Seven hundred and ninety-two meng, emotional intelligence rose wildly three points

  Second shift——

  Zhao He heated bad smile some words, said Li Yan bang, although the man has that what "should not period", in just after that what, a short time is very difficult to do again, but, as long as give a little rest time, not too long, ten minutes to half an hour, again or can be. Li Yan's gaze could not help but fall on Fan Song's body, she slept with her back to Li Yan and looked like she was asleep, but …… even with Li Yan's emotional intelligence also believe what Zhao He said, this can never really fall asleep, right?

  "Go on, go on, do her!" Zhao He winks like silk and says: "Sister give you support."

  Li Yan sweated profusely.

  At this time Fan Song also can no longer continue to pretend to sleep, to continue to pretend, God knows whether it will be held up from behind, she brushed over, angrily glared at Zhao He said: "Hey, old Zhao, do not have no reason to teach Li Yan, you do such things in my bed, has made me very angry, and now I am very, very, very angry, you still do not get out? " She turned to Li Yan again and said angrily, "Dare to strike at my master, my master bored …… cough …… for a axe to split you to death."

  Li Yan does not know her less, and knows that if she says an axe split you to death, that is really angry. But …… Fan Song but not directly said an axe to kill you, but first said a "boring" and then hurriedly changed his mouth to say an axe to kill you, this subtle change, but vaguely to Li Yan revealed a message.

  She is indeed a little angry now, but not really angry!

  She might be angry at something else, but certainly not at Li Yan and Zhao He for messing around in her bed.

  What exactly was she angry about?

  Li Yan pondered this question and couldn't get an answer, after all, his emotional intelligence was still very low, if he could easily guess what the woman was thinking, he wouldn't be Li Yan.

  The company's business is not only a business, but also a business. You still do not admit that you like Li Yan brother?"

  Li Yan heard this, then it dawned on him, yes, Fan Song is angry, but not the kind of anger that wants to chop someone with an axe, but the kind of little sulking in jealousy, she must be angry with herself for helping Zhao He a foot. Let Zhao He plan to succeed, raw rice cooked into cooked rice, the result she this help matchmaking the bridesmaid but moved a stone to smash their own feet, looking around the scene of male and female love, she was jealous …… hard to …… perhaps regret …… ……Perhaps, she also would love to be Zhao He. Just she does not have the kind of courage that Zhao He has to rush up against men.

  She is a strong god devil Fan Song, internal strength superb, domineering and powerful, but only the matter of feelings, she is not as open as a little girl, because her pride, does not allow her to take the initiative to a man to throw his arms. She is not allowed to show her weak side. She will never take the initiative, but only passively accept the man's attack. Therefore, she was actually angry with herself, angry with herself for being too weak …… she did not dare to reach out to happiness, and could only wait for it to come, what kind of powerful god demon is this?

  In this instant, Li Yan felt his emotional quotient snapped up three points in a row! From minus ninety-five, instantly rose to minus ninety-two.

  This is simply a qualitative leap. Usually he is at most one point up, but this time can be wildly up three points, it can be seen, when facing the woman they really like, emotional intelligence up easier …… because, men will only go to figure out their beloved woman's mind, for the woman who does not like. The ghost cares what you are thinking ah?

  As soon as Li Yan reached out, he grabbed Fan Song's shoulders and dragged her over.

  Fan Song's hand hung down from the edge of the bed and brushed a large axe out from under the bed. Viciously, he said, "I just said, if you dare to make a move against me, I will chop you to death with an axe. Quickly let go!" She said so in her mouth, but in her heart she was cursing herself: What's wrong? I don't want to be like this, why are you getting into trouble again? What if it scares Li Yan away? I have a nasty personality ……

  But Li Yan was not scared away, emotional intelligence rose wildly three points of Li Yan, now full of confidence, he believes he has the ability to set Fan Song, seriously said: "Fan Song teacher, are this point, but also and I say this? Let's …… us …… or …… face our feelings directly."

  Fan Song a little flustered, the big axe in his hand shook: "For the teacher said one is one, said two is two, no longer let go of me, the axe will fall." Heart cursing: Hey, Fan Song, you are crazy ah? Scare men like this, men will really run.

  But her threatening words have no effect on Li Yan, low EQ full man in this moment is not a person fighting, in this moment, he seems to be the soul of the saint of affair possession, Fan Song every look, every action to convey the feelings, actually are not a trace of Li Yan, he finally understood that before is not low EQ, but not really to experience the thoughts of the woman's heart, he did not He did not put himself in the woman's position to think, so he was so mute, but now, facing the woman he likes, he is willing to think what she thinks, then, everything about her can not escape his eyes.

  Li Yan lowered his head and viciously kissed Fan Song's mouth kiss, at the same time, his left hand pressed her shoulder, his right hand slipped into her shirt and touched down on her smooth skin.

  Fan Song's whole body tightened, the big axe head on the right raised upward, but eventually slowly dropping down and snapping to the ground.