Seven twenty-five meng, choose the wrong actor, right?

  First shift——

  "I have said …… begging for mercy ……" the woman screamed desperately, Wei Yixiao did not rush to kill her, his body flashed to the back of the kitchen, not long after taking a porcelain vase out The woman was in no hurry to kill her.

  "Is this the medicine?" Wei Yixiao said, while reaching out to pull the cork of the bottle, wanting to smell it, Li Yan was shocked and hurriedly grabbed her hand: "Don't try it, do you want to be poisoned?"

  Wei Yixiao said, "How can I know if it's real without smelling it?"

  Li Yan rolled his eyes: How tactless you must be, in case it's true, you've pitted yourself.

  He grabbed the Mongolian woman on the ground, first unlocked her acupuncture points, and then put the porcelain bottle to the end of her nose, the woman smelled it, there seemed to be no strange, Wei Yixiao grunted: "Really is fake medicine?"

  Li Yan laughed: "That's not necessarily, the ten fragrance cartilage, as long as the person does not use the power, there will be no problem, and ordinary people walk no different, but once the power will be soft down, let's do a simple test on the line."

  Li Yan let go of the woman's hand, and then said in an eerie voice: "I give you three breaths of time, you run light energy to escape, if you can escape 20 feet away within the time, I will spare you, otherwise your head will be chopped off, and your companions together to meet the King of Hell."

  The woman heard these words, immediately teeth fight, twenty feet is not far away, not close, three breaths of time, to escape twenty feet or full of difficulty, must have a certain attainment in light kung fu to do, at least no kung fu, can not use light kung fu is absolutely unable to do. Faced with such a requirement, she had no second choice but to raise her whole body strength to escape desperately.

  "Now I count one, two, three, on the count of three you start to flee!" Li Yan smiled and clapped his hands and said, "One, two, three ……"

  As soon as the word three was out, the woman immediately scattered her legs and ran, she desperately brought up her whole body's power to her legs in that instant, however, she just took a step out. The original Ten Fragrance Cartilage Pill's medicine kicked in, simply can't move, how to make a little light?

  Wei Yixiao blinked: "Ha, really a good way to test whether she has been in the ten fragrance cartilage …… Now the answer is out, the ten fragrance cartilage is true, the woman, did not escape twenty feet, can be killed."

  "Do not …… do not kill me …… ooo ……" the woman screamed miserably. "Please spare me. I am willing to do anything …… eighteen kinds of appearance I can pose …… please let me go …… I will serve you with my mouth now. Okay?" She crawled on her knees to Li Yan's front. Burying her head towards Li Yan's lower body, she seemed to want to please him.

  Li Yan sweated: "Go play aside!" He turned to Wei Yixiao: "Call a few Ming Cult members lurking nearby to come out and put this woman in the cellar first, until we have cleaned up Zhao Min. After we settle the siege of the six sects on Bright Peak, then release her."

  "That's more trouble, or a knife to kill clean." Wei Yixiao grunted.

  "Don't be so heavy in killing." Li Yan shrugged with a bitter smile, "Now that the Ten Fragrance Cartilage San is in hand, there is no need to take the piss out of such a lowly Mongolian minion, you quickly call some of the gang to come, let's take over this small restaurant and have some fun with the Emei Sect."

  Wei Yixiao also obeyed, put away the knife, sent out the secret signal of the Ming religion, not long. These people took the Mongolian woman down and locked her up, then found a group of honest-looking local gang members, dressed as shopkeepers, shopkeepers, cooks and so on. Soon the small restaurant was restored to the appearance of an ordinary restaurant.

  Li Yan put on an ordinary dress and pretended to be the son of the shopkeeper, the young second generation of the restaurant, while Wei Yixiao put on an ordinary woman's dress and looked rather like Li Yan's daughter-in-law. The two laughed and laughed a lot, arranged various details, and quietly waited for the people of the Emei sect to jump into the trap——

  A few hours later, a line of people came to the entrance of the town, this line of people are all women, some wearing nun robes, seems to have become a monk, some are wearing ordinary clothes and skirts, is a lay woman, but they have one thing in common, is unified are equipped with a long sword. Such a mix of nuns and laymen, all women's sects, the Jianghu is only Emei and Mount Everest these two sects.

  Li Yan saw the group from afar, then guessed that the Emei people have arrived, rushed to the small restaurant all the people sent a signal, the group acted, several Ming Cult members dressed as diners began to eat and drink, talk about.

  Emei sect people obviously tired of walking, into the town began to ask passers-by where they could stop and land, not a moment later, came towards Li Yan their restaurant …… not much time, walking in the forefront of the Emei disciples came into the store, these two disciples are lay disciples, young, soft-looking, with a Xi Chuan girl's Aura. The two waist with the sword let Li Yan feel very familiar, a closer look, only to find that the two girls with the "Yitian sword".