881 Moe, get out of the siege

  First shift -

  Of course Li Yan did not die, in fact, Li Yan never thought he would die, because, Mi Cang Dao's Heavenward One Stick fell in Li Yan's eyes, it was not perfect and flawless.

  In Liu Suifeng's eyes, the heavenward stick was extremely powerful and terrifying, that was because Liu Suifeng's realm was not enough, but Li Yan's realm had already unknowingly been higher than Liu Suifeng. The first thing that happened was that Mi Cangdou was injured, and the power of the Heavenly Stick had already decreased.

  When he used the Heavenly Baton again to deal with Li Yan, Li Yan had already prepared for it, he would not be like Liu Suifeng who was careless and got hit by the Baton, nor would he take the power of the Finger Baton lightly, but he would put his whole mind to the limit.

  Mi Cang Dao "hu" a stick smashed down on the head.

  The power of this stick is still the same as just now, as if a tiger whistling dragon, with a great power, as if it can smash everything in front of him, but Li Yan is not afraid, his body gently floating backwards, just as he floats up, he also out of the finger …… of course, not the finger stick, but the finger sword.

  Six vein divine sword!

  Six incomparable sword qi, with a snorting wind sound shot out.

  Mi Cangdeng was startled, he had heard of this martial art, which is the Dali Duan's Six Veins Divine Sword, but he had never seen anyone able to use it, in fact no one could have expected to see such a masterpiece in this situation, from a notorious hippopotamus scattered person.

  Duke Mi met the Six Veins Divine Sword with a stick towards the sky, and then, the sword qi scattered.

  Although Six Veins Divine Sword was a jutsu that was not inferior to Chaotian One Stick. But Li Yan's martial arts had learned more but not better. The power of the Six Veins Divine Sword was not able to fully reach its peak. Li Yan's Six Chakras Divine Sword, which he could only learn, was not a match for the Six Chakras Divine Sword.

  But Li Yan did not only have the Six Veins Divine Sword, he had a lot of miscellaneous studies, the sword was just dispersed, Li Yan withdrew his fingers and replaced them with palms.

  Eunuch Mi's Heavenward Baton struck Li Yan's palm with a "bang". His brow immediately furrowed. Because he felt his opponent's flooding palm force, and his finger stick on the internal force violently collided, this time the collision is so powerful, as if something between the two exploded.

  "Boom" a loud sound, the counter-excited internal energy at the same time, both of them fell backwards.

  "Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?" He felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, and a large amount of blood gushed out from the place where he was stabbed by Li Yan's sneak attack, which was caused by the recoil of internal energy. This wound was added to the wound, making him feel as if his qi and blood were deficient by three points.

  Li Yan was also shaken and fell a ten feet away. But the place where he fell was not an empty space, but a military formation formed by the imperial army, with dozens of spears thrusting at his body.

  The eunuch Mi's heart was pleased: I took advantage of the numerical worry, the same was shocked back, I only qi and blood damage, but he will be spear through the heart, this game is finally I won.

  But the spears did not pierce Li Yan's body, these spears in the moment of piercing Li Yan's body, as if by something to stop, all stopped, not able to pierce his body half. Li Yan's body is wearing golden silk armor, swords and spears are invulnerable, it is almost impossible to use ordinary weapons to stab him.

  Li Yan lucked out, he gave a laugh, internal energy along the gun barrel recoil over, the imperial troops immediately fell a piece. He smiled at Duke Mi and said: "Duke Mi, thanks for the guidance, I'm leaving ……" After saying that, his body has rushed towards the outside of the formation.

  The rice eunuch was furious, an arrow step scampered forward, to Li Yan's back and a move towards the sky a stick.

  But I saw Li Yan's body twisted, turned to palm, palm wind whistling, apparently again is subduing dragon 18 palms, and is subduing dragon 18 palms in a very powerful move "divine dragon swing tail".

  The sword wound on his shoulder was still bleeding, and at this time, if he fought with the enemy, the wound would be cracked again and bleed more than once, and then he would lose half his life.

  Obviously, this clever "hippopotamus", is deliberately with him to use internal force hard hit, in order to take advantage of his injury, to deter him, so that he did not dare to use a stick towards the sky to chase him.

  The rice eunuch hesitated for a moment, is it despite the injury and he fought? Or …… forget it?

  His mind turned many thoughts, this enemy sneak attack injury him, save his important prisoners, simply abominable, for reason, he should fight with this person to the end, but …… prisoner has been rescued, the seven invaders escorting the prisoner ran even ghosts are missing, at this time, if you fight for breath, have to fight with this person, it seems, not Very cost-effective ah.