Five seventy-seven meng, chasers are coming

  Maiden martial arts world,

  Look at the novel ""First shift

  Thank you, Putin Xiaodi, for becoming the third ally of this book, before this eunuch promised to add more for every ally that appeared, and this time of course can not be an exception, but the eunuch has a little more business in recent days, so please allow the eunuch to temporarily owe this addition, in the next week, the eunuch will return to the love of the majority of book lovers with an outbreak. ai悫鹉thyne——

  Chen Yuanyuan had seen many great officials, leaders of peasant rebellions, and rugged soldiers, but she hadn't really seen any great warriors, so she shook her head and said, "This girl, I haven't seen any great warriors."

  Xiao Qiushui was a little disappointed: "The warrior has not seen? Gee, how did you see the world? I heard that you are the first of the eight women of Qinhuai, know a lot of people, I thought I could learn something about the warriors from you."

  Chen Yuanyuan said awkwardly, "The warriors wouldn't come to visit the youth house, right?"

  Xiao Qiushui heard this, suddenly his face turned happy: "So that's how …… warriors are not to visit green houses, ah, good, write it down, in the future I must not go to visit green houses, otherwise I will become an unqualified warrior."

  Next to the Zuoqiu Chaoran immediately said: "Boss, I do think that warriors also have to shop in the greenhouse, such as a woman was caught by the evil greenhouse locked up, forced into prostitution, then the warrior may be disguised as a john to enter the greenhouse, first to feel the bottom of the probe, to figure out the situation, and then to rescue people, the suffering woman out of the fire."

  Xiao Qiushui stroked his palm and said, "Good point! I am also going to do this kind of chivalrous thing."

  Next to Tang Rou also added: "Boss, the so-called good guys do it to the end, after the warrior rescued the bitter woman. You can't just throw her away and leave her alone, right? At least have to give people a place to live, so the warrior will have to marry the woman to go home, as a concubine, to give people a happy family, or she has no money and no place to go, a turn to go back to the youth. So ah, the warrior have to take a lot of concubines …… open a big harem."

  Xiao Qiushui applauded, "Good point! I also want to open a big harem after …… Huh …… seems a little wrong ah. What place is weird."

  Tang Rou said, "Not strange ah, do not believe you ask Li Yan."

  Xiao Qiushui to Li Yan turned his head to look, Li Yan big sweat, thinking: Tang Rou again in the pit, but what she said is not completely unreasonable. Take the protagonists in a certain point of the novel, they saved the suffering woman, not all into the harem? This development …… also seems to be in line with universal values …… cough …… protagonist if you save a beautiful woman is not included in the harem, readers are going to be angry, will be together to angrily scold the author is a stupid cunt , leaky female! From this aspect. When the warrior is really not easy, walking in the jianghu when the woman touched all have to be back into the harem, otherwise you have to face enormous pressure.

  Li Yan wiped a sweat. To Xiao Qiushui difficult to say: "Ahem, this issue is very complicated …… key depends on which story this warrior is the warrior, if it is the Golden System warrior, of course, do not nab the bitter woman into the harem. Instead, stay as a faint memory; if it is the ancient system warrior, the bitter woman will become a snake scorpion poison woman, to be killed. If it is a warrior of the warm system, the bitter woman will suddenly transform into the enemy's last ** boss, unpredictable martial arts; if it is the starting point of the warrior system, the bitter woman will become a sweet little cotton, posed as 18 models to make the warrior happy. Finally, of course, the income harem ……"

  Xiao Qiushui sweat: "warrior also divided into departments? What gold system ancient system, do not understand also."

  Li Yan helplessly explained: "The world will have a variety of different values, different values create different ways of dealing with the world, the warrior will also have a variety of different forms, you do not listen to Tang Rou bullshit egg pit you, the key to being a warrior, is to be attached to the universal values of the environment, if the current environment requires warriors to open a harem, then decisively open. If the current environment requires warriors are decent people, then decent people, in the current moral environment in line with the majority of people recognized way of doing things, is praised as a warrior …… that is to say, with the flow of the warrior is the warrior, adhere to the self, must go against the flow of the final will be looked at coldly, into a strange warrior. "

  Xiao Qiushui sweat: "This …… you say too deep, I seem to understand a little, cough …… seems when the warrior also have to learn philosophy, it is not easy to be a warrior."

  Black long straight imperial sister hey a laugh, cold voice: "Everything should be in line with the requirements of others, pretend to meet the universal values of the warrior, is not Yue Buqun it? Then it becomes a hypocrite, do people still have to be true to nature a little onlygood, not to do warrior andwhat relationship?"

  Li Yan nodded to her and said, "This I have to agree with you, so I do not want to be a warrior, just do a strange warrior is also good."

  Chen Yuanyuan in the side listening to the sweat, can not help but shake his head, thinking: too pitiful, this group of people are what a mess ah, I follow these guys to go, really can get a happy life? Think about it and sweat.

  After leaving the rugged and difficult mountainous area, the group arrived at the flat land. In order to take care of Chen Yuanyuan's mother and daughter, as well as the spontaneous sister, Linghu Chong, who had lost her power, Li Yan hired

  The group hired several large carts, so that they do not have to follow these people who can run blindly together with the hard work.

  After the group got on the car, all the way to the south to travel in a low profile, to Dali.