Five hundred and ninety-six meng, robbing the antidote by force

  First shift——

  The poison made by Ping Yi Finger is so magical that it is really effective. The world will have a blood-sealed poison, of course, there will also see the poison that the magic medicine, the antidote into the mouth of the nerdy girl, instantly melted, the power of the medicine only in an instant, she swam through the blood veins.

  The Shen Nong Gang is originally a drug research gang, from the gang members hand a medicine hoe can be seen, and Sikong Xuan is the leader of the Shen Nong Gang, more know the nature of medicine, he only looked at Duan Yu two eyes, and then reached out to take Duan Yu's pulse, then understand, she was really in the broken intestines in the body has been solved.

  He himself, of course, knows best the toxicity of the broken intestines, even if he used his own unique antidote, but also to be taken internally and externally three times to solve off, but did not expect this teenager out of the "ten thousand poison elimination" can easily dissipate the toxicity, is too powerful.

  This medicine may really be able to cure the lightning marten's poison! Sikong Xuan could not help but be a bit moved, and, in fact, what he was most worried about was not the poison of the lightning marten, but the life and death talisman planted on his body by Tianshan Tonglu, which is really unable to live or die when it attacks. The actual name of the company is ……

  Sikong Xuan's eyes could not help but warm up and reached out, "Young man, give me the medicine!"

  Li Yan took a Ten Thousand Poison Dissipation, handed it out halfway, but immediately took it back, smiled and said, "It's okay to give it to you, but you have to promise to return Miss Zhong Ling to me unharmed."

  Sikong Xuan said, "If you give me the medicine first, I will naturally let her go."

  Li Yan shook his head and said, "I have to see that the person is safe and sound before I can give you the medicine."

  Sikong Xuan's face suddenly became fierce: "Young man doesn't know how high the sky is, actually bargain with me, if I want to grab it, what are you going to do?"

  Li Yan said, "No way, so unreasonable? I am politely negotiating with you, and you want to tear the ticket at every turn, is that too much?"

  Sikong Xuan said, "In the jianghu, the bigger the fist, I'm talking to a hairless little doll like you." After saying that, he reached out and grabbed the medicine bottle in Li Yan's hand with one claw, and he really intended to rob it hard.

  Li Yan really cried and laughed: I do not want to rely on martial arts to rob, first courtesy and then reason with you, talk about the terms, did not expect you actually dare to make the first move? You such a mongrel level, I bully you are embarrassed of ah.

  Li Yan will shrink his hand back, he shrunk as fast as lightning, the medicine bottle was hanging in front of Sikong Xuan, instantly disappeared without a trace, Sikong Xuan grasped an empty, can not help but wonder: "Huh? The young man's technique is fast."

  Li Yan shrugged: "The fist speaks, this is what you said."

  Sikong Xuan still does not know that a big disaster is coming, smiled fiercely: "That's right, the fist speaks, you kid just obediently listen to my ……"

  His last word has not yet spoken, Li Yan suddenly a punch out, this punch straight towards Sikong Xuan's old face, in Sikong Xuan's eyes, Li Yan's fist from far to near, naturally, it is getting bigger and bigger, flying to him, this fist has crowded Sikong Xuan's entire field of vision.

  Sikong Xuan was careless, he didn't expect Li Yan's young age, but his fist was actually if fast, instantly the fist arrived in front of him, it was already too late to dodge, he was shocked, he hurriedly applied his energy to his face, trying to block the fist, but he didn't expect Li Yan's fist didn't hit down, but hung in front of his eyes, continued to fill his entire field of vision, laughing: "Is my fist big? "

  Sikong Xuan heart sweat, can't help but say: "So big ……" then a wake up, a backward air flip flash out of a ten feet away, said angrily: "Young man, you dare to tease the old man?"

  Li Yan said: "I reason with you properly, talk about the terms, use valuable medicine in exchange for your release, you refuse to talk to me properly, have to say what fist big or not, I had no choice but to show you my fist, what's wrong with that?"

  Sikong Xuan heart a little weak, secretly thinking: this teenager good fast fist, just now that if he is not condensed energy not to send, I might have been hit all over the face, this person's martial arts may be above me …… Huh? No, since he just hit my face full of flowers, then directly hit the line, why did not hit? Oh, I see, he has the speed, but no internal force, this punch if I hit my face, simply can not hurt me, will only shock their own hands, so he pretended to show mercy, in fact, is simply afraid to hit up.

  Sikong Xuan has the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. He didn't know that Li Yan was watching "The Eight Dragons" and had compassion for him, the gang leader who was inexplicably bitten by the lightning marten and controlled by the Life and Death talisman of the Spirit Vulture Palace, so he showed him mercy, but he thought Li Yan was not strong enough to hit him in the face, which is too small.