Five seventy-nine meng, this is the limitless mountain

  First shift——

  Tang Rou Xiu Qi, warm and gentle said: "You find a paper box to put in front of Li Yan, himself into the squatting in the box, and then with a pitiful look at Li Yan, said to him, begging for adoption, will warm the bed ……"

  At this time next to suddenly reached over a large hand, picked up Tang Rou's ear, the original is Li Yan's hand, he said angrily: "Hey, Tang Rou, you do not prank will die? What's so funny about tossing your sister around like this all day long? Give me something serious to do, okay?"

  Tang Rou gently whimpered: "Don't pick your ears …… pain …… pain ……"

  Li Yan said in a good-natured manner, "Admit your mistake if you are afraid of pain……"

  Tang Rou pouted, "Okay, I'm wrong, this is always okay, right?"

  "No sincerity, let's do it again." Li Yan grunted, "Today I'm going to take the place of Old Grandma Tang and educate you properly, this twisted child."

  At this time, I saw that Xiao Qiushui had already dismantled the big car next to him, put together a wooden box with carriage boards, put it in front of Li Yan, and really got into the box and squatted down, looked at Li Yan with pitiful eyes and said, "Seeking adoption, will warm the bed."

  Li Yan was dizzy for a while: "Hey, do you even know what this sentence means? Don't give me so easy to be cheated by Tang Rou ah."

  Xiao Qiushui said, "What's wrong with this sentence?"

  Li Yan big sweat, next to Chen Yuanyuan also big sweat, hurried over, nibbling Xiao Qiushui's ear said, "Adopted means that the man raised a little girl in …… used to do that kind of ……" The voice is small, only the two of them can hear.

  Xiao Qiushui listened to the forehead to see sweat, not a moment later sweat flowed down, trembling voice said: "Then is not …… is …… junior?"

  Chen Yuanyuan nodded: "Good boy don't do that kind of thing, you are going to be a warrior in the future, how can you give someone a mistress?"

  Xiao Qiushui blushed greatly and said angrily to Tang Rou: "Lao Si, you pitted me again, I do not have a righteous sister like you, I want to decide to make friends with you ……"

  Zuo Qiu Chaoran, Tang Rou and Deng Yuhuan interfaced together and said, "Half a column of time."

  After some laughing and joking, Li Yan spanked the naughty Tang Rou a dozen times, and only then let her go, the people packed up their things and went back on the road. Previously, the coachman said that this place is only half a day away from the barrier, Li Yan and others abandoned the carriage and walked into the mountains, intending to bypass the barrier from the deep forest and enter Dali.

  The landscape is already very treacherous, the ancient Yunnan traffic is more difficult than now, and the jungle is full of methane poison, pedestrians are difficult to reach, so to raise such a horrible gang as the Five Poison Sect.

  Although Chen Yuanyuan has experienced various hardships in her life, but those hardships are brought to her by people, or the first time to encounter such difficulties brought by nature, walking through the jungle between the landscape, although most of the time is carried by the black long straight royal sister in her, but she occasionally down to walk a few steps on their own, feel some pain, rocks, branches, leaves and what not, from time to time ruffle her hair, tear her clothes, not long It will be her pavilion of a great beauty made all sweaty [***], unkempt, very embarrassing.

  For the first time in her life, Ake saw her in such a mess and couldn't help but say, "Mother, are you still holding up?"

  Chen Yuanyuan laughed, "Of course I can, what is this suffering? When my country was broken and my family was dying, when I was being fought over by a group of bandits and bandits, I had to suffer.

  A Ke flattened his mouth and said, "That kind of suffering is the soul, but now this kind of suffering is ** on, you are so beautiful a person, now look like this, how ugly ah, let's go down the mountain to find a place to take a bath, change clothes."

  Li Yan heard the mother and daughter's discussion, so turn back to see, do not look just, this look, immediately a little can not hold, only to see Chen Yuanyuan a gorgeous long dress was branches and thorns or something torn many mouths, everywhere exposed to the spring light, such as the mouth on the shoulder, so she showed two fingers wide shoulders, really is as fine as white snow, but also do not know a woman is more than 40 years old how to protect the skin so well. So good. For example, her skirt was torn a piece, from time to time from the broken mouth to reveal a cut **, long and straight, it is like 18 years old youthful beauty girl only legs.

  Generally speaking, the woman's clothes are broken into such a cover up, embarrassed to see people again. But this is a deep forest, a group of girls, she has been Li Yan as a "eunuch", do not have to avoid Li Yan's presence, so Chen Yuanyuan is not to cover these exposed spring light, let Li Yan casual look.

  Li Yan is a good man, and in the various girls unreliable attack under the fucks deteriorating, how can withstand such temptation, look a little dizzy brain, small partners hard, can not help but wipe a sweat: nima, demon thing ah! The girls here which I can push, but only Chen Yuan Yuan is absolutely can not be messed with, she is 40 years old, there is a daughter, if I do something to her, it is really worse than the beast. But thinking about it, the word "mature woman" flashed through his mind, and his heart was a strange feeling.