Sixth 19 Moe, I admit it, you shut me down

  Second shift——

  Gan baby face sunk, to Zhong Ling seriously serious said: "Spirit, if Duan Zhengchun's child in our Wanji Valley, you must keep a distance from him, must not develop a relationship with him more than friends, remember remember remember."

  She just finished this sentence, heart and thump a sound, secretly thought: not good, Duan Lang's son just heard those words, is not already know that I have the kind of …… kind of feelings for his father …… no wonder he just said to me " I'm not interested in your body", he knew that I and his father's relationship, of course, will not be interested in me, which has a son molested his father's woman? That is not incest it.

  The more baby Gan thought, of course, farther and farther from the truth, she sweated and looked at the screen, thinking: finished, how to end this matter?

  She asked tentatively, "Ling, what do you think of Duan Zhengchun's son?"

  Zhong Ling thought: I just said Duan Zhengchun's child, but did not say it was a son, how did the mother identify it as a son? Never mind, there is no need to explain this, anyway, I am going to ask her to help save Ah Ke, just think of it as Ah Ke.

  Zhong Ling said: "I have a very good opinion of her, we can be close, the other night even slept in the same nest."

  Baby Gan was astonished: "Sleeping …… together? My God, you guys …… what did you do?"

  Zhong Ling laughed: "Talked all night, what else can I do?"

  Baby Gan was relieved: fortunately my daughter is naive and does not understand that thing yet. The teenager is still a gentleman, actually slept with the night did not lay hands on Ling'er, just chatting, there is no serious harm. She said seriously: "Remember, don't sleep with him in the future, it's not good."

  Zhong Ling's beautiful eyes widened: "What's not good?"

  "Ahem, in short, it's not good ……" Baby Gan was not good enough to say explicitly: "It's not even good to be friends, it's better to ignore him."

  Zhong Ling from her tone of voice, heard her seem to Duan Zhengchun's children do not have a good look, thinking: ask my mother to help me save people only afraid not, she seems to hate Duan Zhengchun's children, told me not to be friends with her, alas, forget it, I will think of another way.

  Zhong Ling jumped out of the bath tub, said: "Mom, you take your time, I'm done, go first."

  Baby Gan would like her to hurry up and go, the guy behind the screen may jump out at any time, the daughter or early to leave this place of wrongdoing is good. After seeing Zhong Ling get dressed and go out, Baby Gan finally sighed with relief. Only then did she turn her face to the screen and said, "Come out, let's talk again."

  Li Yan shrugged his shoulders and turned out from behind the screen.

  Baby Gan immediately sank his face and said, "You heard what you just said …… No wonder you didn't do anything rude to me even though you restrained me, so you are Duan Lang's son. You also know the truth that father's woman cannot be touched."

  Li Yan sweated: "I don't ……"

  Before the most word of not was out, Baby Gan interrupted, "I don't know how you and Ling'er met, but please don't deal with Ling'er in the future, especially not to hit on her again. The matter has come to this, I have to be honest with you …… Ling'er is the daughter born to me and Duan Lang, is your half-sister ah."

  Li Yan sweat: "Can you stop first, let me say something, I do not ……"

  Baby Gan said, "I can hear from what Ling'er just said, you haven't made that kind of thing with her, you don't have to explain, I believe you are."

  I'll be damned, that's not what I'm going to say …… Li Yan sweated.

  Gan baby said: "Since you are Duan Lang's son, I believe you are not yi thief, just a little flirtatious …… just now, I think you will not take out to say, after all, things also relate to your father, if you take out to say, your father's face is also all gone …… ……this matter will end here how? You go!"

  Li Yan a head two big, nima, and women talk so difficult, grandmother, I do not say it still can not? Go, go, who is happy to be here and you bullshit!

  Li Yan said, "Then I'll say goodbye." He pushed open the window and flew out gently and deftly.

  Just flew out to the house, out of less than ten feet away, Li Yan felt a little bit wrong, only to see the road in front of quietly blocked a person, this person propped up a walking stick, face like a zombie, it is Duan Yanqing. He said in an unpleasant voice: "Waiting for you for a long time, hey ……"

  Li Yan was astonished: "When did you find me?"

  Duan Yanqing coldly snorted: "Do you think I am so easy to deceive? Just now I felt your presence, but not the first time to catch up, is afraid of alarming the snake, and then I quietly feel to where you may be hiding, the result …… in Mrs. Zhong's bath room outside heard a very interesting thing it, hey hey hey …… "

  Li Yan heart in secret: or careless, these old rivers and lakes really have a hand, I thought he did not chase over, but I did not think he was waiting for me to relax the heart of caution, and then quietly touch over, I and Mrs. Zhong in the bath room said, he must have heard it all.