Seven hundred and eighty-two meng, the future of the Sixth Green Dragon

  Second shift——

  There are about martial arts masters' money-making methods, which is really one of the biggest mysteries in the hearts of the readers of martial arts novels in the latter days, simply incomprehensible, unimaginable, racking their brains and unobtainable.

  Now, ** Qinglong put this question in front of Li Yan, it is simply to give Li Yan a super question that is more difficult than the college entrance examination paper.

  Li Yan's face instantly turned vermilion liver red, with a feeling of being forced onto a mountain.

  He had to dryly cough and said: "Such an academic discussion value of the question, you suddenly so to me, I really do not know how to answer …… hmm …… hmm…… ……this ……"

  Lu Shuichi: "Master Yang, you do not sell off, could it be that you are afraid that after you tell us the way to make money, we robbed you of your rice wrist? The so-called teach the disciple, starve the master?"

  Li Yan sweated: "There is no such thing."

  Lu Shuichi: "Then you say ah …… martial arts people exactly how to make money?"

  Li Yan coughed and sweat flowed on his back. He was so sick that he reached out to the side and grabbed a girl over and said, "Tell me, how do you make money?"

  ** Qinglong fixed his eyes, Li Yan grabbed over this person is actually the little flying girl Song Qingshu, Li Yan also did not think he caught is her. Just listen to the little flying girl hehe laughing: "My money well, it's all from my mother."

  ** Qinglong's eyes together again turned to Yang Yi.

  Yang Yi gave a dry laugh and said, "Ahem, my money well …… because I became the bright left ambassador of the Ming Cult, is paid by the Ming Cult ah."

  ** Qinglong's gaze together again turned to Li Yan: "Master Yang, you are the Lord of the Ming Cult, of course your subordinates' salaries are paid by you, and you want us to ask your subordinates how to make money? This is too pitiful, right?"

  Li Yan was sweating.

  Lu Shuichi: "You should not hide, quickly tell the Ming religion to make money ah."

  Li Yan is simply going crazy, the ghosts know how the Ming religion is to make money ah? The original did not say, this dimension I also just became the sect leader, completely did not ask this aspect of things. The first thing you can do is to ask Yang Yi in front of the **green dragon how the Ming religion is earning money, as the godfather actually asked his subordinates how the gang is earning money, this is to ask out, and do not want to face?

  The first thing you need to do is to ask the owner of the company how they make money. The way, ahem, not only the following kinds."

  **The six pairs of beautiful eyes locked on him, so Li Yan could not help but be a little nervous.

  He seriously said, "One, open a dartboard, dart escort money."

  ** Qinglong heard this, suddenly said gloomily: "This method only does not apply to us, we do not even have enough money to buy a house to live in, where else enough money to open a dartboard? The cost is too high!"

  Li Yan thought: this is true, the dart board is to invest in advance to have a return, just to buy a piece of land to repair a dart house up to a lot of money, but also to fight the reputation of the jianghu, and green forest heroes to pull relations, send gifts, which must not first invest a few hundred thousand taels of silver how to open? ** Qinglong clearly does not have this money.

  Li Yan had to say: "Secondly, to treat people to heal, wonderful hands to revive the dead, you can earn a lot of money."

  ** Qinglong again gloomy: "This …… six of us do not know how to heal ah, hitting people's kung fu but will be a lot."

  Li Yan sweat again: "By the way, I have a friend who teaches people to play the piano to earn some tuition money."

  ** Qinglong shook his head: "This …… only …… we can not do."

  Li Yan said: "You can teach people to play chess, write or something, such as Ye Qiwu, a look at the chess master, Lu Shuyi must be able to calligraphy, right?"

  ** Qinglong said: "Although that is true, but if we stay in a place to teach people to play chess and write calligraphy or something, how to go jianghu again? Can we still be considered jianghu people? You how these money-making methods are not at all reliable ah, there is no real suitable for the Jianghu people? For example, those wandering loners, they are how to make money ah?"

  This …… I still want to find someone to ask it, Li Yan are about to cry.

  At this time, Song Qingshu suddenly put his head again and whispered, "I know how a lone wanderer makes money."

  ** Qinglong was overjoyed, even Li Yan came to the spirit, and hurried to listen to her carefully.

  Just listen to the little flying girl Song Qingshu hehe laughing: "That loner's name is - Miles of loner Tian Bo Guang, his way of making money is to steal! Specially steal the rich landowner's money, and also the rich lady captured, ooxx pose into eighteen looks after then put away."