V98 Meng, widening meridians

  First shift——

  The story of the dog bites the dog has never been less, Zuo Zimu and Shuang Qing bang bang fought, two people from the same family, martial arts difference has been, Zuo Zimu than Shuang Qing slightly stronger than a little, but he first moved with Li Yan, consumed some internal force, originally had a little advantage became gone.

  The two of them had forty to fifty moves, each with their own skills, fighting lively, the two under the door ** also fought together, really is "sword qi rushing heaven", Li Yan could not help but shake his head, these guys really make people cry and laugh.

  He simply came to a cold-eyed spectator, only to see the Immeasurable Sword East Sect and West Sect ** fight a defeat, many people were injured and fell to the ground, and several people were cut to the head, and the leader of the two Zuo Zimu and Shuangqing also fight full of sweat, about half an hour later, only to hear the two together a scream, the original each shot each other a palm, the two fell to the ground at the same time seriously injured.

  Li Yan shrugged his shoulders and walked up to the two: "Finished fighting?"

  Zuo Zimu grunted and said, "The fight is over …… old man even if I die, I will drag her to be a cushion."

  Shuang Qing also said angrily: "The surnamed Zuo, you are vicious ……"

  Zuo Zimu said, "Laozi is not as poisonous as you, you actually sit back and watch me fight a strong enemy alone, trying to get the benefit of the fisherman, Laozi even if I let the enemy kill, I will first clean you up ……"

  Obviously, these two people are wolf-hearted people, Li Yan is really too lazy to listen to this person's nonsense, for this kind of people, suck clean power to say, he let them ** power into their own righteous power, but it is quite good. Li Yan reached out and seized the pulse of two people, these two people are seriously injured can not move, completely unable to bounce back, Li Yan easily sucked up all their internal power, and then waved his hand and said: "Go away, do not appear in front of me again, or next time it will not be as simple as sucking up internal power, will take your dog's life."

  The ** of the two clans carried the ruined Sect Leader down the mountain and walked away clean.

  Li Yan said to the sisters, "I have just absorbed a lot of kung fu, I need to consolidate my cultivation, please play first, I will sit on my knees."

  The reasoning of most of the girls who know martial arts, especially the black long straight sister Zuo Leng Chan such experts, but also understand the internal force to be obtained to consolidate, just as delicious things to taste carefully, only know stuffed into the mouth and swallowed into the stomach, is not to experience the delicious.

  Black long straight imperial sister said: "master assured meditation, me for you**."

  Li Yan nodded, then hurriedly sit upright on his knees, closed his eyes to meditate, and began to study the internal force just sucked in. He just sucked the internal force of three experts in a row, of which Shen Nong Gang Sikong Xuan's highest, Zuo Zimu and Shuang Qing are known for their swordplay, internal strength is not their strength, so internal strength is weaker than Sikong Xuan, but spare, Li Yan sucked from them to the internal force is also quite a lot.

  Not long ago he sucked from the sprinkling sister to the Song Mountain thirteen Tai Bao's power, but that is not all the thirteen Tai Bao's power, but they each injected a small share of internal power in the body of Linghu Chong, so even if a dozen shares add up, it does not seem to be much majestic, this time the big Sikong Xuan and others to suck over, but their whole body's power.

  Three such level of people's full power, that is really extraordinary, even if there is a certain loss in internal power **, but the total amount is still a lot. Li Yan physically inspected his qihai acupuncture point, only to feel the bulging true qi hovering in it, his original internal energy are these just sucked in true qi to squeeze the soon to be no place to stay.

  Li Yan did not dare to hesitate, hurried to the Northern Meditation divine kung fu ** these kung fu, refining them into their own Northern Meditation divine kung fu, and their own kung fu to fuse, in the process of fusion, inevitably must open up their own meridians.

  This kind of thing, there is a "width", a new learner of internal energy, the width of the meridian is like drinking a small straw, can only let a small stream of internal breath slowly flow. But a great master of martial arts, the width of the meridian is like the water pipeline used by the water company, which can send water to every corner of the city at any time and anywhere. It can be similar, when a person wants to run the internal energy from the qihai point to the arm and shoot out to hurt someone, transporting the internal energy with a small straw can never compare to using a water pipeline to deliver the internal energy. Therefore, people with wide meridians will be more convenient to use internal force.

  This shows that a person with internal energy alone is not enough, but also to broaden their own meridians, so that internal energy can ** flow freely in the meridians throughout the body, where you want to go.

  Of course, to widen the meridians is not easy, need to open a series of meridians, internal energy is not able to open the meridians, also can not successfully widen their own meridians, internal energy progress will be easily limited, before Li Yan practice nine Yang divine kung fu slow progress, is because nine Yang divine kung fu is a very strong internal energy, when using the true qi pouring, need extremely wide meridians to run. If the meridians are too narrow, it is impossible to successfully invoke the Nine Yang divine kung fu ** from the ground. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to practice, even with the help of the big peach, but also progress is very slow.

  This time he sucked in three experts in a row, only to feel that his original width of the meridian has been completely inadequate to cope with, just a move of internal energy, feel the meridian bulge, ten will be uncomfortable, the internal breath moving a little faster, will be his meridian completely blocked up.