Six hundred and eighteenth Moe, let's take a bath together

  First shift -

  "For the sake of Zhong Ling?" Baby Gan was surprised again: "Why for the sake of my daughter? Did …… ah, I know, you hide here, originally wanted to peep at my daughter's bath, and ended up seeing me by mistake. Good wow, you shameless lecher, denizen, you actually hit my daughter idea, I and you fight."

  Baby Gan did not care about Li Yan's hand pressing on her back heart point, turned around and swung her fist to hit Li Yan's cheek. If Li Yan was really a bad guy, the moment she turned around and exhaled, she would have to report to hell, but Li Yan didn't exhale, he couldn't really kill Baby Gan, right?

  A slight hesitation, baby Gan's fist has hit the eye, Li Yan tilted his head back, the fist grazed the face past, missed, but the woman in the protection of children, desperate to have a momentum, baby Gan's strength has suddenly improved do not know how many levels, this punch Li Yan flash a little hesitant, by her fist rubbed the skin of the face pain.

  Li Yan could not help but be very upset, there is no mistake? This woman is crazy ah? I obviously did not do anything wrong to her, why she does not comply with the disturbance, brain to make up a bunch of reasons to beat me? This is really unbearable!

  Li Yan had no intention to do anything more to her, but at this time, he could no longer hold back his anger, so he did not care to keep his image of glory and integrity anymore, reached out and grabbed Baby Gan's wrist, then used a grappling technique, twisted her slender arm and pushed her face down on the ground.

  Baby Gan was still struggling, and her mature and plump body was twisting around on the ground, just like a beautiful snake.

  Li Yan thought to himself: It's not possible not to scare her. Only coldly snorted: "I count to three. You still dare to mess with me. I will use my power to whistle long and loud, with a voice that can be heard clearly by the whole Wanji Valley, and tell what you just did in the bath …… Hey, I believe your husband Zhong Wanqiu will be happy to hear it …… Well, your daughter will also realize again what kind of person her mother is ."

  "How dare you!" Baby Gan said angrily.

  "What do I dare not?" Li Yan said in a deep voice: "One!"

  Baby Gan continued to struggle and said, "If you dare to say anything, I will come and bite you to death as a ghost."

  Li Yan said, "Two!"

  Like an enraged cow, Baby Gan struggled and said angrily, "I will never give in!"

  Li Yan said, "Three!" After saying that, he took a deep breath. He made a gesture to whistle long.

  Baby Gan suddenly like a frosted eggplant, all of a sudden absent-minded: "Slow down …… don't …… say out, I …… I admit it! ……" It turns out that she is not afraid, but just now was in the bluff, see Li Yan is not moved, she had to admit defeat and surrender.

  Li Yan heart secretly feel funny, but the face is deliberately plate, said: "How do you plan to solve?"

  Baby Gan said pitifully, "I don't know how to solve it, you open the conditions, as long as I can do. All will ……" said here, she hurriedly added: "But my body can not give you. As you heard, I only love Duan Lang one."

  Li Yan sweat, coldly snorted: "Who wants your body, I'm not interested in your body, I want you to do me a favor, I want to take a young girl out of the valley ……"

  Li Yan was about to say "four villains captured a young girl into the valley, I want you to help me save her", but unexpectedly before the words were said, Gan baby will be the wrong idea, preempted: "You …… you are really playing my daughter's idea. "

  Li Yan sweat: "No ……"

  "No need to say it, I understand everything." Baby Gan said ruefully, "I'm not a good mother …… Well, as long as you don't tell anyone about me, I'll …… I'll help you pursue my daughter, but I'll make it clear first, you're not allowed to start and finish with my daughter. It must be a clear marriage."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Baby Gan also said, "You are not allowed to use force on my daughter either, you have to get her consent before you can make out with her."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Baby Gan said, "If you can agree to these conditions, I will promise my daughter to you."

  Li Yan was sweating: "Don't bullshit here, I'm not here to marry your daughter, I'm here to ……"

  Halfway through the conversation, Baby Gan said miserably, "You don't want to marry her? Then you still hit on her? You really are a shameless flower picker …… oooh …… how can I have a handle in the hands of a bad guy like you? Can't you negotiate something else? Let my daughter go, I will give you ten maids, for you to play with …… just helped me bring the bath water in the maids you see, right? They are all very good looking, and they are all girls, so you can take them and play with them, but don't touch my daughter, okay?" .

  Li Yan is really speechless, there are women like you? Listen to me. Don't make up so much of your own brain.

  Li Yan reached out and covered her mouth and said, "Cut the crap, listen to me …… I'm here ……"

  Just about to tell the truth, suddenly heard a knock on the door, Zhong Ling's voice sounded outside the door and said, "Mom, you're inside the bath, right? I want to come in and take a bath with you."