736 Moe, the dog and woman in the tunnel

  First shift——

  Li Yan was instantly winded by the scene in front of him ……

  And the two young girls he held in his arms, also the same wind in the chaos. To know the island move "zuoai" love film this kind of thing, just watching the disc can make people's blood boil, reverie, not to mention that now they are watching the live version at close range. Li Yan, who is used to watching action movies, also felt hurt, two innocent girls how to see this kind of picture? Just a glance, the two women felt a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, there is something primitive in the blood is roaring.

  Originally, Li Yan was holding them and his arms were in contact with their bodies, making them feel very uncomfortable, but under the stimulation of such images, they felt comfortable with Li Yan's arms, making them want to rub against them.

  Li Yan's sweat was pouring out! The two women's sweat was also flowing in a big way!

  What was this scene all about? The three people are eager to ask, but the three people do not dare to open their mouths, afraid to alarm the people in the house at this time, let them know that there are three people here peeping, then will not be embarrassed to death ah?

  At this point, the three people in the room finally spoke up, it was the man who was posing like 18, he was in the middle-aged woman's body, while panting: "Yang Dingtian, hey, cool, right? Watching me fuck your wife, you must have been overwhelmed in your heart, right? Hahahahaha ……"

  Hearing this, Li Yan's heart moved and vaguely guessed something.

  The man who was paralyzed in the chair grunted angrily, but said nothing.

  The man who was turning over the clouds continued to gasp: "My senior sister ultimately loves me, hahaha, you are nothing but a rich armor, she gets some money to use in your place, but still can't spare me in her heart. Especially can't let go of my bed skills, hahaha …… you crossed from me to love, the result? The result of the fire into the devil, can only be paralyzed here, every day to see me and your wife pose eighteen models. Ha ha, not willing to it? Angry? Then get up and do it, come and beat me up, hahaha!"

  The middle-aged beauty smiled cheekily, reached out and pressed the man's mouth, and said in a **greasy voice: "Senior brother. What's the point of talking to him? spoil our elegance, focus on doing well …… he is here to watch us ooXX has been watching for several years, it is estimated that the gas is almost mad, this recent year, he can not say a word. You still care about him to do what? Let's continue to do …… I'm still a little bit short of coming …… you hard ……" she said while using her long and slender legs coiled around the man's waist ……

  Li Yan sweat: it seems. That paralyzed man is Yang Dingtian, should be practicing Qiankun Danyao Yi when he saw his wife cheating on him with Cheng Kun, the result is anxious anger, into the fire. And the pair of middle-aged men and women who are acting in action movies, is the mixed element thunderbolt hand Cheng Kun, and Mrs. Yang.

  In the original, Mrs. Yang is still a little conscience. After being broken by Yang Dingtian, martyred himself, but in this feckless realm, Mrs. Yang is obviously an adulteress, listen to her words, since Yang Dingtian paralyzed, she is here every day and Cheng Kun cheating, but also in front of Yang Dingtian, apparently deliberately to gas him, how heartless this has to be to do it?

  Li Yan in later life has seen some news. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. ……

  This bit of Mrs. Yang looks like not to receive the legacy, because the Ming religion is not a woman can just receive the past, she is obviously extremely perverted, just in this way to obtain some kind of perverted satisfaction, it is said that some people like in front of others ooXX, from the audience in the line of sight to find stimulation, she is about this kind of people it.

  At this time, Yang Buhuo and Xiao Zhao also finally understood, Yang Buhuo nibbled Li Yan's ear and whispered: "So the missing Lord Yang is here, no wonder mother can not find him, look at his appearance has been paralyzed for many years, and also crazy ……"

  Li Yan sighed softly in his heart.

  Only to see Cheng Kun grabbed Mrs. Yang's breasts, rubbed and squeezed hard, and said with an unclean mouth, "Yang Dingtian, why are you still not angry? Hmm? I've been waiting for the day to kill you, but I didn't expect you to die like this? Is it possible that you still want to see something more exciting? Little slut, find something new to serve master, now the tricks even your husband is tired of seeing, he is not even angry when he sees it."

  The first thing you need to do is to find something new to serve your husband. In the past few years, we have done all our tricks in front of him, such as the Eighteen Faces, the Night of the Twenty-four Bridges, the Thirty-six Stances of Dongxuanzi, the Forty-eight Hands of Oedo, and the Seventy-two Transformations of the Monkey King, so we can't think of new tricks."

  Li Yan and the two sisters sweat together.

  Yang Bu Regrets nibbled his ear and said, "I have heard of the eighteen patterns, Dong Xuan Zi thirty-six styles, the Great Edo forty-eight hands, but what about that last Sun Wukong seventy-two transformations? Never heard of it at all."

  Li Yan also sweat: "I have not heard of it either, nima, these two people play too high-end. This is properly alien black technology, good boy do not know it."