Fifth 95 meng, eunuchs are the safest creatures

  Fifth shift——

  Li Yan's words made Chen Yuanyuan's eyes shine with joy. *——*The first time I saw her, she was so happy. The company has been suffering from a lot of criticism and is really sad.

  It's a good thing Li Yan came from the latter days, with many of the latter-day ideas. He knew that many of the ancient women were not willing to do that kind of thing, then, the parents of poor families often sold their daughters to the youth, you can say so into the youth of the woman is shameless cheap woman? There are ancient officials who have committed crimes, their wives and daughters may also be caught in the official squatter to do official records, this woman is actually a good woman to come, by the steel knife plus neck, forced to fall into the dust, who is qualified to scold her? Do you really want these women to die to defend their chastity? That would be too inhumane.

  Li Yan had no reason to blame them, to hurt them, but only sympathize with them.

  Li Yan once again comforted her and said, "Don't be sad, in my heart, you and ordinary women are equally noble and kind."

  Li Yuanyuan could not help but be overjoyed, thinking in her heart: indeed, only eunuchs are the most trustworthy creatures in the world, unlike ordinary men who know how to peep at a woman's beauty and body and only know how to take what they want from a woman, but know how to love a woman with all their heart …… they have been cut that thing, already can't have sex, so they don't care The woman's chastity is still there, even if the woman who once did remember the woman, the eunuch can also accept …… eunuch is the most suitable for me.

  She silently turned a few small thoughts in her mind: If you want to find a place to live in the future, not by and this eunuch to make up a family, he is a eunuch, certainly can not marry a wife, and I am a woman of dusty origin, do not want to marry a decent man, even if a decent man is willing to marry me, but also just a simple peep at my beauty, there is no concern for my heart, if I can and a eunuch If I can live with a father-in-law, it's not bad.

  If Li Yan knew what was in her mind, I was afraid to be scared back to the gas, but Li Yan which knows what's in a woman's stomach, especially Chen Yuanyuan this kind of extremely delicate mind, instantly can think of a hundred thousand miles of the type.

  A group of people walking and chatting, it did not take long to get out of the back of the Infinite Sword and came to the mountain path in the front of the mountain.

  Li Yan had read The Eight Dragons of Heaven and knew that Zhong Ling was now in the hands of Sikong Xuan, the leader of the Shennong Gang, and that the Immeasurable Sword Sect would soon be taken over by the Spiritual Vulture Palace and become an affiliated gang of the Spiritual Vulture Palace along with the Shennong Gang, but knowing these plots was knowing, but not knowing the exact place.

  He had to ask Duan Yu, "Duan Yu, where is Zhong Ling being held? You show the way, we will go to rescue her here."

  The bookish girl thought seriously, reached out and pointed to a small hill opposite the Infinite Sword Sect and said, "It should be on that small hill, when I left, the Shen Nong Gang was attacking the Infinite Sword Sect, and I don't know if it was beaten down ……"

  The crowd has a target, the spirit is greatly lifted, especially Xiao Qiushui, the warrior spirit is high, raised the long sword, urged everyone to hurry forward. Not long after walking up the mountain road, two people with medicine hoes jumped out of the road, one asked, "What are you people? What are you doing here?" The other took a pair of thieving eyes in Li Yan and others, he did not look at it did not know, a look immediately startled, this group of people are what came ah? In addition to Li Yan, a man, and the bony girl's bones are not very pleasing to the eye, the other girls are all national beauty, extremely beautiful, especially the last woman who seems to be the oldest, although she is the oldest, but the most beautiful, soft and gentle as water, quiet and comfortable, simply beautiful to be appalled.

  Li Yan spoke: "Tell Sikong Xuan to come out, I'm here to get back Miss Zhong Ling."

  The two Shen Nong Gang disciples were startled, thinking: So they came to save the little girl, I wonder what this group of men and women are from, they look very powerful, we have to help Sikong Gang Master feel the bottom of the enemy.

  A man: "What is your name in the jianghu? What is the relationship with that little girl? Why did you come to help her."

  Li Yan liked to do things with courtesy first, and did not like to punch people in the face, that is the behavior of barbarians, so he planned to give his name and save people in a dignified manner, but unexpectedly before he could open his mouth, Tang Rou suddenly preempted him and said gently, "This gentleman's name in the jianghu is 'Beauty Saver ', specializing in saving beautiful women all over the world, you caught the little girl called Zhong Ling is beautiful, right? Since this is the case, the beauty rescuer certainly wants to save her."

  Li Yan sweated: "Hey, don't talk nonsense."

  Tang soft voice said: "I said wrong? Think for yourself ……"

  Li Yan seriously a thought, suddenly big sweat: nima, this nickname seems …… full suitable for me.

  Those two disciples of the Shen Nong Gang were also sweating profusely, looked at the group of girls behind Li Yan and couldn't help but ask: "Are these …… all the beautiful girls you saved from various places?"

  Li Yan wanted to deny, but on second thought, these girls are really his rescued from the north and south, such as the black long straight imperial sister, rescued from the mountain belly, Chen Yuanyuan mother and daughter rescued from Kunming, Xiao Qiushui and others also rescued from the hands of the power gang …… this is really…… ……when did they become so busy?