Six hundred and seventh Meng: I have to kill you to silence you

  Second shift——

  Li Yan forehead sweat brushed out, this room is clearly only Gan baby and himself two, in fact, Gan baby did not find him, then for her, she is the only one in, she called what Duan Lang? Where is the Duan Lang here?

  But he is not a fool, immediately understood that baby Gan called Duan Zhengchun, in the "Eight Parts of Heavenly Dragon", Duan Zhengchun all mistresses are called Duan Lang ……

  And in a woman's bath, the mouth suddenly murmured the name of her mistress, what exactly is this doing, already with the toes can think of. Li Yan sweat to take a look, sure enough …… the water in the bath bucket is moving slightly and regularly, maintaining a certain rhythm, apparently Gan baby is doing a certain rhythmic movement underwater, so as to drive the water ……

  I'll be damned, this woman is …… self ……

  Li Yan's sweat is flowing, of course, he just felt a little embarrassed, but did not look down on baby Gan, to know this kind of thing who has not done? I think when he himself in the shower also took the class beauty classmates to diy, or with a certain fusang ** female worry to diy, or even their own fantasy of a non-existent perfect woman out to diy, these are human feelings, is normal, there is no need to despise.

  Women are also people, also need to diy, Li Yan does not feel at all Gan baby to do so what is wrong, but …… witnessed the picture, is a man can not help but a little sweat.

  He thought to himself: too bad, I have to hurry up and slip, if she knows that I saw it on the side, only to fear that she will draw a knife and me to fight. At least she is also Zhong Ling's mother, it's not good for me to fight for my life …… to damage the friendship I just established with Zhong Ling.

  Just heard Gan baby's moaning sound a more seductive than a soul, she has entered a certain degree of pleasure, her mind is full of the appearance of her lover Duan Zhengchun, the warm bath water seems like the hands of her lover, caressing her whole body ……

  Li Yan heard her keep calling out: Duan Lang, Duan Lang ……

  "It should be okay to slip away while this is the moment, right?" Li Yan secretly thought: it is said that when a woman is doing that she will enter a realm of forgetfulness, she should have no time to pay attention to the surrounding things.

  Li Yan bravely lifted his feet and noiselessly walked towards the window.

  Unfortunately, he had only just stepped out behind the screen and had not yet reached the window when he heard Baby Gan's frightened voice: "What man? Why are you …… you in my bath room?"

  "Holy shit? Found me?" Li Yan was shocked: isn't it said that when a woman is doing that, her soul will fly away, completely forgetting me and confused about her surroundings? Am I cheated by those dumb novels again?

  Li Yan really gave a lie, some irresponsible novels written to the woman that time, are described as they do not know anything, in fact, that is a lie, really do not know what the soul is actually men, women can be very sober it …… which is so easy to do not know anything? Baby Gan although thinking about his lover, while diy, but in fact is also very sober, Li Yan walked out from behind the screen with a big smile, not be seen only strange.

  Baby Gan voice with trembling: "You …… you just heard and saw what?"

  Li Yan waterfall sweat: "Ahem …… I did not see anything, did not hear anything, I just passed by to make a soy sauce, madam please continue bathing, just pretend I do not exist."

  "Less nonsense here, playing soy sauce to my bath room to come? You are obviously a wanderer and a flower-picking thief!" Baby Gan said angrily: "I just need to shout, my husband horse king god Zhong Wanqiu will kill over and break you into pieces ……"

  Although Li Yan is feeling embarrassed, but people are not stupid, heard her this impotent threat, can not help but spread his hands and said: "less here to bluff me play, if you really want to scream, already screamed, you are afraid to scream, can not scream …… you are afraid to call your husband after, I just saw and heard things to your husband hear it …… alas …… I said Madam, I really just a soy sauce, let's pretend that nothing has happened, I am busy here, you let me go, and then continue to wash your bath, fantasize about your lover, how good? We well water does not offend the river water ……"

  He has not finished, Gan baby's face has turned from red to white, from white to green, and then from green to red, changing color several times. She is really afraid to call her husband, but the teenager in front of him, but also must not let him go, in case he walks out of here after seeing things to tell her husband, as to bad dishes.

  Baby Gan no longer care about shame, from the barrel "brush" jumped out, with a shower of water, she used a left hand to cover the chest, the right hand made a claw method that Li Yan has not seen, grabbed his throat.

  Although Li Yan had not seen this claw method, but it can not be said to be very clever, the move is neither ruthless, nor tricky. Baby Gan's martial arts skills are not very high, and knife white Phoenix and other people almost in a level line, in the "Eight Dragons" belong to the fourth stream, or the fifth stream level, it is estimated that it is similar to the infinite sword of the double clear.