463 Moe, ah, dirty

  First shift——

  Li Yan thought of Dali Immeasurable Mountain, he could not help but drift away again, delayed a few breaths of time. When Ping Yi Finger saw that he stopped talking again, his mouth flattened and he said sullenly, "I understand, I want you to tell me the best strategy, and you want a price, right?"

  Li Yan sweated, "No, I don't need a price."

  Ping Yi Dao thought to himself, "That's too fake, just now you were willing to talk only after I gave the price, now you have the nerve to say that you don't need the price. But I have already given him my rare medicines and valuable handwritten medical books, and I have nothing to show for it.

  If a normal person knows the next best thing to solve the problem, and there is no price to exchange for the next best thing, he may just forget it, there is a next best thing anyway, right? But Ping Yiqi is different.

  The old-fashioned imperial sister usually in the teaching of students in the medical arts on a board, everything must be precise, fine, exquisite, everything must be perfect, can not be a mistake, the last final exam, she made things difficult for Li Yan, not to target Li Yan, simply because she can not be a compromise on the medical arts caused by the mind. She has always believed that the line between healing and killing is very blurred, and that a doctor who makes the slightest mistake turns from healing to killing. If a doctor who does not pursue completion, sooner or later he will kill his own patients.

  This time the sprightly girl was seriously injured, she could not find a solution, so she was depressed, and this matter, if she did not seek a solution, would greatly contradict her attitude towards the art of medicine. In any case, pay any price, must also hear the upper policy.

  The old-fashioned imperial sister will bite the shell teeth, heart a cross, close to Li Yan's front to come, shyly said: "I have nothing more to use to exchange with you for high medical skills, so how about this …… I …… I let you touch my chest …… but, can only touch through the clothes oh ……"

  "What?" Li Yan was stunned: "No, I do not need to touch, now tell you the upper policy."

  The old-fashioned imperial sister said out the words, like splashing out the water, see Li Yan is still "fake fishy" to push, she hummed: "What pretend to pretend? Since it is me I said first, you still have what is the need to pretend to be serious? There is no harm in showing a man's true nature."

  Li Yan sweated: "But I really don't need to ……"

  The old-fashioned lady stretched out her hand to grab Li Yan's hand and press it on her chest, but when she saw that she was going to grab it, her hand shook, so she usually only touched others with one finger because she always felt that they were dirty, but with only one finger, she couldn't complete the complicated thing of "grabbing the other person's hand and pressing it on her chest", which could How can I do that?

  Seeing her hand frozen in mid-air, Li Yan was relieved and said, "Okay, don't play, listen to me …… In fact, the upper strategy is also a kung fu ……"

  Li Yan said only half of the words, the ancient imperial sister suddenly took a step forward, it turns out that she had a bright idea, thought: pull his hand over to touch my chest is very difficult, but I went up myself to touch his hand with the chest on the line, so I do not have to grab his hand, touching the dirty things, I am really resourceful ah.

  She took this step forward, Li Yan did not expect it at all, his hand was still hanging in mid-air, and as a result, he happened to grab on the chest of the ancient imperial sister. It feels as if the hand is deeply sunk into a huge marshmallow, and many soft and greasy cotton is extruded from the finger slits ……

  Li Yan was astonished and hurriedly retracted his hand backwards.

  The old-fashioned imperial sister's heart wondered: why shrink the hand? You shrink I will follow forward. She continued to take a step forward again, not letting Li Yan's hand leave her abundant breasts.

  The first time I saw her, I felt her cherry mouth come up to my face, and I made a hard impression on her lips. Unfortunately, the contact was too brief, and before Li Yan had time to taste what her lips tasted like, their foreheads crashed together with a muffled thud, and both leapt backwards in pain.

  Li Yan shouted, "Aigoo, what are you up to?"

  The old-fashioned imperial sister, however, screamed miserably: "Oops …… my mouth touched a man's mouth, dirty …… so dirty, dirty …… ah ah ah ……"

  If she was very shy to condemn Li Yan ate her tofu, or to ask Li Yan responsible for compensating her first kiss or something, Li Yan engaged will not be very vain, very wretched to admit fault, but she actually screamed miserably that dirty, this one made Li Yan unhappy, to the mouth of the apology also swallowed back, very unhappy to say: "Hey, do you have any mistake? Where am I dirty?"

  "Dirty, everything is dirty except me ……" the ancient imperial sister grunted miserably while wiping her lips hard: "It's over, I'm covered with dirty things, I'll definitely die of illness this time. "

  These words put Li Yan gas a half dead, what do you mean stick to the dirty things? To die of disease? You treat me as a monster that can infect the zombie virus? Angry: "Hey, can be oh, put others into the virus is not good, right."

  The old-fashioned imperial sister felt a handkerchief from her pocket and continued to wipe it on her mouth: "It's so dirty, how can I stick to such dirty things? No, I have to brush my teeth a thousand times after I go back ……"