Seventy-six seven meng, the evil forced confession

  First shift——

  I don't know how long it took, the time was so long for the fake life chaser and fake cold blood, the evil and horrible ugly man, in front of the fake cold blood, the fake life chaser turned over and over again, hard to pose into eighteen looks.

  Of course, the eighteen looks are just acting a look, the latter's third-grade film directors have invented a variety of magical filming method to ensure that the male and female protagonists look passionate, the picture is very bunker, the audience to see the blood, but in fact, the male and female protagonists did not do anything …… Li Yan understand the essence of this, acting that really can be fake. He even had to think proudly: why those directors in later years did not invite me to be the male lead? Our standard is really bunker ah.

  Of course, the level of the female lead is a little worse, not only not cooperate, but always want to sabotage, but in a good way, she was point of soft numb points can not move, and was point of tears can only keep washing face with tears, so that did not spoil Li Yan's perfect acting.

  The little flying girl in the side with her hands on her chin, watching with great interest, the live observation of the performance of the third-class film is not just anyone can enjoy the benefits, the little flying girl is really an eye-opener, eyebrows flying.

  After a long time, Li Yan performance is completed, first hurriedly do a few fake movements, and then the fake chasing life forward a push, so that she turned over on her back on the grass, buttocks up, like a ravaged, sad on the ground crying woman, so that the fake cold life still can not see the most critical position.

  Li Yan stood up and laughed: "So cool …… hey hey hey ……"

  Little flying girl squinted her eyes and said, "Oops, how did you …… get right in there ……"

  Li Yan laughed strangely, "Then she's ready to give birth to my child, hahahaha."

  Little flying girl grunted: "Didn't I just say that? If she refuses to cooperate. We will kill her soon, and your child will die along with her."

  Li Yan's face changed slightly and said, "Can …… you not kill her?"

  Little flying girl's eyes turned a few times, then said: "Temporarily do not kill can! Find a small dark room to lock up, take the chain lock. In the future, you change every day to ooxx her 17 or 18 times, let her give you a bunch of children, poof …… this becomes the birth of a son machine …… is also full of fun."

  Li Yan clapped his hands and said, "Good, really good …… but every day in the small dark room to play the same woman, a long time will also get tired of playing."

  The little flying girl took a hand and pointed to the fake cold-blooded and said, "Isn't there another one here? Just now that figure is plump, this one is slightly thin. The style is definitely different, you rotate to play, not so easy to get bored."

  Li Yan rubbed his hands: "Reasonable, reasonable …… then I will continue now …… hehehehe ……"

  He laughed evilly while walking up to the fake cold-blooded.

  Fake Coldblood immediately panicked and shouted urgently, "Don't …… don't do this to me." She looked at the ugly face that was close at hand, and the ugly body, and her heart couldn't help but recoil.

  In fact, Li Yan's body is not scum, healthy, these years of martial arts training has also developed some muscles to. In general, the body is still quite good, not long ago also let the little flying girl feel "eyebrows, tiger back, bear waist" of the Dragon Ao Tian bones, but because of the incredibly ugly human skin mask, the girl even his body also feel ugly. This is the same reason as "handsome man touching you is a joke, ugly man touching you is sexual harassment".

  Li Yan's "magic claws" on the shoulders of the fake cold-blooded: "Your turn!"

  "Don't don't …… don't take my turn ……" Although the fake cold-blooded look very cold and arrogant, but in fact, still too young. How to withstand such intimidation, immediately scared out of their souls, screaming: "I was wrong, I will never stab you again …… do not do that to me, I do not want to be a baby-making machine ah ah ah ah …… "

  "It's no longer up to you." Li Yan put his ugly face together, drops of saliva, drops on the fake cold-blooded face ……

  This image is really horrible, an ugly man, drooling on a beautiful woman, drool actually dripped onto the face of the beautiful woman ……

  I don't know why. Li Yan's heart suddenly thought of a cartoon that can not see straight, called "Stinky".

  Thinking of this film, also thought of the classic lines in this film at the same time, Li Yan sardonic smile: "Prepare to conceive my child ……"

  The fake cold-blooded soul was scared off.

  This time the little flying girl suddenly spoke: "Hey, you do not move too fast. Move your ugly face away, oops, even I look a little dizzy …… I have to give her one last chance ……"

  She said to the fake cold-blooded: "The last time I ask you, what exactly you are, what kind of trap you have set …… say it, you will still be saved, if not, fake life chasing is your end."

  Fake cold-blooded just now once decisively refused to betray their own people, but now, her firm resolve began to waver …… she is not afraid of death, but she is afraid of being insulted, more afraid of being locked in a small dark room, all day and night other things do not do, it has been non-stop ooxx, and then give birth to a bunch of children, this can still be considered human? This life is worse than a sow.