Five hundred and ninety-seven meng, one more than one scum

  Second shift——

  At this point, how could Sikong Xuan dare to talk more nonsense with Li Yan? He had lost all his power and was no different from an ordinary person, if he dared to talk half a word of nonsense with Li Yan, he would be killed by a sword. He could only breathlessly instruct his subordinates, "Go, bring Miss Zhong Ling here and give her to this young warrior."

  Several Shen Nong gang members had to go to the back of the fire, carried a bundle like a dumpling girl over.

  The girl is Zhong Ling, Li Yan looked carefully, only to see that Zhong Ling looks indeed a little "aura", two eyes like talking, good-natured and mischievous, is a typical spring green beauty girl, and a little similar to the style of A Ke. But a single than the facial features, a little worse than the A-ko, but the softness in her eyes is more than the A-ko.

  At this time she was tied up like a big dumpling, but her mouth was not idle, and she cursed at those few clansmen of the Shen Nong Gang: "Let me go, or my father and mother will come and beat you all to the ground."

  The gang members said with a bitter face, "You don't have to wait for your parents to come, there is a person called Beauty Savior to come to your rescue."

  "Beauty savior? What's that?" Zhong Ling was startled, why was this person's nickname so silly?

  Several members of the gang carried Zhong Ling to Li Yan's group and carefully put her down. Zhong Ling raised her eyes and saw the Dull Girl, and hurriedly called out joyfully, "Sister Duan, you've come to save me, I'm so happy."

  The dumb girl said with a serious face, "Zhong Ling sister, the one who saved you is this divine brother."

  Zhong Ling was baffled by this name: Brother God, Beauty Savior, why are all of this person's nicknames so silly? She stared at Li Yan with a pair of soulful eyes, only to see that Li Yan is full of decent looks, his face is also full of righteousness, does not look like a silly cross flow of people ah, why would take such a silly nickname?

  Several Shennong gang members hurried to Zhong Ling untied, she took a few steps forward, hiding next to the nerdy girl, whispered and asked: "This man saved me? Did he defeat the Shen Nong Gang's men?"

  Book Dumb Girl nodded: "Now things are not yet finished, you first quietly spectate for a while, when Brother Shen Nong Gang's business is finished, we can catch up on our goodbyes."

  Only to see Sikong Xuan said in a grey voice: "Miss Zhongling has already returned to you, please return the young warrior's high hand and spare our lives." He had lost his power and turned into a poor old man, now shrinking into a ball, hoping that Li Yan, the great god, would go away and not come to kill him again.

  Li Yan looked at him and felt compassion in his heart. He was afraid that the old man's life would be difficult, and he had two kinds of poison.

  Li Yan touched out a ten thousand poison elimination from his pocket and handed it over, although this old man is abominable, but the crime is not to death, he sucked his power, considered from his body to benefit, so save his life.

  Sikong Xuan didn't expect Li Yan to be willing to give him medicine, so he was really surprised. He couldn't help but fall to his knees and cried, "Young warrior is really kind-hearted.

  Li Yan shrugged his shoulders: "Catch up with yourself later and be a new man. Although I sucked away your power, but did not break your meridians, you re-trained internal power, still can be a little stronger than ordinary people, just hope that after you re-trained internal power, not to bully people with lower martial arts than you."

  Sikong Xuan sighed, took the ten thousand poison elimination into his mouth, and then withdrew down the mountain with a group of men.

  Only then did Clock Spirit have time to speak, she was like a cheerful little sparrow, twittering and asking, "Sister Duan, where did you find this …… cough, beauty saver divine brother? Although I don't know much about it, he looks like he's very powerful." She couldn't figure out what exactly Li Yan's name was, so she simply said the two names together, which sounded incestuous in the extreme.

  Li Yan sweated a lot and turned back, "Don't listen to those nonsense names, my name is Li Yan."

  Zhong Ling smiled cheekily, "So it's Li Gongzi!" She grew up in the valley, seldom see outsiders, with an air of innocence, this Li Gongzi three words, called quite beautiful, the voice is light and crisp, quite touching.

  Book nerd girl introduced: "This Li Gongzi is my study in the Blackwood Cliff when I met the senior seniors, a few months ago he suddenly left school, everyone is saying that he skipped school, in fact, he went to the deep mountains, cultivation ascension immortal, has now become a god …… ancient times, a few months to cultivate Become immortal people are rare, I admire ……"

  Li Yan hurriedly interrupted her and said, "Don't talk nonsense! Zhong Ling girl, I'm just a mortal, I met Duan Yu in the mountains, I heard that you were caught by the bad guys, so I came over to help, just a handful, please don't take it to heart."

  Zhong Ling oh, but then suddenly next to the warm and soft voice of Tang Rou said: "This young warrior Li as long as you hear that the beauty is in trouble, will dash forward to rescue, even if it is not a hand, but on the knife mountain, down the sea of fire, but also do not hesitate, so people call the beauty rescuer."