Ninety-six hundred and eight meng, the lack of heart of the Taoist chief Chong Xu


  Ren Ying Ying has always maintained a noble and elegant image of Miss, this is the first time like a little girl like jumping into the arms of others to cry, in fact, it is no wonder she, she is the delicate daughter of heaven, do not know how many Jianghu warriors to sell their lives for her, usually high up, a little aggravation has not suffered. And people and beautiful, everywhere there are handsome chivalrous young man around him.

  Come to the Shaolin Temple to ask for the Yi Jin Jing, I thought that even if you do not want to be nothing dangerous, I did not expect the dead monks actually detained her, not let her go, to her martial arts, to kill from the Shaolin Temple is simply an impossible task, the result was placed under house arrest in the Shaolin Temple, several conflicts were caught back.

  Miss this aggravation suffered a little heavy, you say you monks have nothing to shut me in the monk temple to do what? Look left, look right, look back, there are bald heads everywhere, this nerve is the girl to stay in the place? Ren Ying Ying was under house arrest for several days, even the aesthetics were shut down low, previously felt that Li Yan is a decent features, not handsome, now look at Li Yan, simply like the gods, the world's most handsome man is not as good as a hair of Li Yan ……

  As a result, Ren Ying Ying directly jumped into Li Yan's arms, hugging Li Yan and cried: "Li class leader ah, you finally came to my rescue, these stinky monks …… not only do not give me the Yi Jin Jing, but also locked me up …… …… beat them ……"

  Li Yan suddenly big sweat, you said you want to jump into the arms of men to pity cry, find a place where no one to ah, here hundreds of bald looking at it, you such a big beauty, jumped into my arms to pity, pearly flowers with rain. And beautiful and pity. How do the bald men feel in their hearts? Do you want them to dive into the Buddha?

  Li Yan thought of this. Eyes to the surrounding a turn, indeed, the Shaolin Temple, the hundreds of gray sound monks and one hundred and eight Luohan, the expression suddenly unnatural up, these bald usually did not see a woman is just, now a woman is Ren Ying Ying such a scourge level, the Buddha heart can not help but shake a little. And see the beauty is just, this beauty also jumped into the arms of men to pamper. This makes the monks even more intolerable …… just feel dry mouth, what Buddhism all flew to the ninth night outside the clouds, the rules and precepts are all forgotten.

  A group of monks could not help but bow their heads together and said: "Amitabha, good, good, a man and a woman actually embraced together in front of the temple, is simply degrading to the Bodhisattva, what decency, what decency ah feed."

  Li Yan said, "Jealousy is jealousy, what do you mean by insulting the Bodhisattva? If it was in the temple, or if she and I were really doing something unseemly. I also admit to insulting the Bodhisattva, but this is clearly outside the temple. We didn't do anything, and you monks have to shout, it's unbearable."

  The monks were said to be in the center of the matter and did not dare to answer the question.

  Seeing Ren Ying Ying safe, Li Yan's two major tasks are considered to have completed one, mood slightly better, Xuan Ci see his face smiling, hurriedly compensate with a smile came over and said, "Li young warrior ah, you see how cooperative I, you want Ren Ying Ying I will give you Ren Ying Ying, my matter, but also ask the young warrior to help keep a secret ah."

  Li Yan laughed: "Okay, I'm not a long-winded woman, I don't have nothing to say about your private affairs."

  Xuanci was delighted: "That's good, that's good, that young warrior Li what else to order? Just say it, old Na can do it all for the young warrior to do properly."

  Li Yan said: "I need to find one more person, I need him to go with me to do a little good for the country and the people."

  Xuanci clapped his hands and said, "Oh, young warrior Li is really a good man, for the country and the people, the awareness of the high, old Na deeply admire, I do not know who young warrior Li want to name? As long as it is a disciple of Shaolin Temple, with young warrior Li requisition, this abbot immediately ordered him to follow the young warrior to go."

  Li Yan whispered, "I want to take your child."

  "What?" Xuanci was shocked: "What are you …… you going to take her for?"

  Xuanci said she, but the pronunciation of "she" and "he" are the same, but in Li Yan's ears it was he.

  Li Yan said: "Don't worry, won't do anything to him, just let him do me a small favor, go to a kiss …… not treat him badly, guarantee to make him very cool and comfortable." Li Yan thought of the "Eight Dragons of Heaven" in the false bamboo in the dark cave of the Western Xia Princess posed into the eighteenth appearance of the thing, it feels that he really is not nonsense, this thing is really too cost-effective for the false bamboo, properly a big profit ah.

  "Pa!" The wooden fish flogger in Master Xuanci's hand was suddenly crushed by him, and his kind face instantly became blue and sinewy as he let out a low roar and said, "Ai yo hey, you lecherous thief, how dare you hit my child's idea, I'll fight with you."

  Li Yan was surprised: "What's the situation?"

  Only to see Xuan Ci changed just humble kneeling traitor look, become mighty domineering up, jumped back, said loudly: "Li Yan, you vile and shameless nasty lecherous heartless guy, although you hold my handle, but you also too underestimate me, under the sky there are betray their own children …… cough …… betrayed his own father …… cough …… of the Shaolin abbot? I pooh, today I have to fight with you."

  Li Yan was shocked, my ass, this master Xuanci hit the chicken blood? But he also vaguely from the master Xuan Ci words heard a little taste, thinking: he thinks I want to do what to Xuzhu? Did he have some kind of misunderstanding?

  Li Yan hurriedly explained: "Master Xuanci, you may have misunderstood, I just want a small monk, where is this despicable, shameless, dirty, lascivious and heartless?"