Six hundred and ninety-six meng, a long-lost commercial street

  Second shift——

  A group of gods and devils imperial sisters argued right in front of the school of Blackwood Cliff, just to grab a person who should never have been a student to their class. They are not good-tempered girls, they are used to being domineering in the jungle, they don't like to talk with their mouths, they like to talk with their fists.

  The white ape god devil rolled up his sleeves and said loudly, "Li Yan to my class is set, who wants to disobey, come to battle three hundred rounds."

  A royal girl next to him brushed a fist and punched it: "I will not be convinced."

  The two people instantly fought to a place, fighting the fist wind overflowing.

  One of the ladies here went to persuade the fight, before they reached the two, another lady jumped out and said, "What are you doing there? Want to fight too? Pass me first ……"

  The girl hurriedly said: "I am not to fight, I go to persuade the fight."

  "The hell I believe you, take it!"

  "Ouch, you really fight? When the mother eat vegetarian it! Also eat me a punch."

  Watching these guys fight into a ball, the Oriental girl actually do not care, the Sun and Moon Divine Church is not what the famous sect, the brothers in the church fighting Europe is a common thing, the Oriental girl always do not care. She turned her head and drifted in toward the school, throwing down a sentence: "You guys discuss yourselves and then tell me the results …… I have to go back to the office first, so long away from school to see what some things piled up, right, invite the moon girl, Renxing girl, can I ask you to come along? We also need to discuss the cooperation between the Blackwood Cliff and the Flower Shifting Palace ……" finished, the person has floated without a trace, inviting the moon and Renxing thought for a moment. Also followed the Oriental girl floated out.

  Li Yan wiped a sweat: "ouch. Oriental girl. You are irresponsible, actually threw a mess and ran away."

  Although the Oriental girl people disappeared, actually still heard Li Yan this spit, far from a voice came back: "As an educator, my job is to educate students, not teachers …… teachers mess is not my responsibility."

  Li Yan: "……"

  The scene was chaotic, only to hear Fan Song roar, "His grandmother, all stop!" Her power was the thickest among the ten divine demons. This roar shook everyone's ears buzzing.

  Fan Song dragged Li Yan over and pulled him behind his back, grunting, "No one should argue, Li Yan should go back to my class."

  Now the gods and devils had nothing to say, they could compete with others, but could not compete with Fan Song, the reason for this is not to say, everyone understands, several imperial gods and devils beamed, "Well, Fan Song, since you still want him. We have nothing more to say, withdraw!" Brush brush human shadow flash. The ten divine devils and five hall masters all disappeared and went back to their own classes, leaving only Fan Song, Li Yan, and the large group of girls Li Yan brought back from outside at the entrance of the school.

  Fan Song also said: "I also go back first, Li Yan you go back to your dormitory to rest, tomorrow to report to the class." After saying that, he also disappeared.

  Li Yan looked back at the group of sisters who followed him, the unreliable Xiao Qiushui four sisters are not mentioned, these four guys can live no matter what place they go, the sky falls down when the quilt covers, Li Yan ignore them, they can also live well. The two of them are old, human, they don't have to say anything to them, they also know what to do, as for the spontaneous sister Ling Hu Chong, black wood cliff than Li Yan is also familiar with, now has run into the school itself, to find the upright imperial sister Yue Buqun report to go, it is not Li Yan's turn to manage.

  Li Yan put his attention on Chen Yuanyuan mother and daughter, the unlucky child Di Yun, water sheng these few people.

  These four people in addition to Chen Yuanyuan, the other three look quite formal, came to a strange place, and seems to be a very remarkable place, the three are a bit cowering, especially Di Yun, the bear child has seen the least, now the whole shrink into a ball.

  Li Yan said warmly to them, "Don't be afraid, from now on this is your new home, I can assure you that life here is far happier than the life you lived before."

  Chen Yuanyuan was not too afraid, she had survived the war and the landslide, this scene was still calm, she was just a little worried whether this place was really as Li Yan said, she could live carefree and happily.

  Li Yan led the sisters to slowly walk into the school, Blackwood Cliff looked similar to when Li Yan left a year ago, from time to time there was a student walking hurriedly by the side of the road, someone was still waving their arms and legs while walking, as if they were practicing some kind of boxing technique. Someone was walking while reciting the fist scriptures and sword manuals, a few senior students were walking towards the Book Depository with their library cards, and from time to time, the hee-haw sounds came from the students practicing martial arts in the classrooms along the road.

  Chen Yuanyuan took only a few steps and got a good feeling about this place, she couldn't help but smile and said, "This place is a bit like a large private school, it has a feeling of being a cultural person."

  Li Yan spread his hands: "Private school is really like, cultural people or something is not quite like, cough ……"

  A group of people walked to the Blackwood Cliff commercial street, the busy street, still set up a variety of goods, a group of students wandering the street, take the few pocket money to buy some strange and bizarre things. A vendor called out: "Look look look look, here are the most famous brand clothing, the newly arrived 'White Hair Magician' brand heroine dress, wear times beautiful ……"