Eighty-eight meng, a stick towards the sky

  Second shift

  Liu Suifeng threw two more stones and said angrily, "Dead eunuch, stalking, annoying is not annoying …… without a stick, can not release a stick towards the sky, and what can you do? Give up your heart ……"

  At this time from Li Yan and Liu Suifeng scampered out of the military formation surrounded by less than three feet away, the imperial army is blocked by the smoke and rain, should not be able to close the siege in a short time, as long as you get rid of Mi Cang Dome, you can escape.

  Just then, Mi Cang Dou suddenly said, "Who says I can't make a stick towards the sky?"

  His aura suddenly changed …… from a seriously injured and decrepit old eunuch, suddenly at once as if transformed into a big black mountain, the pouring aura rises up to the sky. He waved out that one fist suddenly stretched out, no, not stretched out, but just a finger.

  Middle finger!

  Middle finger towards the sky, that one finger is only a few inches long, but for some reason, Liu Suifeng and Li Yan both felt that it was rapidly growing longer and larger, as if from a tiny finger, into a stick ……

  He actually also danced nine stick flowers in mid-air, the dancing finger stick emitted a shrill whistle, and all of a sudden, the smoke and rain sent by Liu Suifeng was all sucked and swept by his stick wind, and in mid-air you could clearly see the yellow swirls formed when the sand and dust was sucked past the stick wind.

  The stick wind issued a variety of sharp sound, like a lion roar, like a tiger whistle, like a wolf howl, like an eagle shoo …… stick at the same time also twisted, jerking, bouncing, like a dragon, but this dragon is dancing in the hands of Duke Mi; like a snake, but this snake is longitudinally controlled in the palm of Mi Cangdou.

  Once he played the stick, Liu Suifeng "lost color". It turns out that everyone was fooled by this eunuch. The so-called "skyward a stick". The black stick is just a shield, to deliberately let others think that his kung fu is on the stick, only then will his finger be taken lightly.

  Sure enough, something like a eunuch. It's really too cunning.

  Liu Suifeng felt the pressure, felt the threat, just like not long ago, Mr. Zhuge with a "stunning shot" to defeat and capture her feeling.

  The power of this stick is not even below Mr. Zhuge's stunning shot.

  A stick towards the sky, a stick towards the sky!

  Liu Suifeng could not take this stick, if she did, she would be captured once again ……

  She knew that, but she had to take it because she thought that only she was qualified to take this stick. The hippopotamus seems to have good martial arts skills. But Liu Suifeng didn't think his martial arts skills were higher than his own, when Li Yan made that sneak attack with his sword just now. In her mind, she still thought that Li Yan was one of Peng Jiu's men, just a small undercover agent of the Power Gang, and could not give such a terrifying move as the "Heavenward Stick" to a small gang member. The "Heavenly Baton" is such a terrifying move to a small gang member to receive.

  She frowned and threw out her sleeve, intending to use the "Sun and Moon in the Sleeve" and "Heavenly Baton" to fight!

  And she knew very well that the result of the fight would be her defeat, so she used her other hand to push Li Yan hard, wanting to push him out of the heavy siege, so that he could escape alone.

  But she pushed, but pushed a blank, it turns out that in that instant, Li Yan actually clasped her pushing hand, grabbed her slender wrist, fiercely forceful grasp, and then swung her up like a sandbag, and threw her outward ……

  "Boom!" The stick hit the back of Liu Suifeng, but the energy on the stick did not enter the body, because Li Yan preempted Liu Suifeng's body swung away, so that she suffered minimal damage, but even so, she was still hurt badly, mouth "poof" a mouthful of blood arrows.

  Liu Suifeng felt an irresistible force throwing her up, her body flew up and outward, and this flight did not know how many feet, flying over the heads of a large number of imperial troops, flying straight into the woods next to her, and then fell into a pile of shrubs with a "puff".

  While she was flying in mid-air, she heard the voice of the "Hippopotamus" laughing afterwards: "What's the name of the game? You actually want to push me out to let me escape by myself, have you ever seen a beautiful woman save a hero? Only the hero to save the beauty is the right way …… you go first, do not care about me, this is an order …… or I will not die in peace ……" she only heard here. The "hippopotamus" was submerged into the wind of a stick towards the sky, and she had fallen out of the military formation of the imperial army, only to see the military formation closed inward, the gap has been filled, no longer see the figure of the hippopotamus.

  Liu Suifeng spat out another mouthful of blood and struggled to get up from the ground, she was badly injured, but the injury was still secondary, the most important thing was that her heart was hurting, and the first thing she thought of was to rush in and save the people.

  But before she could rush forward, she was clasped by someone's shoulder, only to hear a nice female voice shouting joyfully, "Marshal Yue escaped, I saved Marshal Yue ……"

  Liu Suifeng turned around and saw gentle, all in red, smiling delicately, it turned out that Li Yan this throw, threw Liu Suifeng into the middle of the battle circle where the three major kung-fu and Renlao were fighting, just fell on the side of gentle.

  Liu Suifeng struggled, actually did not break free of the gentle hand, it turns out that her power has been broken up by a stick towards the sky, for a while, simply can not coalesce, she had to say angrily: "Let go of me, I want to go in to save."