Five seventy-eight meng, women should be self-improvement and self-reliance

  ;2nd shift-

  The military officer fell far away, fell all over the place, covered in mud and dust, got up from the ground and shouted to the cavalry behind him, "Cut this kid down."

  With this yell, the scene immediately became menacing, and hundreds of cavalrymen behind them pressed forward together in a furious manner, many of them drawing their waist swords, spears and other weapons.

  Chen Yuanyuan saw this scene in the car, can not help but secretly anxious, Li Yan's martial arts skills, but so many people rushed up, will certainly hurt a girl or two ah, how can this be?

  Only to see the black long straight imperial sister sitting next to her hey a laugh: "the's a group of pig!"

  The bonny girl next to her said, "This hundred or so people also dare to come to our trouble, simply looking for death."

  Xiao Qiushui said, "Does killing braid soldiers count as serving the country? Will I be upgraded to a warrior if I serve my country?"

  Seeing that the sisters had no sense of tension, Chen Yuanyuan could not help but be anxious: "Hey, sisters, why don't you hurry up and think of a way? I know you know kung fu, but the enemy has more than a hundred, you should also pay attention to a little ah, the usual unreliable a little restrained." Chen Yuanyuan anxious for a while, only to find that the two of them mother and daughter in the nervous, all the other sisters are not nervous, even lost the power of the spontaneous sister Linghu Chong did not put the more than a hundred cavalry in mind.

  Tang Rou stretched a hand to the car window outside, warmly and gently said: "I come first to solve a few, tsk, she range has the advantage, properly should I score first." She waved her hand, and a foggy thing flew out. If a Tang disciple was here, he would have recognized that this was the Tang Family Castle's unique concealed weapon "Rain Mist", a concealed weapon made of an extremely tiny silk needle, so tiny that it looked like rain.

  This concealed weapon is too small, it is very difficult to hurt martial arts experts, even the enemy's protective qi can not break, will be true qi outwardly blown away, but used against ordinary soldiers who do not know martial arts, but really has a strange effect.

  I saw several cavalrymen rush into the fog, and then "ah ah ah" a scream, several cavalrymen hands covering their faces, fell into the dust, when they got up, Chen Yuanyuan saw clearly, these people are full of face are inserted as thin as a hair of the needle, the end of the needle is still faintly trembling.

  Tang Rou smiled gently, "Rushing into the rain of the Tang disciples' concealed weapons, you guys are really brave, braver than our martial arts masters of the Great Song."

  Zuo Qiu Chaoran laughed, "This is called the ignorant are fearless."

  Chen Yuanyuan widened her beautiful eyes, she really didn't expect that Tang Rou, a girl who looked gentle and pretty and spoke in a voice so small that people couldn't hear her, would strike so powerfully and put down a braid soldier in an instant.

  At this time a fast horse braid soldier has reached the side of the car, waving a knife to cut Tang Rou's hand outside the car window, next to Deng Yuxuan suddenly drew his sword, only to see a flash of sword light, the braid soldier's arm and body were separated, screaming, fell off the horse. The few braid soldiers who followed behind them, four or five spears came together and stabbed at the car through the window.

  Zuoqiu Chaoran reached out and snapped the four or five spears. She obviously only had one pair of hands, but she was able to snap four or five spears at the same time, which was quite interesting, and, with great speed, she also rubbed the four or five spears together and tied a knot.

  Spears are not ropes, how can they be knotted?

  In fact it can! These spears are made of bamboo spear shaft, bamboo is a certain flexibility, in the case of moderate bending, can be made into a variety of shapes, Zuo Qiu Chaoran just in a flash, the bamboo spear shaft wrench bent, and then knotted together.

  Chen Yuanyuan once again stared at the beautiful eyes, could not believe the sight he saw in front of him: "You …… how did you do that?"

  Zuoqiu Chaoran laughed: "This is the basic skill of playing tackle, when I was very young, my father and master told me to tie knots, using all kinds of things that can get to hand to tie all kinds of knots, my hands are very dexterous oh."

  Chen Yuanyuan sighed: "So that's how it is, it's really powerful, besides tying knots, what else can you do?"

  Zuo Qiu Chaoran said: "Can also do hairstyles, you watch ……" her body flashed, to Xiao Qiushui behind, hands on Xiao Qiushui's head brush brush a flash, then Xiao Qiushui's hairstyle became a double ponytail braid …… ……

  Zuo Qiu Chaoran said, "Look again!" A shake of the hand, Xiao Qiushui again became a single twist braid …… Another shake, Xiao Qiushui again became a dozen pigtails …… Another shake, Xiao Qiushui became a hedgehog head ……

  Chen Yuanyuan sweat: "Hey, the enemy is at hand, do not do hairstyles at this time to play ah."

  Xiao Qiushui also called: "That's right, why use my hair to do hairstyles? Use your own to do ah, the people made strange shape."

  Chen Yuanyuan held his forehead with his hand and said depressedly, "Grab the point, the problem now is the enemy is at hand, not the problem of using whose head to do the hair."

  "Big enemy? Where is the big enemy?" Several girls were looking left and right, making the appearance of looking for the enemy.

  Chen Yuanyuan is really convinced, hundreds of cavalry rushed over, you have no eyes or what? She didn't know that in the eyes of these lawless sisters, the braided soldiers were not considered a big enemy at all, so of course they would make such an appearance.

  At this time several unreliable girls have been lazy to continue to hold in the car, a rare opportunity to fool around, black long straight imperial sister pushed open the car door and walked out, said: "I go out to clean them up a little." Twisted sister, bonny girl, Xiao Qiushui and other sisters, also followed together, leaving only a completely lost internal energy of the Ling Hu Chong in the car to protect Chen Yuanyuan mother and daughter.

  Chen Yuan Yuan is quite worried about the safety of the sisters, but see this group of sisters out of the car to go, simply like a fierce tiger out of the cage, an instant to the outside of the braid soldiers cavalry people. The black long straight imperial sister casually waved a hand, a few braid soldiers flew out of the old distance. The twisted girl hands a flash of fast knives, a few braid soldier's head left the neck. Bony girl punching and kicking, braid soldiers like paper people flying around.

  Chen Yuanyuan left to look, right to look, beautiful eyes widening, can not believe that women are actually so powerful. They simply overturned the view of women in her mind …… she grew up in Jiangnan in the Mordecai era, the women of that place are all soft and gentle as water, and almost all the women around contact?