Seven hundred and eighty-one meng, martial arts masters are how to make money?

  First shift——

  Yuan XIII unleashed the Divine Technique of Enduring Humiliation……

  The effect of this divine power was just like its name, Endure Humiliation!

  The greater the insult received, the more powerful it would be. Yuan XIII limit today by the insult can not be small, he was first underestimated intelligence, and then underestimated dignity, he was stabbed by Li Yan two rocks, wounded meridians, disrupting the blood flow, and was kicked several times ass, was pushed down the mud pit, with mud poured all over the head and face, replaced by ordinary martial arts experts, only afraid that even the heart to break their own meridians have.

  This great humiliation, so that the power of the divine power of humiliation multiplied.

  Yuan XIII could not help but shout "ah", a flood of Qi, from his body rushed out, as if a bomb exploded in his position, shock waves blowing out in all directions. Yin Liting and Mo Shenggu's power is lower, was this strong air a blow, nearly unstable, hurriedly put the hand of the long sword on the ground, which was barely not blown down.

  Wei Yixiao body is lighter, completely blown away by the shock wave, but she was in mid-air like a bat-like turn a fold, actually glided back, Yin Tianzheng strength is the deepest, but was not affected by anything, but her face is very ugly.

  The first time he was in the air, he was able to get back to his home. At that moment, Wei Yixiao had already arrived and slapped a cold ice palm from behind.

  He knew that once he turned back to receive the palm, he and Wei Yixiao would have a fight, and Yin Tianzheng would come back, and then Yin Liting and Mo Shenggu would come, and once Yang Yi and Song Yuanqiao, who had run to save their daughter, turned back, he would be under siege again and could not get out.

  Now is the moment of life and death, he easily cheated Li Yan a move, and with a sad little arrow to lure away the enemy two experts, at this time does not go, no more opportunities. So Yuan XIII did not pay attention to the cold ice palm that came from behind, and he used his divine power to protect his body.

  "Boom" a sound, Wei Yixiao this palm solidly imprinted on the back of Yuan XIII limit.

  He was like a sandbag and was sent flying out.

  "Huh, that's not right? Why did he suddenly become so unbeatable?" Wei Yixiao said with great wonder, "I thought this palm would at most make him shake and spit two mouths of blood." She immediately came to her senses and exclaimed, "Not good, he used my palm power to escape ……"

  It turned out that Yuan XIII was hit in the back by Wei YiXiao at the same time, the foot also clicked the ground, using the force to float forward violently. Wei Yixiao's palm force is so thick, so that is equivalent to when Yuan XIII wanted to run, Wei Yixiao in the back with all his strength to help him boost a little, which is more powerful than rocket boosters, Yuan XIII brush a few feet away. Of course, flying so fast also has a price, the palm force of this palm eventually passed into his internal organs, making him hurt more than hurt.

  Yuan XIII spit blood, floating out of several feet, a hundred busy, actually bent over the ground a copy, copied the world's seventh, held in the armpit, and then floated forward.

  At this time Li Yan just just got up from the ground, is rubbing the bruised shoulder, Song Yuanqiao and Yang Yi is also good to shoot at Yang Buhuo and Song Qingshu's qi sad small arrows dissolved, people look to Yuan XIII limit farther and farther back, can not help but a moment of bewilderment …… this nerve is simply a monster, so many people can not kill him around?

  Wei Yixiao asked: "Godfather, still want to chase?"

  Li Yan shook his head: "Forget it, this time count us planted, let him go, there are hundreds of imperial experts around and Kunlun Kongdong people fight it, if we ignore Kunlun Kongdong, to chase Yuan 13 limit, it is a little suspicious of selling teammates ……" this reasoning As if playing lol, three teammates are fighting four enemies, two teammates but to go after the enemy blood to open a big move to escape the sword saint, this science? Obviously not scientific, the correct approach should be to let the sword saint go, first clean up the other four enemies, stabilize the big picture is the hard truth.

  The crowd felt that Li Yan's order is wise, just that short battle, Yuan XIII limit has left an extremely deep impression on the crowd, think about once again and that guy as an enemy, the group's heart felt cold chills, can not fight with him, or do not fight with him good. This kind of monster, or leave it to God, or to people with higher martial arts skills to deal with it.

  After a few ups and downs, Yuan XIII limit disappeared in the vast night, he was seriously injured, withdrew too quickly, did not even have time to send the order for the whole army to retreat, the outer court experts are still rushing toward the middle.

  Li Yan stood up and said, "Let's not stay idle either, all go out to help Kunlun and Kongdong …… they should not be able to hold it anymore."

  After Yuan XIII limit retreated, there are no more real experts on the side of the imperial court, that more than a hundred siege over, can only be considered ordinary experts, and Li Yan these monsters compared to the gap is not small, once they join the circle of battle, the imperial court side how can be defeated? After a bitter battle, the imperial side left dozens of corpses and retreated in disarray, and peace was restored once again in the mountains and forests.

  Li Yan and the others returned to the fire, but everyone was not interested in sleeping, so they sat down around the fire and waited for the dawn to continue their journey.