Six hundred and ninety-two meng, Xiao Qiushui exploded

  First shift -

  "Tie up this unreliable guy who takes pills indiscriminately!" Li Yan pushed Xiao Qiushui into Tang Rou's arms: "You just cheated pocket money from her, it's your responsibility to take care of her well."

  Xiao Qiushui struggled to come over to Li Yan and murmured, "Handsome, don't push people so mercilessly …… to make love! Ahhh ……"

  All four people rolled their eyes, Tang Rou said, "Luckily we are resourceful and did not follow the boss to go crazy and take drugs."

  "This and wit has a hairy relationship ah, normal intelligence will not eat it?" Li Yan sweat.

  "Well, don't play, we can't watch the boss just go crazy." Zuo Qiu Chaoran said, "Young warrior Li, if you don't want to put on a live spring festival with the boss in front of us, just retreat for a while, we will take care of the boss."

  Li Yan nodded: "I'll leave this place to you guys, I'll retreat first."

  The three people, Zuoqiu Chaoran, Deng Yuhan and Tang Rou, went up together and pressed Xiao Qiushui to the ground, dragging her vertically and tying her up with a rope, so that she would not have a drug attack and go looking for a man, Li Yan shook his head helplessly and saw Xiao Qiushui's face was caked red, her eyes were dazed, and she had a typical qing look, and secretly laughed: if you don't do it, you won't die, you deserve it for taking drugs indiscriminately.

  Away from Xiao Qiushui their car, Li Yan back to the front of the convoy, the Oriental girl asked in a low voice: "What happened in the back carriage? What are Xiao Qiushui and the girls enjoying?"

  Li Yan spread his hands and said, "Nothing, just someone made a death, and ended up really dead ……"

  Hearing his tone, the Oriental girl knew that nothing remarkable happened, so she did not ask more questions, and turned her attention back to the threat of the imperial court, and could not help but whisper: "Just the power gang an enemy, we already feel the duck pear mountain, now there is more imperial court, how can this be good?"

  Next to the Tong Bai Xiong jack said: "That's why I said, you hurry to practice the Sunflower Canon, ah, the so-called sharpening guns, not fast also light, there is always a little effect."

  Oriental girl pretty face is again a red, shyly lowered his head said: "Old boy, I told you to stop talking about this, you want to be cleaned up by me again?"

  Tong Bai Xiong he he laughed twice and lowered his voice: "You have the guts to really clean me up, hey! But I'll be honest, ah, now two big enemies are aimed at us, although the moon and Renxing in, there will be no problem for the time being, but once they leave, is our Blackwood Cliff to undergo a big test, you will be more than one divine skill is always right, even if the first practice can not play the full power, it is also stronger than not to ah? We have to unite every strength ……"

  Oriental girl shook her head: "Li Yan promised me that even if there is no Sunflower Canon, he will still find a way."

  Tong Bai Xiong turned his gaze to Li Yan: "What's your solution?"

  Li Yan frowned and said, "I will try to find some experts to help Blackwood Cliff, although it's a bit boastful to say so, but I am a very good at finding experts! I have many candidates in mind, and they may all be able to play a huge role when it matters." Li Yan actually is already said very modestly, he is definitely the most capable of discovering talents in the whole world, because he does not need to have any vision at all, just need to find the main character of every novel, that is enough to sweep the world.

  Only …… this matter how can the child hundred bears believe? She grunted: "do not believe it, what is good at finding experts, are bullshit, look at the group of crooked people you brought back this time, in the end which one is like an expert?" Her finger pointed to the people in the caravan, as her finger traced the direction, you can see the unlucky Di Yun, the vase level Shui Sheng, Chen Yuan Yuan mother and daughter who do not know martial arts …… "Li Yan a big sweat.

  Tong Bai Xiong pointed to the last big car again: "And Xiao Qiushui that unreliable four sisters …… This is the talent you found? Hmph, if such a talent is useful, I will ** flip two heels in front of you, and then kneel down and sing 'Conquest' to you."

  The Oriental girl sweated profusely: "Hey, old boy, no need to make such a poisonous oath, right?"

  Li Yan's sweat also clattered, can simply converge into the Jialing River.

  While Tong Bai Xiong's slender jade finger was pointing distantly at Xiao Qiushui's carriage, suddenly ……


  A loud sound, from the carriage came out, followed by the carriage seems to have a bomb exploded, the wooden carriage walls suddenly turned into pieces of broken wood, shot out in all directions, next to the Sun and Moon God Church congregation hurried to hold their heads on the ground, but several people lying a little slower, was broken pieces of wood in the body cut a few long slashes…… ……

  The crowd was shocked together.

  Oriental girl said: "Old boy, you used what finger method to blow up the car? Your finger power is actually so powerful now?"

  Tong Bai Xiong sweatily said: "No ah, I did not use any finger techniques, I obviously just falsely pointed at the car ……"

  "You didn't use your finger power to storm the car? Why did the car violent?" Someone next to me asked.