Four hundred and eighty-nine meng, please old lady to power help

  First Shift

  Under the leadership of Xiao Qiushui, Li Yan and his group arrived at the branch of Ruanhua Sword Sect in Yibin.

  Looking at the whole world, Ruanhua Sword Sect was only a small sect, but in Sichuan, it was also a small powerful sword sect, and had its own branches in various small counties around Chengdu, and arranged two or three disciples to be responsible for some local affairs.

  Once Xiao Qiushui entered the Yibin branch, she immediately grabbed all the pigeons, and the four sisters buried their heads in the wind and wrote a bunch of letters asking for help, tied them to the legs of the pigeons and let them out.

  Li Yan saw that she was quite enthusiastic about protecting the old lady and could not help but praise her.

  Xiao Qiushui, however, said righteously, "Only I am qualified to block such a big event as the parents' meeting, the Twelve Linkwoods are not qualified to do so, humph, even if I fight with all my might, I will fight with the Twelve Linkwoods to the end."

  Li Yan felt that although this girl was a bit out of tune, she still had a good sense of justice, so he patted her on the shoulder again, "Go for it! As long as you have this momentum, you will become a great warrior in the future."

  Xiao Qiushui's old by his pat on the shoulder, the heart felt strange, this man why so ah? You think I have agreed to marry you? Always come to pat me on the shoulder, men and women do not understand? I want to be a warrior in the future, you so intimate patting my shoulder, how people in the future in the jianghu to the young warrior women to do the example?

  After releasing the pigeon, Li Yan and his group left Yibin and started heading towards Chengdu.

  Yibin is less than 400 miles away from Chengdu, if it is in the Central Plains, this distance is only a few ri that is reached, but in this part of Sichuan, a mere 400 miles is more difficult to walk than a thousand miles in the Central Plains, only to see mountain after mountain, stream after stream, as far as the eye can see, there is not a piece of flat ground.

  The old lady looked at the danger of the mountains and rivers and sighed: "The danger of Sichuan really lives up to its name, and this is still very close to Chengdu, which is one of the flattest areas in Sichuan, but I never thought it would be so difficult to travel." Speaking of this, her eyes flashed a look of exhaustion, sighing: "If the Central Plains is lost, Sichuan may be a good place to block the northern captives …… northern captives' cavalry here can not play an advantage …… "

  Li Yan thought to himself: if according to history, Mongolia after the destruction of the Central Plains, once in Sichuan suffered a serious setback, the great Han Meng brother is dead in Hechuan fishing city, but in the martial arts novels, Meng brother is dead in Xiangyang, God knows this dimension will be based on history or according to martial arts novels to. Of course, whether according to history or according to the martial arts world, are not good! The best thing is that the northern minorities can not fight at all, instead of being defeated by the Song, then all will be happy.

  Thinking about it, Li Yan suddenly thought of another horrible possibility, if …… if the Mongols really hit Xiangyang city, then Guo Jing, who has turned into a loli with changed teeth, would still go to die defending Xiangyang? If she really went, then her destiny …… would not be to die in battle in Xiangyang City? And this destiny is different from other sister's destiny, not his Li Yan randomly make what a small scheme can change, if it is really a small scheme, pull a few foreign aid help can defeat the Mongolian army, it is also too underestimate the power of the army. This is the need to use the power of the entire country, and even use on the tens of millions of warriors, together with the efforts, can change the super predestined ah.

  Li Yan's whole body is cold, changing teeth Lori is the first person in this world to take the initiative to be friends with him, in his heart the status is incomparably special, can not sit back and watch her on that road of destruction? It seems that …… there is a need to seriously consider the state of affairs.

  This day, the crowd traveled dozens of miles to Zigong, in later times, Zigong is known as the home of dinosaurs, people dug out countless dinosaur fossils from the ground, and also made a huge museum, but in this era of the Great Song, there are no archaeologists and biologists these two things, people are not interested in the fossils under the ground, Zigong is just one of the thousands of ordinary counties.

  In the evening, just when Li Yan and others were about to enter Zigong County, the enemy finally appeared ……

  To be precise, it was not the enemy that appeared, but the enemy's messenger. In the middle of the official road ahead, an old man of about six armor stood upright and respectfully, as if he had been waiting for Li Yan and his party for a long, long time.

  Li Yan's eyebrows could not help but wrinkle down, the enemy actually dared to be so neat and tidy, waiting in the middle of the official road, it can be seen that they are unafraid, not afraid of their own party flew up to the sky, behind this old man, I do not know how many experts ambushed.

  Li Yan had to stiffen his head to meet the front, clasped his fist, said with a sneer: "I do not know which of the twelve big figures in the old seniors is the twelve serial dock? I'm really sorry that you have to wait here."

  Xiao Qiushui also followed and jumped up, saying loudly: "Hey, are you one of the Six Palms or Double Divine Monarch? Don't think I'll be afraid of you, I'm going to be a warrior in the future, what Six Palms and Two Divine Monarchs, even if the Great King Zhu himself comes, I Xiao Qiushui won't be afraid of him! I tell you, want to interfere with my life event, no way! Only I am qualified to decide this matter myself."