The 442nd Meng, the competition to choose the sect

——  Sure enough, as soon as the upright imperial sister's words left her mouth, Feng Bu Ping breathed his last. The disciples of the Sword Sect cried out, and the upright imperial sister pretended to sigh with regret and said, "Oh, since senior brother Feng is dead, there is no one to compete with me, it seems that the head of Mount Huashan is still me."

  The onlookers only felt a chill, whether this Junzi Jian was intentional or unintentional ah? In terms of her usual reputation as a gentleman, this should be unintentional, but how to listen to her talk always feel that she is very dark? Well, it must be that we are a small person's heart to the belly of a gentleman, people Yue Buqun can not be so dark.

  Anyway, no matter whether she is black or gentleman, the sword clan Feng Bu Ping and Cheng Bu Xie killed at the same time, there is no one can compete with her for the throne, the sword clan disciples dare not fight, not to mention Yue Bu Qun and Ning Zhong Ze is far beyond their ability to resist the enemy, even if the scene, they will only be defeated. The disciples of the Sword Sect had to retreat to the side of the blonde imperial sister Zuo Leng Chan, crying: "Zuo alliance master, please do justice for us."

  The blonde queen cursed in her heart: "I don't give a damn, it's all your stupid master's fault, he had to say that the internal decision of the sect leader of Mount Hua should not be interfered with by outsiders, how can I interfere? How can I interfere?

  She had to whisper to the disciples of the sword sect: "no cry, now is your internal competition for the head, me can not intervene. But after the merger of the five Yue factions, me to clean up Yue Buqun is just a piece of cake, you wait and see, when the merger is successful, me let Yue Buqun get out of the way, the management of the Huashan distribution to the Sword Sect."

  Sword Sect disciples had no choice but to hold the bodies of Feng Bu Ping and Cheng Bu Xie. Shrunk to the back.

  The blonde imperial sister grunted. Turning to the upright imperial sister, she said, "Congratulations to Sect Leader Yue for regaining the position of Sect Leader of Mount Hua. Since this is the case, this motion to merge the sects Huashan sect agrees or not, we will have to ask you for your opinion." She thought to herself: Yue suddenly came out of nowhere to take away the throne of the Huashan sect, must be to oppose the merging of factions, if she united Heng Shan, Hengshan two factions together to oppose the merging of factions, that is quite a problem, then we have to come to the hard, let Song Shan 13 Tai Bao together. Will kill them all, but then, the other four factions to take over the hard also suffered a great injury, the experts were killed and wounded, I put them and over is not much meaning.

  Thinking of this, the blonde imperial sister's expression became a little ugly.

  The righteous imperial sister said seriously: "I have been thriving for more than 200 years, but not long ago there was a dispute between the Qi Sect and the Sword Sect. All of you martial arts seniors are aware of it. I still shudder when I think of the tragic situation when the two sects killed each other ……"

  The crowd heard her suddenly talking about the battle of the qi sword, the heart rose a touch of odd: now is talking about the five mountains and factions. You say a hair of the battle of the qi sword ah? Get to the point, okay?

  Just listen to the upright imperial sister continued: "Therefore, I deeply feel that the sects in the martial arts forest portal, divided rather than together. Thousands of years. The rivers and lakes, I do not know how many fellow martial artists have died in the wrong way, the original cause, most of them are due to the portal of view. I often think, if the martial arts world and no sectarian differences, the world is one, everyone is like siblings, then all kinds of bloodshed tragedy, at least 90% of the ten percent can be reduced. The heroes and heroines will not die in their prime, and there will be many fewer orphans and widows in the world.""

  Li Yan rolled his eyes: Damn, you black woman, the words are exactly the same as in the original, not a word changed, do not need to be perverted to this point ah?

  But these words are said with a crown, only Li Yan a person spit on her, other people nodded, someone whispered: "Huashan Yue Buqun is known as a gentleman's sword, indeed the name is true, deep benevolent heart."

  Even Heng Shan San Ding couldn't help but say, "Good and good! Master Yue's words are kind-hearted and benevolent. If all the people in the martial arts world think like this, the world's bloodshed and strife will disappear into thin air."

  The upright lady continued, "The origin of martial arts is different from each other, and the method of practice is very different, so it is not easy to ask martial artists not to distinguish between sects. But 'gentleman and different', martial arts can be different, but can be harmonious. But until today, there are still many schools of thought in the jianghu, or open struggle, or secret fighting, countless efforts and lives are spent on unnecessary arguments. Since the wise men in the past, all know that the differences between the portals and factions are harmful, why can not be determined to eliminate? I am puzzled, in this matter for many years, until a few days ago, it dawned on me, understand the key to it. This matter is related to the life and death of all fellow martial artists, I do not dare to keep it to myself, I would like to ask for your guidance.

  The people have said."

  "Master Yue's insight is certainly very brilliant."

  "I wonder what exactly is the reason?"

  "It's hard to clear up the sectarian views of the portal!"