Seventy-five hundred meng, the ferocious big girl

  Second shift——

  Li Yan was wiped by the young girl in the spring period, it was not easy, finally touched the Green Willow Villa near, the night twilight of the Green Willow Villa quiet, like a worldly and uncontested paradise. The Mongolian princess is really a powerful person, there is no reason not to lay down the secret posts around the villa? This place looks calm and quiet, but it is no different from a tiger's den, so we should be careful."

  Li Yan actually also want to say this, but not a small age Song Qingshu has this kind of insight, but Yin Liting and Mo Shenggu two people did not think of anything, the brain a bunch of muddle. Li Yan thought: Song Qingshu this guy if not on the evil road, is indeed the outstanding talent of Wudang faction.

  Li Yan laughed: "Wei Bat King, please go over to reconnoiter, the four of us are waiting for you here."

  Wei Yixiao said, "Respect the order of the sect master."

  Li Yan sweated: "Hey, do you need to talk like that? Talk to me normally!"

  "You are our Ming Cult Master, is my boss, now of course we should pay attention to what we say." Wei Yi Xiaoxiao said with a cheeky smile, "If I disrespect you, you give me small shoes to wear, or use the rules of the sect to deal with me, what if I am locked up and hanged?"

  Li Yan rolled his eyes, thinking: you can say such things, you do not see me as the godfather respect, is obviously in the pit me play well.

  He made a move to catch Wei Yi Xiaoxiao and said, "If you are naughty with me again, I will really catch you and hang you."

  "Hee hee! I go also ……" Wei YiXiao where will be afraid of him, body a shake. The company has already slid out a few feet away, like a huge black bat. In the night sky gliding away in the air, disappearing in a moment.

  Yin Li Ting and Mo Sheng Gu saw Wei Yi Xiao light skill is so high, actually can glide in the air, can not help but face pale, secretly think: Ming Cult four protection king is really powerful incomparable.

  Song Qingshu glanced at the direction of Wei Yixiao disappeared and whispered: "Master Yang, your subordinate's lightness is really powerful, but it's too disrespectful to the elders. This is not a good sign, if you let her talk to you in such a playful manner, and if your other subordinates see her, how can you convince the public in the future?"

  Li Yan sweat, he just became the position of the Ming religion sect leader. In fact, there is no self-consciousness as a sect leader, on what the inferiority and superiority of a class of things do not pay attention to, but do not know Song Qingshu grew up is treated as the three generations of Wudang master to cultivate, the study of these things is quite deep, the two see the problem in a different direction naturally.

  Li Yan thought about it, hmm. There is a need to ask Song Qingshu about the knowledge of managing a gang, there is no end to learning, "business management" is also a very profound study, there are such books in later life specializing in teaching people to manage personnel, but Li Yan did not learn these things. Although he was a schoolmaster in the latter days, he only graduated from high school. Now that he had the opportunity to ask someone for advice, of course he had to learn, and he was confident that he could learn it well.

  Li Yan corrected his attitude and asked Song Qingshu for advice, "Then may I ask Miss Song, how can I serve the public well and be a good sect master?"

  Song Qingshu came up to Li Yan's ear and whispered, "What I'm going to say next, I can't let Sixth Aunt and Seventh Aunt hear it, or they will beat me up, you alone can hear it ……" Here, she paused and continued, " The next time Wei Yi Xiaoxiao ah, Yang Yi ah, what white eyebrow eagle king, if you speak to you again no big and small, you will be in front of the other gang members, dragged them into the small dark room, posed as eighteen models, destroyed half dead and then released, let them know your great, I heard that your combat power is incomparable, Emei small East Evil three or two times was killed to kneel down and sing congratulations, you want to put down the four guardian of the law king or something The four ** and the bright left ambassador, as long as the clean up, where other gang members still dare to sing against you? The future management of the sect will be a smooth."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Song Qingshu patted him on the shoulder: "Ahem, do not blame me for being a bit too aggressive in my approach, I am also for your own good. If this does not work, kill one or two of them, and appoint another gang member to take over the position of the four ** kings …… kill one to respect the hundred ……"

  Good your head, you are simply heartless. Li Yan sweat flowing: this guy is worthy of Song Qingshu, although turned into a young girl, but the bones are still not good. Thanks to I was fooled by your lady-like appearance, you guy is even worse than Tang Rou ah, Tang Rou just like a little prank, in fact, still a very good girl, you guy is completely evil ah, which is completely different from like prank.

  Li Yan once again decided to distance himself from this bad guy, to learn personnel management, go back to the Oriental girl to learn, why should I ask for advice with this monster.

  Several people waited quietly for a while, then saw Wei Yixiao gliding back in the air, she went light, but when she came back, she did not look so agile, Li Yan thought she was injured, or the old Yin cold injury again, startled, but saw that she arrived in front of, dropped a person, it turns out that she grabbed a person flying back, increased the weight, so not so agile.

  Wei Yixiao said: "This is the Mongolian arranged in the periphery of the mountain village secret stake, I quietly caught over, we can ask from his mouth inside the arrangement."