full of Sword Sect disciples, Qi Sect disciples have been destroyed, you count back to the master and what use? Even if I lose in your hands, I will take all the disciples away, there is no disciple at your command, is it fun to be the commander of the bare rod?"

  Yue Buqun laughed and said, "Really?" She lightly tapped her palms together. The crowd suddenly jumped out of a large group of people, the crowd fixed their eyes on a look, standing in the forefront, it is the Huashan Qi Sect, Ning Zhongzhe Ning warrior woman. And behind her there is a large group of Huashan Qi Sect disciples, such as Linghu Chong, Laodenow, Lu Dayou …… original batch of disciples are in the Blackwood Cliff school of Huashan disciples, gas sword fight when not in Huashan, but in the Blackwood Cliff. Later Ning and Yue Buqun rushed to the Blackwood Cliff, this group of disciples saved, is considered the only surviving group of disciples of the Qi Sect.

  Yue Buqun stood in front of this group of disciples. At once became confident, said loudly: "I Huashan Qi Sect is not yet extinct."

  This was a sudden change in the situation. Even Feng Bu Ping did not expect that Yue Bu Qun had actually ordered the disciples of the Qi Sect to mix with the mountain, and suddenly appeared at this time, which really caught him off guard. The disciples of the Sword Sect under Feng Bu Ping's command also surged up together, forming a confrontation with the disciples of the Qi Sect. But in the next generation of disciples, the Qi Sect's Linghu Chong can be said to be the only one, martial arts skills far beyond the fellow disciples several times, all the next generation of disciples of the Sword Sect are very afraid of this Qi Sect's elder sister, and her against, can not help but a little short of momentum.

  Yue Buqun revived the long sword in his hand and said loudly, "Feng Bu Ping, don't pull the wool over your eyes, are you afraid to compete with me?"

  Feng Bu Ping turned his head to look at Zuo Leng Chan, only to see her helplessly shook his head, said in this case can not help him, his sect matters can only rely on their own to solve, Feng Bu Ping had to turn back, also drew his own long sword.

  At this time, Cheng Bu Wor suddenly jumped out and blocked in front of Feng Bu Ping and said: "Yue, you said to use martial arts to rob the master? Do you think there is no one in my sword sect? I, Cheng Bu Xie, will come to meet you first." It turned out that he had made up his mind to fight with Yue Buqun first, consuming Yue Buqun's internal strength, and then when Yue Buqun and Feng Bu Ping faced each other, if his internal strength was not renewed, he would definitely lose.

  Although this idea is good, but the Qi Sect's Ning Zhongze immediately jumped out, coldly snorted: "Cheng not worry, with your gongdi people, not qualified to challenge my sister, first let me to accompany you a few moves." At the beginning of the civil unrest in Mount Hua, Cheng Bu Xie raped and killed the sister of the purple cat, and later wanted to play the idea of lying on the ground frequently dead Ning Zhong Ze, this thing no one knows, but Li Yan told Ning Zhong Ze and Yue Bu Qun listen, the two women heard, both hate teeth itchy, long want to Cheng Bu Xie broken into pieces.

  Cheng Bu Xie saw Ning Zhong Ze come out to interfere, shouted angrily, drew his sword to Ning Zhong Ze attacked, the two fought in one place, in a moment is a dozen swords over.

  Feng Bu Ping and Yue Bu Qun are not to look over there, they both know, Cheng Bu Xie and Ning Zhong Ze martial arts equivalent, a moment will not fight the winner, or focus on the enemy in front of the better. Feng Bu Ping had fought with Yue Bu Qun on the night of the qi-sword fight, and knew that she knew a very strange and swift sword technique, so he had no confidence in defeating Yue Bu Qun.

  But Yue Buqun is so calm and relaxed that he raised his longsword flatly and stabbed over with his sword in the middle. She is using the authentic Huashan sword technique, and there is no hint of weirdness.

  Feng Bu Ping thought to himself: It's best if you don't use that weird sword technique, if you only use the Huashan sword technique, why should I be afraid of you?

  At that moment, he is not polite, make the wind fast sword, and Yue Buqun fight together.

  Four people in two pairs to kill, Li Yan watched from the side, thinking: strange, upright sister really want to challenge Zuo Leng Chan openly? This time really no subterfuge, and Feng Buping to win by martial arts, although the previous words will be left Leng Chan, considered to use a little means, but such means is not excessive, and his conspiratorial character settings do not fit ah.

  I just saw Feng Bu Ping a sword faster than a sword, the sword method is exquisite, compared to just now against the ten gods and demons, seems to be a little more powerful, it turns out that he and the ten gods and demons in the ring when the match, from the outset decided to lose, so the bottom of the box of tricks are not used, but and Yue Bu Qun match is related to the position of the head of Mount Hua, so must scoop up all the skills, desperately knocked down the opponent, which is not allowed to slacken half a point This is not to let up.

  But Yue Buqun does not panic, using Qi to harness the sword, guarding the portal, not allowing Feng Bu Ping's fast sword to disturb. Her face rose up with a purple aura. The sword seems calm and heavy. Feng Bu Ping's sword just met with hers. Immediately, her sword was bounced away by the Purple Haze divine power attached to it. After several times, Feng Bu Ping no longer dared to meet her long sword, instead, the sword walked lightly, rotating around her incessantly, sword style dynamic, as if one person in the use of several swords general.

  The two of them, one emphasizing sword strokes and the other emphasizing internal energy, one with exquisite sword strokes. One is full of sword qi, so it can be seen that the Hua Shan Sword Sect is really not a joke, the end of each is unique.