The forty-third Moe, I treat you as my own sister

——  Once the Taishan faction expressed its approval, the Five Yue Sword School in turn, three factions agreed to choose the master by martial arts, the only two remaining factions are the Hengshan and Hengshan factions. Mo Dahuai and Dingxiao Master looked at each other, both felt difficult to decide. If it was Zuo Leng Chan who proposed to choose the head of the sect by martial arts, the two would have opposed without hesitation. But the person who proposed this method is the gentleman sword Yue Buqun, it is worth considering, Yue Buqun is upright and has a very good reputation, since she proposed this program, she must have her ideas, if rashly opposed, it may help Zuo Leng Chan's favor.

  The two thought again and again, but finally nodded in agreement.

  The blonde imperial sister saw everyone passed the match to win the election of the master, suddenly burst into laughter, she was anxious to sit on the seat of the master, can no longer hold back, will be a big Western skirt flung, full of gold hair also raised, dazzling incomparable, proudly said: "in that case, let's match, me is standing here, who if you can defeat me, then he is deservedly the five Yue sect martial arts first, me will serve him as the five Yue sect. me then flatter him to be the head of the Wuyue school."

  Her words can be described as very arrogant, a do not put other people in the eyes of the posture, arrogant, but the crowd did not feel that she said wrong, ZuoLengChan martial arts is high, is evident to all, in the current five Yue sword school, who can not be in the martial arts and her, the gap is not even a star and a half, but a hundred thousand miles.

  Mo Dahuai and Dingxiao both looked at the upright imperial sister with worried eyes, hoping she could come up with some brilliant plan to sweep Zuo Lengchan off the stage. Not only them. Everyone in the room. All with curious eyes looking at the upright sister. Thinking: what exactly are you going to use against Zuo Leng Chan? It is difficult not to take a piece of iron plate out again?

  This time even Li Yan also felt curious, in the original, Yue Buqun relied on the ward off evil sword technique to stab Zuo Leng Chan's eyes, and she was using Laodenau to pass the wrong ward off evil sword technique to Zuo Leng Chan, which caused Zuo Leng Chan to lose his hand. And in this realm, the way the upright imperial sister practiced the ward off evil sword technique was to live a shameless life with Li Yan in that cellar for a few months. It is simply impossible to make something like a fake ward off evil sword technique to blind Zuo Leng Chan, this situation is very unfavorable to her, how is she going to deal with Zuo Leng Chan, this is really a very let Li Yan can not think of things.

  Just listen to the upright imperial sister Lang voice said: "Zuo sister, you just said, the five schools no longer exist, now we are in a new sect of five Yue faction, everything has to start again, then …… can challenge you certainly not limited to the original five sects of the master, right?"

  The blonde imperial sister thought to herself: listen to your meaning. You personally do not dare to challenge me and want to send another person up? Don't be ridiculous. In addition to you, there is only one Ning Zhongze in your Huashan school, but her martial arts skills are far worse than yours. The other is Ling Hu Chong, that's even worse. So nodded and said: "This is natural, WE Wu Yue Sect is now starting from new, the previous relationship naturally all do not apply, as long as the disciples of this school, want to be the head can come to ME to challenge, defeat ME will be able to become the head of the Wu Yue Sect."

  The upright imperial sister laughed, "That's good!" She suddenly turned around and called out to the group of Huashan disciples behind her, "Sister, come out and meet Master Sister Zuo for a while, if you win her, you can be the Sect Leader."

  One of the Huashan disciples leaped out of the brush, the crowd fixed their eyes to see, the visitor is a tall and straight young girl, with a beautiful ponytail braid behind her head, just look at the body and hair, absolutely super beautiful, but unfortunately, she has an extremely ugly face, this face with this body, it is a bit of a waste.

  The upright imperial sister introduced loudly, "This is my sister, named Yue Feng."

  Li Yan nearly vomited blood, is not this the ponytailed girl Qiao Feng wearing a human skin mask? The righteous imperial sister actually moved her out, this nerve …… pit ah, she swore to me to ensure that never use the ten gods and demons, the result is because found another person who can be used ……

  Thousands of pairs of eyes together staring at the ponytail girl, she is not very used to this kind of windy environment, can not help but shrink backwards, look a little afraid.

  The upright imperial sister immediately put her hand on her shoulder and softly said, "Don't be afraid, you are not a Qidan Qiao Feng now, but my sister of Junzi Jian, Han Yue Feng, our surname Yue has an excellent reputation in the jianghu, no one will scold you and bully you, you should hold up your chest to be a human being."

  The ponytailed girl was quite moved and said with tears in her eyes, "Are you really willing to recognize me as your sister? Or is it just this once?"

  The righteous imperial sister patted her chest and said sincerely: "Of course I really recognize you as a sister, we both have a common husband, counting the people of the Li family, that is, a family, even if I do not recognize you, you are not my sister? Besides, you are kind and honest, not even a hint of bad, I think you are better than many Han Chinese, you are Khitan, so what? I don't care, I'll take you as my sister. From now on, you are my own sister, no, we should be closer than our own sister."