Eighty-three six meng, what is making a mockery

  Second shift -

  Liu Suifeng nodded and said: "Yes, I plan to mix with Marshal Yue's identity into the palace to face the saint, the female emperor is not in love with Marshal Yue? As long as I use this face to go in front of her, a little tactics, say a few sweet words, coax the empress to obey me, kneel down to sing a conquest or something, then the great Song Dynasty, a large part of the hands of our power gang, then I get the world's military marshal position, and the power gang to a combination of inside and outside, easily take the rivers and mountains, to achieve our great ideals and aspirations, ha ha ha ha! "

  The room full of power gang experts together wiped a sweat, this …… such a scheme, only Liu Suifeng can think of.

  Li Shenzhou said: "But …… you are a female …… woman …… how and female emperor that…… ……that what ……"

  Liu Suifeng grunted: "Boss, this is you do not understand, can not get is the best, if I am a man, the female emperor posed as eighteen, maybe she lost the freshness instead, no longer under my control. I just have to let the empress have no chance to make out with me, so that she wants me and can't get me, forever suffering from emotions, hanging on to her appetite, making her think about me day and night, in order to make her obedient forever."

  Everyone drew a breath of cold air, thinking: Liu military master ah, you are not too cruel, thanks to you are also a woman, actually torture a woman like this, you are simply a devil ah, fortunately you and we are on the same side.

  Liu Suifeng laughed: "Anyway, go and prepare the line, although I can disguise Marshal Yue's face, but his body equipment can not be disguised. Red Phoenix. You go to find a skillful craftsman. Make a golden armor, exactly the same as the one Marshal Yue wore when he charged into battle, without any difference."

  Red Phoenix said, "Yes, sir!"

  Liu Suifeng said, "Blue Phoenix, you go to equip the crown, jade belt, official uniform …… where the court to face the saint ritual paraphernalia, all ready, there must not be the slightest mistake."

  The blue phoenix also said: "Follow orders!"

  Liu Suifeng also ordered: "White Phoenix, you go to prepare all kinds of gifts, jade, jewelry, flowers, brooches, pearls …… anyway, is to please women like things. Prepare a copy of all of them."

  The white phoenix also said: "Follow the order!"

  Just see the arrangements are well organized, the power gang up and down the people, all admire all the way to the ground, thinking: the empress is afraid to be attacked, like Liu Suifeng this well-prepared, to coax her soul is not easy?

  But Zhao Shirong couldn't help but ask: "Liu military division, although your arrangement is seamless, but what if the real Marshal Yue appears?"

  Liu Suifeng laughed: "Impossible, Li Yan brought the real Marshal Yue to Blackwood Cliff, in order to keep Marshal Yue's safety. He will never release the real Marshal Yue, and. In order to prevent Cai Jing and Qin Jun and others from sending people to assassinate again, Blackwood Cliff also would never dare to leak the news, it is impossible to let the world know that the real Marshal Yue is on Blackwood Cliff, I am absolutely safe on this trip."

  Here, she added: "Even if something really happens, I still have an ace in my hand to protect my life."

  "What card?" The crowd was greatly surprised.

  Liu Suifeng laughed and said, "Yan Madman!"

  This name, the power gang up and down, together with the dumbfounded, right, Yan Fanatics because of the pursuit of Yuan 13 limit relationship, has been separated from the real Yue Fei, as long as Liu Suifeng disguised as a fake Yue Fei appeared first, Yan Fanatics will naturally take her as the real, will follow her side to protect her. What else can be safer than Yan Fanatic's close protection? That is really people blocking kill, Buddha blocking kill Buddha.

  Li Shenzhou could not help but sigh: "Old Five, and you have been friends for many years, although I have known that you are wise and resourceful, but you still amaze me every time ah."

  Liu Suifeng heatedly laughed: "Boss overpraise, everyone wait for my good news." .

  At this time, Li Yan, with Yue's mother and daughter, Xiao Qiushui, Zhang Xian and other people, slowly moving toward the Blackwood Cliff, because Yue Fei's body is injured, can not boat and horse, so the group deliberately traveled very slowly.

  Yue Fei's injury is getting better day by day, it was not seriously injured, not to mention Li Yan's medical skills are also considered good, after some adjustment lah, Yue Fei has basically returned to free movement.

  But she is quite cooperative, and did not escape out to face the saint or something, but obediently followed Li Yan towards the Blackwood Cliff.

  Yue Yun and Zhang Xian are also in a good mood, they had several times to persuade Yue Fei not to return to the capital, but all to no avail, now she does not return to the capital, the two young generals are also happy to relax and start a tour of the mountains.

  The original trip of a few days was taken by them for ten days, and since Hei Mu Cliff was also in the middle of Bianjing, the group finally walked back to the capital, and Yue's mother and daughter and Zhang Xian gave themselves some costumes to cover their appearance, so they did not have to worry about being recognized by the soldiers at the city gate.

  A group of people arrived at the entrance of the capital, but see the capital's gate posted a few big notices, many to watch around the notice, but also talk about. Li Yan is not interested in this kind of bulletin, and did not over look. But Yue Fei was very interested, so he called Zhang Xian to see the list, not long, Zhang Xian returned with a confused look.

  Yue Fei could not help but wonder: "You look like this, is it because you saw something strange?" .