Ninety-eight hundred and thirty meng, rounding up the love saint

  The second shift

  You want to blackmail me, no way?

  Li Yan's modesty is no longer the same as before, before there are girls to marry him, he still has to hide, now the modesty is basically already the one who does not refuse, as long as the look is not too sorry, Li Yan what women dare to marry home, like Ding Minjun's looks, even if they can reach the standard, marry home is not a big problem. But blackmail absolutely not, like this blackmail themselves, to and rape themselves what is the difference?

  Li Yan must not promise Ding Minjun, he suddenly shouted, the Abbot Xuanci in the Shaolin Temple self-violation of the courage to take out, reached out and grabbed their own human skin mask, brushed off.

  At this time there are countless pairs of eyes locked on him, his every move there are a large group of ugly men watching, see him suddenly in the face so a pull, a face so suddenly changed, the ugly men can not help but a big clamor.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a good look at the newest and ugliest man, Li Yan, and see that he has become a young man with good features. The four words are definitely not used to describe a person handsome. It is said that to describe a person handsome, must be used on the eyebrows, tiger back waist eight words to do. However, Li Yan's features are used to compare with hundreds of thousands of ugly men, it should be an old saying red flowers also need green leaves to support.

  When Master Xing acted in a "Tang Bohu point Qiu Xiang", Gong Li starred as Qiu Xiang first turn, that is not at all stunning, but when she was next to those maids turn back together instantly, Qiu Xiang immediately turned into a fairy in the sky.

  Li Yan is now so unveiled, it is felt that the surrounding ugly men in unison draw a breath of cold air, backward away from the two meters. It was frightened. But only for a moment after the shock. The ugly men then suddenly turned from shock to jealousy, where jealousy turned to anger, and together they shouted: "Tie, where is the handsome man from, who dares to come to this heroes' meeting of ours?"

  Li Yan said, "I am Li Yan, not considered handsome."

  The ugly men were furious: "Wow, so you are the love saint Li Yan, today our heroes' meeting is to beat you up. How dare you come to the door?"

  Li Yan sweat: "I am not a love saint."

  "If you are not a love saint, who is a love saint? It is said that you have picked up countless girls, Blackwood Cliff, Flower Moving Palace and Power Gang are all difficult to escape your poisonous hands, do you dare to deny it?"

  Li Yan wiped a sweat, nima, this really can not be denied: "Everyone listen to me, although this is true, but …… cough …… I really did not go to soak them ah, my emotional intelligence is really very low ah ……"

  Li Yan just explained here, suddenly heard the sound of a human body falling to the ground. Turn your head over to see, it turned out to be Cheng Yaojia. This girl since that time and bony girl together by Zhang Cheng Yun tossed, the heart has been Li Yan's shadow, but she is shy, introverted soft euphemism, for emotional matters do not dare to declare the mouth, do not dare to talk about it with family and friends. So she has been quietly looking for Li Yan in the jianghu, looking around, and as a result, she found out that the bony girl who robbed her that day, Zhang Zhangyun and other people are all in cahoots with Li Yan, so she felt she was cheated, which is clearly a hero to save the beauty of the deception, Cheng Yaojia under the sadness, only by the You's double invited to accuse Li Yan.

  But now see Li Yan's face, the heart of the cut off the love, suddenly surged up again …… this truth is actually very simple, if people like another person, it is not so easy to say no to love, just like the "Yitian Tu Long Ji" Zhang Wuji, vowed to kill Zhao Min, but once you see Zhao Min's face, immediately love again The first time I saw her face, I immediately fell in love with her.

  Cheng Yaojia is such a person, although she felt she was cheated, but she could not help but cry out in surprise when she saw Li Yan, and then fainted to the ground.

  The ugly men next to her exclaimed, and some wanted to reach out to help Cheng Yaojia, but felt they were too ugly to reach out to help the beauty, and as a result, they let Cheng Yaojia fall straight down, stirring up a large cloud of dust.

  Someone exclaimed, "Miss Cheng has fainted."

  "Miss Cheng saw the emotional liar and was so angry that she was fainted."

  "Miss Cheng is so pitiful, she vowed to beat up the love saint!"

  The ugly men roared loudly and angrily and took a step towards the middle in unison. See the crowd is angry, the ugly men will soon fight up, Li Yan also feel a little nervous, nima ah, so many people ah, I want to kill out want to Bi is not easy ah, it seems to cost a little Kung Fu.

  Is at this point, fainted on the ground Cheng Yaojia actually got up again, poignantly incomparable called: "Do not hit him …… I saw him a moment suddenly understood, I still like him, even if he lied to me, I do not care, please, do not give him a hard time. "

  "Poof!" Numerous spitting blood sounded, the field of ugly men instantly fell a piece.

  "Nima ah!"

  "Life's a winner, he's like this, and the beautiful women still help him. I'm so fucking devoted to beautiful women, and they don't even look at me."

  "I can give up my life for a beautiful woman, but she still thinks I'm ugly."

  "I don't care about my life, I don't even want my ancestors for a beautiful woman, but she still doesn't want me."

  The ugly men on the stage hugged each other and cried out in pain.